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Let’s Enjoy Jogging And Walking

  • I enjoy jogging in many courses almost every day
  • Another day I go jogging along Sumida river riverside road
  • Koto ward is a wonderful place for joggers like me
  • My favorite jog place is Kiba Park

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Backpackingjapan   1 days ago  

How I Got Tenure

  • Here, teaching four courses per semester is standard, and some areas require up to the double of that
  • You can imagine that this heavy teaching demand leaves very little time for other activities
  • For me, too, juggling teaching and research was a constant battle of priorities in my first years as a faculty member, especially since I developed

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Backpackingjapan   7 days ago  

Nikko: A Cross Country Skiing Experience In Oku-Nikko

  • The hotel had 5 different courses one could choose from, varying in length from 1 to 10 km
  • We divided the participants into two groups, one for beginners and one for more experienced skiers
  • There's a saying in Norway about Norwegians being "born with skis on their feet", so needless to say all of the Norwegian participants went for the more

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Backpackingjapan   8 days ago  

Three Years In Ngee Ann Poly's Mass Communication

  • Mass Communication in Ngee Ann Polytechnic was, and still is, one of the most popular courses in Singapore
  • With a cut off point of 10, I had to score at least five A2s to even compete in the race
  • The look of disbelief, the doubtful casts my teachers showed me was self-explanatory - none of them thought I could make it.

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Backpackingjapan   4 days ago  

Ramblings On Further Studies

  • I guess I'll just be playing around with these three courses but I still need more time to weigh the pros and cons of each option and also if I think I can handle a double degree
  • I don't want to go into something without the drive to do well and waste my time
  • Thank god I'm taking a two year break to work before going back to studies so

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Backpackingjapan   9 days ago  

Q&A: The "Lean And Mean" Class Prep Method

  • With 3 new courses to develop in my first semester, and other new courses in consecutive semester, I just needed to use every block of time possible just to prepare notes of my material
  • Only in my 3rd semester did I get the chance for example to make decent slides for my Pavements class – before I had a hastily compiled set of slides (scans

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Backpackingjapan   9 days ago  

I Am Coleen Clemens, And This Is How I Work

  • Previously, she earned her M.Ed
  • in English Education at DeSales University (where she still teaches courses on South Africa and English Composition) while teaching twelfth grade English in the public system
  • She earned her undergraduate degrees …

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Backpackingjapan   8 days ago  

I Am James Towers And This Is How I Work

  • James holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Nottingham Trent University which he gained in 1996
  • Since then he has had a varied career in software and systems modelling and has presented both papers and tutorials at conferences and seminars as well as writing and delivering training courses on the subject.

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Backpackingjapan   1 days ago  

Best Film I Watched At College And Uni

The next film that is on this list, and certainly a film that I'm sure my Film group from uni will approve of, is the New Zealand comedy of Eagle vs Shark, directed by Taika Waititi.This is romantic comedy that pits two socially awkward misfits and the strange ways they try to find love; whether that's confronting old high-school bullies, or through food and video-games.

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Backpackingjapan   9 days ago  

I Am Mark Bradford And This Is How I Work

  • His thesis titled ‘BeWeDō®: Co-creating Possibilities with Movement,’ investigated how Aikidō movement practices facilitate leadership development for co-creation
  • He is currently responsible for lecturing and coordinating senior studio/theory courses within the School of Design at the College of Creative Arts in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Backpackingjapan   7 days ago  

Paid Opportunity For PhD Candidates

  • Dear readers, I recently received the following announcement for a paid position for PhD students in the development of online courses
  • Hope it can be useful for some of you!

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Backpackingjapan   6 days ago  

Beginner's Acting Workshop With Doppo Narita By The Actor

  • Course Overview Intensive, 8-week course provides fundamental concepts and techniques of performing for budding actors
  • It involves acting exercises, scene studies, monologues, theatre games, reading, text analysis, and processes for creating character.

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Backpackingjapan   6 days ago  

PhD Defenses Around The World: A Defense In Japan

  • First, I had to earn certain number of credits by taking courses offered in our department
  • Then I had to deliver a proposal that contained the first few chapters and a detailed outline of my thesis, and progress of my research
  • There was a committee to evaluate my proposal and by the time I passed the review, I was approaching the third year

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Backpackingjapan   7 days ago  

PhD Defenses Around The World: A Defense In Bioinformatics

To obtain the latter, candidates are required to complete a minimum set of activities, which consists of three specialist courses, three transferable skills seminars, three conference contributions, one publication, annual progress reports and finally the doctoral defence.

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Backpackingjapan   7 days ago  

Morita Akemi Sensei's Kimono Class (入門クラス)

  • The lessons are pricey, but they are extremely worth it
  • Morita-sensei is a really lovely and kind teacher
  • Did you know that I actually planned to wear a kimono to my cousin's wedding, but when I showed it to Morita sensei (I was lucky enough to have a lesson about two weeks before the wedding), she told me that my obi was a fukurou obi.

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Backpackingjapan   3 days ago  

Hiking In Tokyo: Mt. Fuji View From Okutama's Mt. Mito

  • Here they have a number of courses you can choose from with varying difficulties
  • We chose the Bunanoro Course (ブナの路コース), a hike estimated to take approximately 3-4 hours
  • But first, when you arrive at the tomin no mori area you'll find a souvenir shop selling local products
  • This is the last shop you get to before the hike so if

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Backpackingjapan   4 days ago  

For The Love Of Japan: Inroads To Learning Japanese

  • The courses at my university were extensive, and most students in my class had taken Japanese in high school
  • Needless to say, my first classes were extremely difficult, but my sensei and my classmates were all very supportive and encouraging
  • It was exciting to learn new alphabets,

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Backpackingjapan   8 days ago  


The outlet was pretty spacious for PIK standard (they're currently still finishing the construction for the second floor), the interior design was rather simple but altogether very homey with a little touch of industrial, colonial (Malaysia is under the British colony) and vintage-modern from the details (Nyonya tiles, green-tosca colored wood windows, retro ceiling fan, marble tables, and

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Backpackingjapan   9 days ago  

Kaiseki Cuisine: An Haute Smorgasbord Of High-class

  • No two kaiseki menus look the same, and meals can consist of more than 14 courses, decided upon by the head chef
  • The menu is ever-changing (over 5,000 seasonal dishes at Brushstroke alone), and the food is made to be as aesthetically appealing as possible, often presented on creatively-styled dishes and bowls to enhance the visual effect.

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Backpackingjapan   7 days ago  


There are several dining areas in The Hideout, after the entrance you'll see two stairs each leading to upstair and downstair, the upstair will lead you to their pastry selections (yup they still sell some of Le Epicure's best selling cakes) and coffee bar, and the downstair will lead you to a dining area, and I like the rather private feel in the dining area, there is also another dining area

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Backpackingjapan   4 days ago  

Beppu Onsen Amusement Park's Crowdfunding Campaign

  • Thank 湯 (thank yuu - they all have puns) 3000 yen course: - Thank you mail - name in end credits of the memorial video
  • 蒸しべっぴょん 5000 yen course: - scented mushi beppyon (蒸しべっぴょん) - It's basically a scented stuff toy of the Beppu mascot
  • Although it's modelled after a popular dish, the page wants

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Sagamihara: The First Reebok Spartan Race In Japan

  • Last weekend it was time for Japan's first Reebok Spartan Race! The race is known as one of the world’s largest obstacle courses, and this time the event took place in the U.S
  • Army Sagami General Depot in Sagamihara, approximately 50 minutes by train from Shinjuku.

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Recipes From Kazakhstan

  • Typically, they will do a bunch of appetizers, followed by a soup, then one--sometimes two--main courses
  • And though I'm not philosophically opposed to spending all day in the kitchen once in a while, I just spent all day in the kitchen in the Fourth of July and really am not up for doing it multiple times in such a short space of time.

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  • There are approximately 150 tenants available at the moment selling snacks, light bites, main courses, desserts to beverages, and yet again, majority Indonesia's best
  • Like most posh food courts at the moment, they adapt the cashless transaction here and instead using top-up card as the payment method.

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Backpackingjapan   6 days ago  

Women Directors At Nippon Connection 2017

  • Women are currently dominating the student population in animation courses across Japan, which is why this year’s Tokyo University of the Arts selection is predominately female directors
  • There are two women in my selection Poetic Landscapes – Recent Gems in Japanese Indie Animation
  • Eri Okazaki is a graduate of the Tama Art University (Tamabi) animation programme.

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Backpackingjapan   7 days ago  

Yanks For The Memories: Cross-Cultural Filmmaking With

  • This month’s featured Hip Hapa Homee is Taiwan-born filmmaker, DeYung Chou, who moved to New York City to attend NYU
  • Currently living in the Pacific Northwest, he makes documentaries of the elderly sharing their stories through vivid memories.

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  • Super Loco is UNION group's first collaboration with foreign brand, and this time with the Loco group from Singapore
  • The comtemporary Mexican Cocina Y Bar is located at the lobby level of Pacific Place Mall Jakarta just next to Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta so I …

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Backpackingjapan   9 days ago  

Q&A: Combining Projects When You Start Your Post-doc

  • My situation is a little different since I have teaching duties; typically 3 courses per semester, and this semester a reduction to 2 courses
  • I typically work on one paper at a time, and try to write 2 hours a day on the paper
  • Then, I try to work 2 hours on research.

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Backpackingjapan   6 days ago  

PhD Talk For AcademicTransfer: How To Stay Afloat During A

  • This post is part of the series PhD Talk for AcademicTransfer: posts written for the Dutch academic career network AcademicTransfer, your go-to resource for all research positions in the Netherlands
  • These posts are sponsored by AcademicTransfer, and tailored to those of you interested in pursuing a research position in the Netherlands.

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#Tokyo Travel ♪ Trip To Slam Dunk's Memorial Spot! Trip To

#Tokyo Travel ♪ Trip to Slam Dunk's memorial spot! Trip to Enoshima and Kamakura with Hinomaru LIMO TAXI

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  • The appetizers, main courses and desserts can be either very hot or very cold or things in between
  • Now I have a little story, my teeth are in a much-much better condition now, but my childhood wasn't exactly unicorn dreamy when it comes to my uber sensitive teeth, long story short the most epic case happened when I was on my second year of

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Backpackingjapan   1 days ago  


  • As for the food, they serve mainly Western (Italian-French) cuisine with special breakfast menus that you can find from 8 AM-3 PM daily
  • From their breakfast and all-day breakfast menu list you can find selections of American Breakfast like Eggs Benedict, Sunny Side Up (or customized eggs like scramble, omelette, egg white omelette, and over easy), Toto Eggs, Expat Gourmet, California Style

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# Travel ♪ Hinomaru Limousine Takes You Back In Time

  • This travel back in time trip is offered to you by one of the largest taxi company in Japan, Hinomaru Limousine
  • Just get in the TimeSlip Taxi and you are ready to go back to Edo period!

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Backpackingjapan   6 days ago  


It was a quality time for my family as we went to the opening of the mall and spent some time in both Neo Soho and Central Park (as they have this connecting sky bridge), both the shopping malls are located in the Podomoro City complex in West Jakarta.

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Backpackingjapan   3 days ago  

The Connecting Bridge (架け橋, 2013)

  • Imamura focuses her documentary film The Connecting Bridge: 3/11 That Wasn’t Heard (架け橋~聞こえなかった 3.11 / Kakehashi - Kikoenakatta 3.11, 2013) on the heart-rending stories of some of those members who survived
  • Although many of them had received warnings of the imminent earthquake on their cellphones, in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake cellular communication …

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Backpackingjapan   7 days ago  

Best Japanese Indie Animation Shorts 2014

  • It was difficult for me to narrow this list down as I saw so many great animated shorts this year
  • Thanks to computer technology democratising animation production and the rise in animation courses at Japanese post-secondary institutions, there has …

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Oh my God I feel like a champ because literally a zillion ton of you couldn't stop Snapchatting me and DM-ing me on Instagram asking basically the same thing:

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Star Wars 6: Return Of The Jedi (1983, Movie Review

  • The story is set several months after the events of “The Empire Strikes Back”, in which Han Solo was taken prisoner by the bounty hunter Boba Fett who traded Han off to the most vile space slug of the galaxy called Jabba the Hutt
  • Now Luke Skywalker and company devote their time to rescuing their comrade and bringing down the slimy gangster.

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Backpackingjapan   8 days ago  

Asian American Adoptee Activist: Simone Labony Labbance

  • I have an older brother, who is also adopted, and his story influences mine, so I’ll touch on it briefly
  • He was adopted from an orphanage in Kolkata (many people still use the British name of …

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Backpackingjapan   9 days ago  

Tio Pepe Spanish Restaurant Kyoto

  • The menu offers various set courses including paella, tapas and other Spanish favorites such as Spanish ham, Spanish goat and sheep cheeses and delicious calamares and chipirones en su tinta
  • The wine menu is extensive and excellent as was the service and postprandial Spanish brandy.

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