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Finding The Best Fit: New DP Mathematics Courses IB

  • Two new courses will become part of the Diploma Programme (DP) in 2019, both taught at the Higher level (HL) and Standard level (SL)
  • The first is Mathematics: analysis and approaches and the second is Mathematics: applications and interpretation.Each course approaches topics at varying levels of teaching hours.

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Taking School Online: Lessons From Research And Practice

For older students, use MOOC’s (massive open online courses) for certain topics or units as they are designed to create learning experiences that are evaluated using more multiple-choice and short answer assignments.

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Alums Reflect On How To Choose DP Subjects IB Community Blog

The IB requires six courses to complete the Diploma Programme (DP), three at the Standard Level (SL) and three at the Higher Level (HL).As you consider your options, see advice from IB alumni to help you narrow down your choices and tailor your IB experience to fit your passions and goals.

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From IB To Liberal Arts IB Community Blog

  • While these courses serve to broaden students’ education, they are also designed to teach the so-called soft skills, which the word’s employers can hardly do without, they claim
  • Liberal arts colleges, like IB schools, are skeptical of education founded on test preparation.

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Getting IB Diploma Credit At US Colleges And Universities

  • Franklin-Marshall courses are generally worth one credit (rather than the typical four credits per class), meaning eight course credits is equal to one year of study
  • Franklin Pierce College: Located in Rindge, New Hampshire, IB diploma recipients at Franklin Pierce will receive credit for scores of 4-7 on HL exams.

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A Life Of Learning IB Community Blog

  • In my case in particular, I have taken night courses to deepen my knowledge in areas like business development and finance, which sometimes aren’t taught in scientific and technological programmes
  • Also, continuous education isn’t limited to in-person learning since there are many opportunities for online or self-taught learning.

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How To Create An Exciting Learning Environment IB

  • The different courses within the program will allow me to have a more nuanced understanding of the IB philosophy
  • I do not have a crystal ball, but I see myself in a pedagogical leadership position in the future
  • IB's University of the People M.Ed
  • programme is accepting applications!

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Find What Inspires You And Use It As Your Fuel IB

  • Diana completed her IB Diploma Programme courses at Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, Canada in 2012 and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from MacEwan University in 2016
  • Diana is hoping to start a Master’s in Business …

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“Education Is Not The Learning Of Facts, But The Training

  • Normally, SL subjects meet a minimum of 150 teaching hours, while Higher Level (HL) comprise of 240 hours
  • However, at Sturgis both courses are the same length of hours – SL has an extra 90 teaching hours
  • This allows students to complete work – that they would have done at home – in class with the support of their teacher.

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Q&A: What Are Online PD Workshops

  • Assignments in our online courses are learning engagements
  • This is where we ask participants to engage with the content we provide in the form of a collaborative discussion, mind-map, recorded audio presentation or a number of other ways that fit the context of the content
  • These assignments are normally between 20 and 90 minutes and are

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15 IB Diploma Terms Parents Need To Know IB Community Blog

  • All IB Diploma Programme (DP) students participate in DP courses
  • The strength of the DP is the way in which learning is interconnected across individual subjects
  • Combined with the core requirements, DP courses are one part the DP’s holistic approach to teaching.

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How The DP Led Me To A University Where I’ll Live And

  • After taking AP courses my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I wanted my subsequent courses to be more challenging and engaging
  • After learning more about what the DP was — it was new to my school at the time — I was very interested in the deeply focused classes and opportunities that written assessments and open-ended questions

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Four Questions (and Answers) About The Career-related

  • The Career-related Programme core contextualizes the Diploma Programme courses and the career‑related study and draws all aspects of the framework together
  • The core is designed to develop many of the characteristics and attributes described in the IB learner profile.

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Developing Service Learning Throughout The IB IB

  • Although I spent years teaching Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) literature courses, I kept a fairly narrow view of the IB continuum
  • This, in large, was because I had plenty to keep myself busy: creating engaging, level-appropriate learning activities, offering formative opportunities for growth, grading summative assessments, giving feedback on practice IB …

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CP Or Not CP…Helping Career-oriented Students Choose The

  • CP students take at least two Diploma Programme courses, pursue their career-related studies and fulfill the distinctive CP core requirements
  • The CP core connects the dots through the study of a second language, a Personal and Professional Skills course, community service, and a culminating project which addresses an ethical issue in their

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Celebrating The Legacy Of Dr Siva Kumari IB Community Blog

  • Designed for students aged 16-19, students in the CP undertake a minimum of two DP courses and complete the CP core, a complementary course of study consisting of four components and a career-related study
  • The programme offers a unique combination of academic and professional development, that enables students to focus on studies that relate

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Finding Your Career Passion And Goal Through CAS: A

  • Fast forward two years, upon completing my IB diploma, I went on to pursue a business degree in Canada
  • I enjoyed the courses and learned many essential technical skills in business school and as an accounting and economics major, my natural …

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Enriching Learning Opportunities In Bali: Meet UoPeople

  • Having completed one of the foundation courses at the University of the People, I am gaining professional confidence
  • I am clear about my teaching philosophy
  • I believe that teaching should cover the essentials of core materials and also the discussion of social issues
  • Teaching should be relevant and engaging to students.

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50 Scholarships For New IB Graduates IB Community Blog

  • Otterbein University has a scholarship for IB students who have taken at least two IB courses in high school
  • The award ranges from $1,000 to $5,000
  • The school also has other scholarships that IB students would …

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Increasing Access To The IB For Low-income And Minority

  • Approximately 45% of children under the age of 18 in the United States are from low-income families
  • Furthermore, the percentage of children living in poverty appears to be on the rise 1.
  • With this growing number of low-income students, it is critical that US educational programs make targeted efforts to ensure that low-income students are provided with quality education and support.

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Literary Or Non-literary: That Is The Question IB

  • In the language A courses (first assessment 2021), being able to tell between literary and non-literary texts matters more than ever
  • The 2021 language A: language and literature course , for example, requires that literary and non-literary texts be explored together in the individual oral, and students need to make sure that they are choosing

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DP Music 2020: Can You Hear The Excitement

  • In an international organisation like IB, our aim is always that our courses be accessible to students around the globe
  • The current DP music course has drawn criticism for being too firmly rooted in Western Art Music (WAM) and for favouring classically trained musicians
  • Research during the early stages of the curriculum review highlighted several areas where the current course is a mismatch

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What Do IB Diploma Programme Grades Mean

  • In most DP courses the IB uses a seven point grading system, helpfully labelled 1 to 7, where 1 means that the student has shown very little knowledge and understanding in their answers and 7 showing that the student has gained a great depth of knowledge and understanding
  • These grade descriptors are a core part of how grade boundaries are set

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Questions About IB Math

  • We have spent a lot of time in the past few months preparing for the new IB Math courses
  • In fact, with schools starting, our Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) educators are doing first teaching of these new courses even as we speak! Plus, our university colleagues are answering questions on the road and working with their institutions on adjusting their …

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Diploma Programme (DP) IB Community Blog Page 46

  • The IB curriculum informs their 9th and 10th grade courses so that all students will be prepared for […] DP students take on the Interest Rate Challenge
  • April 1, 2015 in Diploma Programme (DP), Student success
  • Diploma Programme students from Rossall School, England, Thanh Thao Truong and Thao Ha, competed in the 2014 Interest Rate Challenge

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Access To IB Programmes In The US Increases For Low-income

The percentage of all IB course students (students who take one or more IB courses in 11th or 12th grade without pursuing the full DP) who were low-income rose from 18 to 26 percent, and the percentage of all Diploma candidates (students pursuing the full IB Diploma) who were low-income rose from 15 to 23 percent.

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Supporting Teacher Education IB Community Blog

  • Online degrees have become increasingly popular and sought after
  • In the past decade some of the world’s most prestigious universities—including Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University and Zhejiang University—have decided to offer online courses.

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How To Write A Great University Or College Application

  • Thinking like an admissions officer
  • Stanford University’s Assistant Dean of admission tell us about how universities view IB scores, their familiarity with different aspect of IB programmes, and how the IB Career-related Programme offers students an advantage.

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University Stories IB Community Blog

  • Senior Development Manager Marie Vivas shares a variety of resources on the new math courses and provides a recognition update
  • How fair is the university admissions process? August 8, 2019 in Access to education, Diploma Programme (DP), Inspiring alumni, University admissions, University stories.

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What Is The IB Diploma

  • Hear from university admissions officers and IB alumni to help you decide which DP courses fit your individual needs, interests and university and career aspirations
  • Finding the best fit: New DP mathematics courses
  • This year, two new math courses have been added to the DP at …

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Impact Of The DP Beyond High School: Postsecondary

  • The sample consisted of DP candidates (students pursuing the full DP, with all of its required courses and components) and DP course students (students taking one or more DP exams)
  • The majority of these students graduated from public high schools (93%)
  • Below are some findings highlighted in the report.

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Recognizing The Achievements Of The IB’s UoPeople

To combat the global educator shortage and need for almost 69 million new teachers by 2030, IB’s Director General Dr Siva Kumari launched a collaboration with the first non-profit, American-accredited online university, University of the People (UoPeople) to offer educators a cost-free opportunity to build their careers and benefit their communities.

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What To Look For In The New MYP Mathematics Course IB

  • This will allow teachers to review the work done in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and ensure that students are receiving a balanced course of study to prepare them for the MYP
  • The teachers will benefit from this as they will have a greater understanding of what the students should know when they enter the MYP, thus able to deliver better-planned units.”

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Tips From College And University Admissions Officers For

  • At highly selective universities, admissions departments are looking for students to take mathematics courses that support their intended field(s) of study
  • For example, students interested in engineering, physical sciences, and economics should take either of the higher level (HL) DP mathematics course.

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How Does The Middle Years Programme Prepare Students For

  • Looking more specifically at their participation and performance in the DP, former MYP and non-MYP students took, on average, a similar number of DP courses while in high school
  • However, among those students who took, at least, one DP exam, former MYP students earned more scores of four or higher than students not previously enrolled in the MYP.

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What Does The Mathematics Community Want In The 21st

  • Route 2 courses (Mathematics: Applications and interpretation course) have the potential to be unlike any other high school math courses, which is phenomenal
  • But because they will be “new” to the world, current resources (think textbooks) do not exist that support such content and philosophy.

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Low-income DP Graduates In The US Experience Improved

  • Findings related to IB students
  • The analysis found statistically significant differences in favour of IB students in 7/8 outcome variables in this study.For example: Classroom rigor: Both full DP and partial DP students were more likely to perceive their classrooms as rigorous compared to non-IB students.; School engagement: Students taking DP courses tended to participate in more

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Making The Most Of Your Extended Essay: Choosing A Topic

  • DP candidates often have the misconception that the extended essay subject area must coincide with one of their higher level (HL) or standard level (SL) courses
  • But, this is not true! I highly recommend selecting a subject area that interests you (especially if it is a subject area that you are not studying) and in which you can select a topic

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How We Embraced The IB Learner Profile, And Access And

  • Counselors are the ones on the ground helping students and parents understand the courses and diploma offerings
  • They are key to helping students practice balance and recognize whether going for the full diploma or taking several courses will be a better match for the student
  • Dobbs Ferry sent our first counselor for training in 2011.

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The Unexpected Choice: Why To Pursue A Master’s In Europe

  • I have many projects and courses to keep up with, but isn’t this something that IB prepared us for? 🙂; Social, cultural and career-related events: There are many social events coordinated by student organizations of ETH, which give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy from time to time
  • Also, you can find many other cool events just by

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The Best Way For Universities To Get Ready For DP

  • Language and literature courses: The new Diploma Programme (DP) studies in language and literature courses are due to be taught for the first time in 2019, with the first assessment in 2021
  • Why students need the ‘skill of learning’ in the 21st century
  • Raising the profile of student-athletes in Jordan

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  • We then asked colleagues from the university side to share their insights on how the new math courses might be received by the higher education community
  • International ACAC hosted the IB Insights – The New IB Math Curriculum and University Considerations webinar on October 3 rd, 2018
  • While the webinar series is usually a member benefit

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The Myth Of The IB HL Arms Race University Admissions

  • Whether students score a 24 or a 45, whether they take 3 or 4 HL courses, research shows that the IB Diploma is an excellent preparation for university studies
  • The IB is more than a set of exams
  • It asks students to inquire, to reflect, to take risks, to communicate effectively
  • It expects them to learn how to research and write academic papers.

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Understanding The Conditional Offers Process At UK

  • There may be some courses, and some ‘near misses,’ where the university is confident that they can still make a fair decision to ‘early results’ students without in any way disadvantaging those receiving their results in August
  • For the majority of offer holders though, please help the university prepare your students by asking for

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What’s New In The DP Studies In Language And Literature

  • Online forum with IB teachers: Thanks to teacher participation and feedback in online discussions following the publication of the Second Report to Teachers, some aspects of the new courses were reconsidered and reformulated.These were vital in shaping our decisions
  • Two trials: In 2015, we trialed the new internal assessment
  • In 2017, we trialed the new Paper 1.

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University Admissions

  • Over the past 4 years, I have served in this role as your University Relations Team Administrator
  • We have partnered together as IB Counselors, Coordinators and University Relations Communities on issues relating to admissions, access, equity and best practices for supporting students in high school and beyond .

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Good News Letter Archive University Admissions

  • The Good News Letter highlights universities that we feel have a particularly strong and/or exciting IB recognition policy, offer credit for SL courses, and/or offer scholarships specific to IB students
  • Each edition, we feature seven or eight universities or scholarship programs, and include some of the past features as well.

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How Can We Get More U.S. Colleges And Universities To

  • That said, it is true that many universities only grant credit or advanced standing for Higher Level courses
  • This is true for most highly selective institutions and many others as well
  • This can be unfair to our students who have achieved excellent results in very rigorous Standard Level courses and for that reason, here in the IB Americas

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