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10 Easiest Courses At Indiana University OneClass Blog

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1. SPH-I 117- Bowling. Not many people would think that an activity like bowling would be a college course. However, IU Bloomington actually offers a course that is all about bowling.
2. BUS-X 220- Career Perspectives. One of the more serious options you can take is Career Perspectives. Although this may be a fairly important class, this is also very easy.
3. EDUC-G 203 - Communication in the Classroom. If you are not going to be an education major you will probably never take Communication in the Classroom.
4. PSY-P 101- Psychology. One of the most popular choices to fulfill a core requirement is Psychology. This is one of the easier classes because it is very basic and takes place in a large lecture setting.
5. MUS- Z 111- Intro to Music Theory. One of the options to satisfy a fine arts core requirement is Intro to Music Theory. This class is quite easy because it just covers the basics of this fairly complex subject.
6. THTR-T 100- Intro to Theatre. Another class that you can choose to get rid of the fine arts core requirement is Intro to Theatre. This is yet another class that covers a broad area of the subject in a little bit of detail.
7. COLL-P 155- Speech. As a freshman at IU Bloomington, you will have to take this Speech class. You will also have to pass it in order to move on to your sophomore year.
8. SPH-I 109- Ballroom and Social Dance. A great option for you to take to get some skills that will last a lifetime is Ballroom and Social Dance. This is a super unique class that teaches you all about what the name implies.
9. JSTU-P 180- Jewish Cooking. Another very unique and interesting class is known as Jewish Cooking. Regardless of your background or religious faith, Jewish Cooking will teach you some very helpful information and is not challenging at all.
10. MUS-Z 401- The Music of the Beatles. If you end you being a music major, a class that you should consider taking is known as the Music of the Beatles.
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10 Of The Easiest Classes At Indiana University Humans

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1. INFO I 101 – Introduction to Informatics and Computing. This is an exciting class that gives students a hands-on approach to understanding and using technology.
2. SPH H 180 – Stress Prevention and Management. This course is designed to help students learn about the body’s reaction to perceived stress, mental and physical factors related to stress, and effective coping techniques to help mitigate causes of stress.
3. CLAS C 205 – Classical Mythology. Introduction to Greek and Roman myths, legends, and tales, especially those that have an important place in the Western cultural tradition.
4. REL R 152 – Jews, Christians, Muslims. Patterns of religious life and thought in the West: continuities, changes, and contemporary issues.
5. THTR T 100 – Introduction to Theatre. Exploration of theatre as collaborative art. Investigation of the dynamics and creativity of theatre production through plays, theatrical space, and cultural context, with particular attention to the roles and interaction of the audience, playwrights, directors, actors, designers, producers, and critics.
6. PSY P 101 – Introductory Psychology. Introduction to psychology; its methods, data, and theoretical interpretations in areas of learning, sensory psychology, and psychophysiology.
7. SPH I 109 – Ballroom and Social Dance. Students will learn steps and patterns in the following six dances: waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha-cha, rumba, and swing/jive.
8. INTL I 100 – Introduction to International Studies. This introductory, interdisciplinary core course exposes students to various academic approaches essential to international studies and to the various tracks that comprise the major.
9. JSTU H 100 – Elementary Hebrew I. Introductory course that lays groundwork for the study and use of both Modern and Biblical Hebrew, developing reading, writing, and conversational skills while building the necessary grammatical foundations.
10. MUS Z 401 – The Music of the Beatles. An in-depth, song-by-song look at the music, lives, and times of the Beatles. The course focuses on the music and is aimed at heightening student listening skills as well as fostering a deeper appreciation for the Beatles’ recordings.

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10 Of The Coolest Classes At Indiana University

9 hours ago

1. INTL-I 100: Introduction to International Relations. In today’s world, being knowledgeable about current events around the world is growing more important as students from all over the world flock to America for University.
2. ENG-L 295: American Film Culture. Everyone’s fantasized about being able to watch movies all day during school. In American Film Culture, students analyze movies and more specifically, the American movie experience.
3. REL-R 102: Religion and Popular Culture. For most students, religion isn’t the most interesting subject to discuss. When combined with pop culture however, religion becomes a different topic entirely.
4. POLS-Y 100: American Political Controversies. American Political Controversies is the first class any Political Science major should take. With four tests (and no homework) making up the basis for which students are graded on, everyone can pay attention to 12 “controversies” that make up American politics.
5. AST-A 105: Stars and Galaxies. One of Indiana’s “bird classes”, Stars and Galaxies is a course that a lot of students use to knock out some Gen Ed requirements.
6. CJUS-P 100: Intro to Criminal Justice. Many teenagers have seen countless Law and Order episodes that make every student want to grow up to be a detective or a criminal prosecutor.
7. POLS-Y 339: Middle Eastern Politics. Middle Eastern Politics is not an easy course by any means, but the knowledge gained from inspiring, sometimes mind-blowing lectures will fill the mind long after the semester is over.
8. INTL-I 210: Diplomacy Security Governance. While the course title sounds like a mosh pit of three different topics, INTL-I 210 is intriguing in that it offers information on the modern day state, and how a different countries exert diplomacy in times of peace, and war.
9. MSCH-C 200: Videogame Industry: System and Management. Videogame Industry is every gamers dream course, where talking about the latest edition of Call of Duty or FIFA won’t earn you a scolding from the course instructor.
10. MUS-A 101: Intro to Audio Technology. With music streaming sites galore, everyone wants in on the musical production game. MUS-A 101 is a great place to start if music production is a potential career path, but Intro to Audio Technology is also a fun class for anyone who simply loves music and wants to know more about the steps taken to produce a hit track.

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Classes :: IU Online

1 hours ago IU Online offers hundreds of online undergraduate and graduate classes. Here are a few things you should know before signing up for an online class: You “go to class” when it is convenient for you but each class follows a set schedule with due dates and exams. Most classes are 16 weeks but there are select 6, 8, and 12 week options.

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10 Of The Easiest Classes At IUS OneClass Blog

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1. ECON-E 101 - Survey of Economic Issues and Problems. If your major requires you to take one Economics course, considering using this one to foot the bill.
2. SPCH-S 121 - Public Speaking. Note that you do need to have taken or are currently taking ENG-W 131 in order to register for this class. Despite the requirement, learning the theory and practice of public speaking is crucial to succeeding in the real world.
3. GEOG-G 110 - Introduction to Human Geography. This course explores the intersection between social and cultural phenomena and the spaces in which these events arise.
4. JOUR-C 200 - Introduction to Mass Communication. A survey course covering the functions, responsibilities, and influences of various forms of mass communication media.
5. BIOL-L 110 - Insects: The Alien Empire. Although insects are commonly understood in the form of cockroaches skittering in the bathroom and spiders in the bedroom, the relationship between humans and insects is far more profound.
6. FINA-H 100 - Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture. Note that there is a pre- or co-requisite: ENG-W 131. Students in this course are acquainted with tools to appreciate and understand curated works of art.
7. MUS-M 174 - Music for the Listener. An introduction to the art of music, from symphonic music, to the opera, among other types of classical music. Become acquainted with the great classical composers.
8. CSCI-A 211 - Word Processing Applications. This course introduces students to word processing techniques used in creating letters, forms, and reports.
9. CSCI-A 212 - Spreadsheet Applications. This course is similar to 211 in that students are introduced to techniques useful in creating professional-level worksheets.
10. CMCL-C 202 - Media in the Global Context. This course focuses on the present and the future of global media and international advertising: understanding worldwide markets and strategic communication practices in very different cultural, regulatory and competitive conditions.

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Online Classes At IU :: IU Online Online Degree Programs

2 hours ago Search for Online Classes. Semester: Spring 2022 Summer 2022. Campus: All Bloomington Indianapolis Columbus East Kokomo Northwest Southeast South Bend. Delivery Method: All 100% Online 76-99% Online Hybrid, Distance Distance, Live Video. Search online classes by subject, name, or prefix & number. *Course information last updated on 2/7/2021.

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Easy/GPA Boost Classes At IU : IndianaUniversity

7 hours ago 1. level 1. BryGuyHoosier. · 3y. I don't know if you need classes specifically from Kelley, but SPH-H 180, Stress Prevention and Management, is a very easy class. It's 3 credits. Also, SPH-H 305 (Women's Health) and H 306 (Men's Health) are simple. None of these classes require that much work. Also, any SPH-I classes, like Yoga, Basketball

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10 Of The Easiest Classes At Humans Of University

Just Now The University of Cincinnati offers more than 300 majors, 100 certificate programs and over 1000 different courses. Students are looking for easy and fun classes to take each year to help boost their GPA. Here is a list of the easiest classes at The University of Cincinnati. 1. WGS 2010 – Human Sexuality This course

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5 Awesome Classes Every IU Student Should Take

9 hours ago Plus, everyone should be able to take a fun, stress-free and engaging elective every once in a while to break up the stressful load of major courses. Based on personal experiences and input from some friends and fellow Odyssey writers, here are five amazing classes you should consider taking while at IU! Music of the Beatles (MUS-Z401): Greatest.

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What Are The Best "GPA Boosters" Available At IU

6 hours ago Absolute easiest class I ever took was the 3-credit HPER H-180 Stress Prevention and Management. HOWEVER, attendance was critical, so don't opt for this if you aren't good at showing up for class. There is almost no coursework, except some journaling. Journals, Attendance, and easy quizzes. That's pretty much your grade.

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Easiest A&H Courses : IndianaUniversity

8 hours ago Easiest A&H courses. Posted by 5 years ago. Easiest A&H courses. I am looking for a class that is an easy grade and gives small amount of homework, just so I can get the required credits. + good grade. There are IUB GenEd A&H and CASE A&H designations and they don't count as the same thing depending on your school. I'm seeing some

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What's The Best Elective You've Ever Taken At IU

2 hours ago <p>You can get a used copy Indiana Folklore: A Reader, by Linda Degh, on Amazon for $5-$10 shipping included. It is a collection of some of the best articles from the journal.</p> <p>Also, IU's folklore department did the best general work on US folklore, Handbook of American Folklore, and it is also on Amazon for the same price used.</p>

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10 Of The Easiest Courses At IUP OneClass Blog

7 hours ago Imagine saying "I'm going to my Scuba Diving class" out loud to your friends or family, 10/10 that it will start an interesting and fun conversation. 2. FDNT 362 - Experimental Food. Everybody loves food, that is no lie. In this course, you get to experiment all the processes relating to food.

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Register For A Class :: IU Online

8 hours ago Register through One.IU the same way you would register for any other course offered through your campus of enrollment. If you want to register for an online undergraduate course that is offered through another IU campus and that does not …

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Easy Gen Ed Classes? : Uichicago Reddit

1 hours ago level 1. · 6 yr. ago. If you still need one of your core science classes (which also count as gen eds), take the first EAES class. It is RIDICULOUS how easy it is, it really shouldn't even be a course. The instructor is nice and fun but honestly you will be so fed up with lectures after the first 2 weeks because of how grade school the

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Easiest Classes Indiana University Bloomington IU

4 hours ago Take these the semester before you rush, GPA boosters. INTL-I 100. AMST 100. SPH-F 255. Posted By: Easy Feb 21, 2017 9:03:48 PM. Post Reply.

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