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3 Types Of Self-paced Online Courses That Could Work For

  • Most online courses nowadays are video courses and that’s because they’re interesting, they’re easy to follow, and work well for a wide range of topics
  • There are of course businesses that thrive on video courses such as health and fitness, design, personal development, lifestyle, and more, but it might work for your

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Blog   7 days ago  

How To Design Great Online Courses

  • Online courses are not so different from offline ones
  • You still have to begin somewhere and know exactly where you want to be in the end
  • When designing an online course everyone plans some sort of timeline, usually from point A, in the present, to point Z, in the future.

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Blog   8 days ago  

The Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Course Difficulty Level

  • It takes time to do two or more separate courses or build difficulty levels into a single course
  • It doesn’t apply to all topics
  • For example, some personal development courses focus on the journey from beginner to advanced, so learners don’t need three separate courses to achieve that
  • There’s a “start and abandon” effect.

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Blog   2 days ago  

10 Types Of Businesses That Thrive Through Online Courses

  • Culinary courses are always trendy because there are so many topics that you can approach
  • If you’re an expert on cupcakes, you can do an online course just about that
  • If you’re a skilled bartender, you can teach other people how to mix drinks
  • You can cover meal planning, fancy dishes, regional recipes, vegan cooking, you name it.

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Blog   4 days ago  

The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Buyer Personas For Online

  • Having a clue about what your learner wants and their shopping behavior makes it easier to decide which marketing tactics to prioritize — and which to drop altogether
  • In most cases, the person who buys a course also buys it for their personal use only
  • So, having a buyer persona will

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Blog   4 days ago  

The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Buyer Personas For Online

  • All courses promise insights and tips that will teach a new skill, change habits, change your life! That’s nothing new or special
  • What can make you stand out from the competition is the fact that your course best fits their decision-making criteria.

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Blog   4 days ago  

10 Course Automation Tricks You Need To Save Time

  • Award learners and sell more courses
  • I’ve said it before: retaining learners is easier than getting new ones
  • As long as 1) you’re building relevant and interesting courses and 2) you’re offering incentives to stay
  • Let’s say that you have a new bundle of courses and a coupon for a 25% discount.

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Blog   6 days ago  

How To Improve The Customer Experience Of Your Online

Online courses are generally longer than five minutes but in order to fit customer demands, they ought to be modular so that small units can be purchased for, evidently, lower amounts than the entire course.

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Blog   9 days ago  

Top 5 Scenario Ideas For Awesome SBL Courses

  • 5 Scenario ideas for awesome SBL courses
  • If you’re just starting out with SBL, it’s important to know what are the most common types of scenarios and that you’re not constrained to follow the same pattern or template.
  • Depending on what you want the outcome to be, here are the 5 most common scenario types to spice up your online courses:

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Blog   1 days ago  

Which Parts Of Your Online Course Can You

  • Videos are the best teaching tools in e-learning
  • They are engaging and accessible, mimicking face-to-face instruction
  • But videos in online courses involve what is called post-production
  • If you don’t know or don’t have the right tools to edit your own videos, specialized freelancers can give you beautifully and coherently edited videos.

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Blog   8 days ago  

Selling Courses Archives

  • Selling courses Deadlines create alterations in people’s behavior and choices
  • Having a one-time offer, a time-limited campaign or free bonuses for a specific purchase increases your chances of selling your online course, since your prospects feel compelled to act instantly, rather than take the …

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Blog   1 days ago  

How To Build An Audience For Your Online Course

  • Online courses are very popular these days
  • One can learn almost anything online whether it is for work or leisure
  • Some of the most prestigious universities have made their own courses available on the web and those interested can actually get a top college education in their homes – without earning a degree though.

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Blog   4 days ago  

9 Tips On How To Build A Learning Community Using LMS

  • For example, starting out with a forum for courses might be enough, and then you can move on to groups, chat, and so on
  • There is immense value in learning from each other
  • People tend to search for others with similar interests, and the online medium offers them the perfect way to learn new skills and build meaningful learning relationships.

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Blog   6 days ago  

What You Need To Know About The Basics Of Selling Online

  • Short courses that cover specific problems and solutions are always better than super long courses because they don’t let the learner get lost in information
  • Cut to the chase, deliver what you promise, and you’ll gain loyal customers
  • Don’t worry about design just yet

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Blog   1 days ago  

6 Key Elements That Should Be On Your Online Course

  • 6 Key elements that should be on your online course landing page
  • Although most landing pages usually follow the same format (a great headline, description, benefits, and CTA), there are a few extra items that need to be considered when it comes to online courses.Let’s have a look at some of the key elements that should be on the landing page of any online course, as well as some tips on how

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Blog   1 days ago  

Course Design Archives

  • Building difficulty levels into courses help your learners gain the skills they need the most
  • They’ll feel more confident as a result of getting a thorough understanding of the learning content, and since it is a bit of work, they’ll be more invested in finishing the course

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Blog   9 days ago  

Marketing Courses Archives

  • Marketing courses Nobody in the modern world has not felt the pangs of regret when upon pondering for too long they lost the product or service they had their eyes on
  • FOMO is a great way of tempting potential customers to make a purchase.

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Blog   3 days ago  

How To Budget For Your Online Course Business

  • To effectively sell courses, you need an ecommerce solution that is easy to use and has advanced features such as abandoned cart actions
  • Potential clients will quickly get frustrated if it is hard to access the actual course
  • Marketing will make a big dent in your budget so prepare accordingly.

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Blog   2 days ago  

How To Get Feedback For Your Online Course

  • This post has been updated on July 9, 2020
  • Feedback in e-learning benefits both the learner and the instructor
  • Learners need guidance in their educational process and feedback is the one thing that provides them with a clear picture of where they stand and what they have to do to reach their goals.

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Blog   9 days ago  

How To Create Scenario-based Learning Directly In Your LMS

  • Here are a few suggestions on using your existing platform to enrich courses through scenario-based learning: Make the most out of images and video
  • When you create a scenario, you want to describe the situation as well as possible
  • If you rely too much on text, however, your learners might get tired after a while.

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Blog   5 days ago  

Taking Your Offline Business Online — A Jumpstart Kit For

  • Creating self-paced courses is a good short-term and long-term strategy since the only certainty we have now is that the Internet will keep us connected in one way or another
  • For small business owners, this is an opportunity to share your experience with existing customers and potential learners around the world, who could benefit immensely

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Blog   6 days ago  

6 Tips On Using Visual Elements In Online Course Design

Online course creators are often focused on the content of the course – getting all the relevant information in, making sure every source is correctly cited, organizing the information in a way that is logical and easy to follow.

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Blog   2 days ago  

Why You Should Consider Gamifying Your Online Course

  • In this context, learning online has become, if not an alternative, an additional source of information, an environment where people look for accessible and engaging content to serve their personal needs
  • What is more, online courses provide: Self-paced learning — each user has his/her own rhythm and necessities;

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Blog   9 days ago  

Mastering Course Automation In 4 Simple Steps

  • What’s the connection between ATMs and online courses? Well, they can both run on automation! A self-paced course is a perfect medium to teach online but can seem a little stale without a response from the learning management system (LMS) or the instructor
  • That’s why automation is here to do important stuff such as giving out badges for

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Blog   2 days ago  

3 Key Personal Branding Tips For Online Course Creators

  • Start by searching online courses similar to yours and identify the experts in your field
  • Follow their social media accounts and start engaging with those experts and their audience
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a potential course buyer and think about where they would spend their time online
  • Going back to the gardening example, a stay-at

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Blog   2 days ago  

Overcoming 5 Fears About Creating An Online Course

  • With the struggles of the past months, online learning has become the go-to alternative to all types of education
  • People all over the world are now discovering that they can perform many activities at home, and business owners of many types find they can keep their business afloat by educating their customers through creating online courses.

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Blog   7 days ago  

How To Tell If Your Online Course Is Doing Well

  • Go ahead and apply the same logic to your courses
  • If you want to measure the success of your Facebook ads, for example, all you need to do is open the Ads Manager and see if the conversion rate is good enough for your domain
  • But don’t stop there! Your learning platform also tells you a lot about the performance of your course.

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Blog   4 days ago  

7 Cognitive Biases To Boost Conversion Rates In Online Courses

  • 7 Cognitive biases to boost conversion rates in online courses Knowing how your learners arrive at a particular decision is crucial for optimizing conversion rates and increasing your revenue
  • Plenty of brands and companies do this already, and probably your competitors as well, so it’s time to learn about seven cognitive biases that

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Blog   9 days ago  

How To Create A Practical Online Course Experience In 6

  • Online courses usually lack that element of urgency to finish tasks on time as there are no external factors that can push learners to do more
  • Despite this, online courses aren’t going anywhere as they are now the most convenient way to learn or develop a new skill, from the safety of our homes.

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Blog   3 days ago  

The Two Ingredients Of Successful Online Courses

  • Online courses can tackle any subject whatsoever, but their success depends exponentially on two things: Creating valuable content
  • No matter what you do or try to sell (baking courses, crochet courses, martial arts courses, DIY for pets courses) make sure the content you create is valuable for anyone that comes across it.

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How To Include Gamification In Your Course Design

  • Gamified online courses need a little more than a set of social features to make users feel their learning progress is really appreciated
  • That’s where rewards like points, leaderboards, badges, trophies, and certificates come in handy
  • Positive reinforcements contribute to a pleasant learning environment and increase motivation.

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Anniversary Edition: Top 10 Posts Of The INDIE Blog

  • Making online courses interactive is compulsory if one wants to meet the expectations of today’s learners
  • It takes the right amount of narrative, game mechanics and technology to come up with a balanced yet engaging formative experience
  • Don’t start designing courses before reading this [Part 2] Designing a course is fun.

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Blog   7 days ago  

Course Design Archives

  • The market for online courses has grown exponentially recently and many entrepreneurs have taken this opportunity to make their way into the online world and build content
  • Here are three types of self-paced online courses that might work for your business: June 9, 2020

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Blog   6 days ago  

The INDIE Blog Turns 2!

  • We blog about online courses and learning technologies, so the online environment is our perfect host
  • We even made a little progress in this mighty list of e-learning blogs
  • Now let’s have a look at the best performing INDIE Blog posts from the previous year: Top 10 blog posts on INDIE.

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Blog   9 days ago  

Common Questions About Blogging To Promote Online Courses

  • Blogging to promote online courses is a great way to generate new leads by bringing more traffic to your website
  • Maybe you don’t know how to start a more professional blog
  • Maybe you haven’t tried it before or would like to start right away, but have so many questions
  • That’s why today we’re answering the most common

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Blog   4 days ago  

What You Need To Know About Usability Testing For Online

  • What you need to know about usability testing for online courses
  • The success of any landing page, retail site, app, and even e-learning module is very much connected to the quality of the user experience — or UX
  • Today’s internet user is a very discerning customer, so it is paramount that course designers make

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Blog   1 days ago  

Setting Up Your E-learning Online Shop

  • Online courses are no longer the future but the present of learning
  • With digital natives growing into adulthood, the demand for quality e-knowledge will only grow so it’s a great time to develop your e-learning business
  • With good market insights and tips (as featured on this blog) and your personal creativity, success is guaranteed.

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Blog   5 days ago  

Selling Courses Archives

  • Online courses are not exactly tough sellers but there is a lot of competition on the learning market
  • Getting customers to your page and convincing them to buy your course and come back is going to be a lot easier with a few good tools in place from the get-go.

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Blog   8 days ago  

Exploring Your Options In Terms Of Pre-selling Your Online

  • Selling courses We have all, at one point in our lives come up with something that seemed brilliant to us but eventually turned out not to be that great (or even a terrible idea in some cases)
  • It’s an unfortunate situation but that’s how we learn and that’s why getting feedback from others is so important.

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11 Tools For Upgrading Your E-learning Game As An

  • Most importantly, course creators can use it to plan and organize courses, from start to finish
  • Online entrepreneurs can make the most out of Visme by creating an ebook that they can sell as a standalone item, as part of a course bundle, or simply offer it as a bonus for learners
  • Visme is also a good choice for creating presentations

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5 Webinar Tips To Boost Your Online Course Sales

  • The popularity of online education and e-learning is growing
  • The huge outbreak in 2020 pushed the trend even more
  • Hosting webinars is an effective marketing strategy for promoting online courses because webinars are inherently educational.
  • Webinar platforms typically have features that enable a lot more interaction than regular online conferences.

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Blog   5 days ago  

Why Business Owners Should Sell Online Courses

  • Essentially, with online courses there is an unlimited number of learners from all over the world that could benefit from what you know
  • It’s easier since you have the know-how It can be hard to transfer that knowledge because it’s implicit knowledge that you’ve earned throughout your stint as …

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Blog   3 days ago  

Masterfully Using Deadlines To Sell More Courses

  • Selling courses Deadlines are a part of our daily lives, whether at home or at work
  • When people know there is little time until a project has to be submitted, or a task to be completed, they tend to quickly assess their chances of success and do the best they can in …

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Blog   5 days ago  

What Online Course Creators Should Know About Curriculum

  • Read more: The entrepreneur’s guide to buyer personas for online courses [Part 1] Closing thoughts
  • There is a lot that goes into planning and executing a masterful online course
  • Instructors these days surely have their work cut out for them, but if they begin with a thorough planning of the curriculum, the rest will follow a lot easier and with less fumble.

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Blog   Just Now  

The Ultimate Guide To Attracting A Sponsor For Your Online

  • Instructors need to find novel ways to advertise their courses
  • When it comes to securing a sponsorship, you need to make your proposal about the sponsors, and much less about you
  • Company representatives are busy, goal-oriented people and receive many requests daily.

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4 Things To Consider If You Want To Passively Sell Your

  • How to passively sell your online courses
  • With all the work you’ve put into your product, it’s comforting to know that an online course is something you build once and then can sell over and over again
  • You just need to put it on as many virtual “shelves”, in front of as many people as possible and make it easy for them to buy your course.

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8 Amazing Social Proof Tips To Boost Online Course Sales

  • Alternatively, they could also mention your courses on their blog, YouTube channel, etc
  • Always monitor mentions and make sure to engage with people on social media; Read more: Finding and pitching to the right influencers when promoting your online course

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