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1. ISC 1000 – Great Ideas in Science. This course provides an introduction to the great ideas in science and is targeted to the non-science major. The course explores the study of the scientific method, origin of the universe, origin of life, evolution, among other topics.
2. WST 3015 – Introduction to Global Gender and Women's Studies. This course provides an introduction to gender issues, in their intersection with issues of race, class, and ethnicity in global perspective.
3. ENC 1101 – Writing and Rhetoric I. This course is the first in a two-course sequence which introduces the principles of college-level writing and research.
4. PHI 2010 – Introduction to Philosophy. This course introduces both the tools of philosophical thinking and some of their applications to fundamental topics such as knowledge, value, meaning, and human society.
5. PSY 2012 – Introductory Psychology. This course explores psychological principles underlying the basic processes of sensation, perception, cognition, learning, memory, life-span developmental, social behavior, personality, abnormal behavior, and psychotherapy.
6. HUM 1020 – Introduction to Humanities. This course provides an interdisciplinary survey of how human beings have perceived themselves and the world around them, through literature, philosophy, religion, music and the arts.
7. ART 1201C – 2D Design. This studio course introduces the basic art elements such as line, value, and color to develop the students vocabulary and awareness of two dimensional potential in various media.
8. SPC 1017 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication. This course explores the study of speech communication fundamentals including interpersonal skills; critical listening; small group problem-solving; verbal and nonverbal communication; persuasion; and public speaking.
9. JOU 3003 – Introduction to Journalism. This course explores the study and analytical discussion of the history of journalism in America, including its current practice, through intensive readings of primary historical sources as well as broad, direct exposure to current news sources.
10. THE 1020 – Introduction to Theatre for Majors. This course provides an orientation to the study, theory, and practice of theatre for freshman theatre majors.

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Easy Fiu Classes XpCourse Free Online Courses &amp

1 hours ago Easy Fiu Classes - 04/2021 - Course f. Online www.coursef.com. Hot oneclass.com · Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take at Florida International University (FIU). 1. ISC 1000 - Great Ideas in Science This course provides an introduction to the great ideas in science and is targeted to the non-science major.

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Welcome To FIU Online FIU Online

6 hours ago Same World-Class University, Online. With 20 years’ experience in online education, FIU Online provides you with the opportunity to earn more than a degree. It’s your future. Discover how online learning helped our grads achieve their goals.

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Class Search FIUOnline Welcome To FIU Online

1 hours ago Learn more about our online degree programs. * Please note that online courses may require a proctored midterm and/or final exam(s). Please review our Student Proctored Exam Instructions page for further information.

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Distance And Online Education Knight Foundation School

1 hours ago Online Courses. Learn from one of the best Computer Science and Information Technology from all parts of the globe with FIU’s Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences distance-learning opportunities. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of accessing courses online anytime, anywhere. Complete courses from the comfort of

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10 Of The Best Rated Courses At FIU OneClass Blog

6 hours ago Florida International University students have some great courses that they can take during their time at college. Here are some of the best rate courses at FIU by students who have taken the course previously: 1. SLS 1501 - First Year Experience 2. MUH 1011 - Music Appreciation 3. CHM 1032 - Chemistry and Society 4.

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Welcome To FIU Online

2 hours ago Login to your FIU Online course, request help, watch tutorials, get information, and more! Obtain all the information you need on latest trends and tools in online teaching. Looking to learn more about fully online bachelor and master degrees?

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6 Electives Every FIU Student Should Take, Regardless Of

2 hours ago Below, are my top recommended FIU electives for all majors. The beauty of these courses is that they’re pretty easy, count toward your degree, and will actually help you later on in life! Personal Finance Management – FIN 3140. This introductory course is an absolute must for every student entering adulthood.

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Easiest Electives? : FIU Reddit

3 hours ago Ridiculously easy. Save money with an online textbook he provides too and there are just five tests (you can take them on any web browser, so I keep the textbook open to CTRL+F answers) that are 50 questions and 1.5 hours each. I've learned quite a bit about rock too simply just CTRL+Fing through the text for answers; I do find it quite fun and

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Easy 3 Credit Courses? : FIU Reddit

6 hours ago All the public administration courses that I have take towards my minor have been incredibly easy, and most of the classes can be taken online. Some may require you to make a group project, but most are due at the end of the semester, and all the preparations can be done online.

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Easy Online Courses At Fiu XpCourse

1 hours ago FIU Online has been at the forefront of offering the best in online learning since 1998. In 2009, FIU Online enhanced its focus to offer both online courses as a complement to on-site students as well as fully online programs.

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Online Courses From Florida International University

6 hours ago Welcome to the FIU Online Learner Marketplace! We offer a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet. All of our courses are led by expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. Our online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you.

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Courses Available OneStop Florida International University

Just Now A complete list of classes offered at FIU by college, school, department or program can be found in the Course Catalog. FIU Online Programs. To learn about fully online programs please visit FIU Online.

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FIU Online What Is Taking An Online Course Like? YouTube

3 hours ago FIU Online offers fully online degree programs and online courses. In this video you'll learn what to expect and how to manage your course load as an online

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How To Prepare For Online Classes FIU News Florida

9 hours ago FIU has been working hard to prepare for COVID-19. In an abundance of caution, and with the health and safety of its students and faculty in mind, the university has transitioned face-to-face classes online, effective Thursday, March 12, through at least April 4, said President Mark B. Rosenberg in a university-wide update.

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Fiu Online Courses Free Getallcourses.net

Just Now Easy Electives Fiu Courses Onlinecoursesfree.com. Courses Fiu Online Courses Free. Courses Details: Fiu Online Courses Free. Online Free-onlinecourses.com Show details . 5 hours ago The IT Training Center offers access to free on-campus and online workshops that focus on business, creative, technology, data and human literacy skills.

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Courses & Degree Programs Office Of Distance Education

2 hours ago The Office of Distance Education (ODE) provides students with a unique and flexible way of learning. Courses feature either live sessions or recordings of the same lectures that take place on-campus and are delivered online, via streaming video. Students receive the same exact instruction and course materials as face-to-face students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some easy classes at FIU??

6 Electives Every FIU Student Should Take, Regardless of Their Major

  • Personal Finance Management – FIN 3140. This introductory course is an absolute must for every student entering adulthood. ...
  • Public Speaking – SPC 2608. One of my all-time favorite classes at FIU was public speaking. ...
  • Conflict Management – COM 4462. ...
  • Intro to Psychology. ...
  • Business and Professional Communication – COM 3110. ...
  • Intro to Statistics – STA 2122. ...

Which universities offer free online classes??

Oakton offers new programs, free credit classes this spring

  • Free classes and financial support. Oakton will cover up to three credit hours of tuition at the in-district rate for new students this spring.
  • More in-class courses. ...
  • Innovative programs. ...

Where can I find online classes??

  • Classes from Harvard.
  • Variety of subjects.
  • Browse by subject and filter to see only free courses.
  • High-quality educational resources and instructors.

What are the benefits of FIU online??

  • Carefully curated curriculum with options for specialization
  • Dedicated student services team & 24/7 IT support
  • 4th largest public university in the United States
  • All Fortune 500 companies are actively recruiting our students

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