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10 Of The Easiest Classes At UCONN OneClass Blog

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1. COMM 1000: The Process of Communication. Topics: modern communication theories and principles, how people affect and are affected by others through communication.
2. UNIV 1800: FYE University Learning Skills. Get learnt. Open to freshman and sophomore students only. Pros: One credit. One class period. Topics: overview of the university experience, learning skills, understanding resources for academic success.
3. POLS 1002: Introduction to Political Theory. Topics: justice, obligation, equality, and their relevance to contemporary political concerns.
4. NUSC 1167: Food, Culture and Society. *Warning: Class will make you hungry #foodporn . Topics: Social, cultural, and economic factors affecting food intake and nutritional status, world food problems, hunger in the United States, dieting, eating disorders, health foods and vegetarianism.
5. SOCI 1001: Introduction to Sociology. If you want to change the system, you’ve got to understand the system. This class will help you understand the society we live in.
6. Creativity 2810: Creativity: Debunking Myths and Enhancing Innovation. This was a fun class that shows you ways to enhance creativity. I definitely recommend this class for anyone wanting to become more creative.
7. KINS 1160: Courses in Lifetime Sports Program. Pros: One credit. YOU GET TO PLAY SPORTS! A variety of lifetime sports and skills are offered: badminton, weight training, and swimming are a few options.
8. ENGL 1701: Creative Writing I. For anyone wanting to become a better writer, express themselves, or share their work, this class is for YOU. Pros: creative freedom, workshops, easy textbook readings.
9. DRAM 1101: Introduction to the Theatre. If you’re gonna be dramatic, you might as well get credit for it, right? Topics: the functions of theatre artists and their contributions to modern theatre.
10. MUSI 1003: Popular Music and Diversity in American Society. Turn up your vibes. This class was so fun! The lecture included: listening to music (jazz, blues, Top-40 pop, rock, hip-hop and other genres) & learning music history.

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10 Of The Easiest Classes At UConn Humans Of University

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1. GEOG 1300E – Climate, Weather, and the Environment. Interactions between weather and climate and the human and natural environment. Emphasis on understanding the linkages between natural processes and societal/environmental issues.
2. ANTH 2000 – Social Anthropology. A comparative study of social structure including an analysis of kinship, marriage, community organization, political and economic institutions, and the role of the individual in these institutions.
3. HDFS 2001 – Diversity Issues in Human Development and Family Studies. Critical issues in diversity and multiculturalism in human development, family relations, and professional practice.
4. HDFS 2100 – Human Development: Infancy Through Adolescence. Individual development and behavior from prenatal period through adolescence; impact of peers, school, other social agencies, and especially the family.
5. CAMS 1103 – Classical Mythology. Origin, nature, and function of myth in the literature and art of Greece and Rome and the re-interpretation of classical myth in modern art forms.
6. SPAN 1001 – Elementary Spanish I. This course is super easy for those that have never taken Spanish before in high school. However, if you do know some Spanish, be sure to take this course!
7. ANTH 1000 – Other People’s Worlds. A survey of the development, contributions, and contemporary social problems of selected non-Euroamerican peoples and cultures.
8. GEOG 1700 – World Regional Geography. Study of geographic relationships among natural and cultural environments that help to distinguish one part of the world from another.
9. ANSC 1676 – Introduction to Companion Animals. Basic concepts of the nutrition, physiology, health and management of companion animals. This course is quite fun and interesting.
10. MUSI 1003 – Popular Music and Diversity in American Society. An introduction to popular music and diversity in America: jazz, blues, Top-40 pop, rock, hip-hop and other genres.

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Online Courses UConn Online

3 hours ago 782 rows · Online Courses at UConn Click on a course to view additional information and …

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10 Of The Coolest Classes At UCONN OneClass Blog

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Online Master's Degrees UConn Online

8 hours ago UConn offers master's degrees online to help you advance your career. Earning a respected, accredited master's degree online from UConn, a nationally-recognized institution, can benefit your career and professional advancement. Learn from world-class UConn graduate faculty and study with other career-focused students from diverse backgrounds.

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What's The Easiest Class You've Taken? : UCONN

3 hours ago As far as I remember, there was no homework, and he let you make cheat sheets for the exam. Brit Lit II with Gouws (ENGL2101) was the easiest English class I took, and Gouws is a very nice guy. Any of the EKIN sports classes are easy 1-credit classes as …

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Easy Class Recommendations : UCONN Reddit

4 hours ago level 1. HappyStapler. · 4y 2019 PSYC. COMM 1000 has pop clicker quizes, so attendance is kinda necessary. LING 1010/1030 are really easy. 3. level 1. tripleaamin. · 4y 2020 CS & Math.

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Easiest Uconn Classes 02/2022 Course F

5 hours ago 10 of the Easiest Classes at UCONN. COMM 1000: The Process of Communication. UNIV 1800: FYE University Learning Skills. POLS 1002: Introduction to Political Theory. NUSC 1167: Food, Culture and Society. SOCI 1001: Introduction to Sociology. Creativity 2810: Creativity: Debunking Myths and Enhancing Innovation.

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The Best Online Courses For University Of Connecticut

8 hours ago UConn Online Courses. Searching for online courses at UConn has never been quicker than now — browse online classes for computer science at UConn, business, math, teaching, chemistry, engineering classes, and more in and around Storrs, CT. To help narrow your results down, use filters to refine your UConn online class search and enhance your search …

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Online Courses, Instruction Mode: WW & DL Online Students

7 hours ago Select a semester to view: Note: These pages may take a few moments to load. Fall 2021 Winter Intersession 2022 Spring 2022 Summer Click one of the links above to …

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Flexible 100% Online Bachelor's Degrees Master's Degree

7 hours ago Degree Programs Offered 100% Online. Whether you choose one of our 100% online associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, or doctorate degrees — we're committed to your success. With degrees and certificates available 100% online in the arts and sciences, business, education, health professions, social and behavioral sciences, and technology fields, we help …

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Undergraduate Course Directory Undergraduate Catalog

7 hours ago Course Search To filter and search by keywords in course titles, see the Course Search. Courses by Subject Area Click on the links below for a list of courses in that subject area. You may then click "View Classes" to see scheduled classes for individual courses.

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Online Courses Fall University Of Connecticut

2 hours ago Fall 2021 Online Courses (WW & DL) Click a course for additional information including available syllabi in the "Notes" field. Contact the instructor for courses that do not have a syllabus link in the notes field. Are you interested in becoming a Non-degree or Visiting Student? S

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What are the easiest online classes to take??

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What are the easiest general education classes?

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