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Electrical Instrumentation Design & Drafting Training Online

Just Now Course Overview. The Electrical / Instrumentation Design & Drafting Online Training offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy helps the candidates in understanding the principles of drawing/view projection techniques and the procedure of its implementation for a better model design. Moreover, the candidates get to know about skills that are

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Electrical Design And Drafting Training Course In

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1. BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. Introduction, Definitions of Electrical Parameters, Law of Resistance, Circuit Elements, Ohm’s Law, Electrical Sources.
2. ELECTRIC CIRCUIT DESIGN. Types of Circuits: Series and Parallel, Main Circuit, Sub Main Circuit and Branch Circuit, Radial Circuit and Ring Circuits for sockets.
3. TRANSFORMERS. Definition, Principle of Operations, Transformer Parts, Construction Types, Ideal Transformers, Transformer Tests, Voltage Regulation, Transformer Efficiency, Voltage Regulation, Transformer Sizing, Transformer Erection.
4. SWITCHGEAR. Introduction, Features, Switchgear Equipments (Switches, Fuses, MCB, MCCB, ACB, SF6), Circuit Breaker Selection.
5. WIRES, CABLES & SWITCHES. Introduction, Types of Conductors, Difference between Wire & Cable, Types of Wires, Cable, Parts of Cable, Types of Cables, Plugs & Sockets, Features, Switches, Function of Switch, Types of Switches.
6. CABLE TRAYS & CONDUITS. Introduction, Types of Trays, Conduits, Types of Conduits, Advantages & Disadvantages of Conduits.
7. LIGHTING SYSTEM. Introduction, Lighting Terms, Types of Lights, Types of Lamps, Recommended Illuminance Range,Factors affecting Lighting, Performance Evaluation of Lighting, Lighting Design, ILER.
8. EARTHING SYSTEM. Concept, Objectives, Purpose of Earthing, Electric Shock, Methods of Earthing, Types of Networks, Measurement of Earth Resistance, Human Safety, Soil Resistivity Measurement, Conductor Size Calculation, Calculation of Grid Resistance.
9. LIGHTNING PROTECTION. Introduction, Types of Lighting, Characteristics of Lightning, Effects of Lightning, Types of Loss, Improvements in Lightning Protection Systems, Surge Arrestor.
10. ELECTRIC MOTORS. Introduction, Principle of Working, Types of Motors, Motor Characteristics, Efficiency of Motor, Losses in a Motor, Starting Methods (DOL, STAR-DELTA-STAR &Soft Starters).

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AutoCAD® Drafting Course Online Penn Foster

9 hours ago Autocad® Course Online. Penn Foster's Drafting with AutoCAD® Program can help you gain the knowledge and skills relevant to confidently using industry drafting software which can be useful in fields such as structural drafting, civil drafting, heating, ventilating & air conditioning (HVAC), sheet metal drafting, electrical drafting, and

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10 Free Online Electrical Courses With Certificates In 2022

3 hours ago The top 10% of all electrical engineers can earn more than $143,000 a year and engineers in the bottom 10% can expect to earn an average of $60,000 annually. According to Payscale, an entry-level Electrical Engineer with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total income of $2,723.15 based on 5 salaries.

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HVAC Training, Electrical Training, Plumbing Training.

Just Now I have learnt Electrical Design and Drafting course from Dhanush EnggServices India Pvt Ltd. The course of Electrical Designing and Drafting is good. The faculty teaching is also good. I request you to make more Site Visits for the students so that they can learn more and get more exposure to practical knowledge.

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The Best Electrical Design & Drafting Courses In Kerala

2 hours ago Adi institute of quality engineers Electrical Design and Drafting Course is providing depth knowledge in various areas in the Electrical side of all kinds of buildings and Distribution systems. This course intends to make the students professionals who can design or manage the electrical activities of building systems or distribution systems

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Drafting & Design TSTC

5 hours ago Our Drafting & Design programs are 100% online. We take a hands-on approach, virtually training you on 3-D modeling software and learn drafting and design skills in different fields, including architectural, civil, and mechanical. In the Architectural/Civil Drafting program you will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. You will focus on

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Free Online Electrical Engineering Courses Training

7 hours ago What are the best free online electrical courses? Free online electrical courses can bring you up to speed with the industry. We’d recommend the short certificate courses such as the Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems course or the Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment course.

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Online Industrial Electrical Training ITC Learning

4 hours ago Our online industrial electrical training courses include multiple learning styles, learner-led control, engaging learning activities, retention practices, comprehensive assessment mechanisms, feedback prompting, modularized lessons, and a variety of other instructional design concepts have been specifically engineered with the capabilities of the technology …

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Basic Electrical Drawing And Test Equipment Alison

4 hours ago This free online introductory course on basic electrical drawings and test equipment will get you fully up-to-speed on these important topics. Understanding electrical drawings and equipment is essential for any aspiring electrician. By the end of the course, you will know how to analyze information about power, lighting, and communication, and

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Online Drafting Schools And Courses Learn

3 hours ago Online Drafting Schools and Courses. Online drafting training can teach you the basics of computer-aided drawing and architectural drafting. Find out how online programs work in this field, and check the software requirements. Review what you'd learn in a certificate, diploma, or 2-year degree program in drafting. Get info about choosing a school.

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Electrical Drawing Training Course

2 hours ago At the end of this course, you will learn to: Describe the various types of electrical drawings. Appreciate the importance of single line diagrams. Analyse the various electrical ladder drawings. Explain the operation of the electrical equipment using wiring and schematic diagrams. Recognise the symbols in electrical drawings.

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Electrical CAD Training Electrical Design Course

1 hours ago This course ensures that participants perfect their skills of electrical computer aided design and drafting. The professional course in product design provides the participants theoretical and practical knowledge in the application of CAD software in the …

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8 Best Electrical Engineering Courses & Certification

2 hours ago

Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins
1. Electrical Engineering Courses (Coursera) Created and reviewed by some of the best universities around the world like the University of Colorado Boulder, University of Michigan, The State University of New York, and many others, this list of Electrical Engineering courses is all you need to begin your career.
2. Training in Electrical Engineering (360 Training) Individuals who are looking for training in electrical engineering while learning, then this program from 360 Training is the best option for you.
3. Top Electrical Engineering Courses (Udemy) If you are still struggling to choose a perfect electrical engineering course for you, then this list of courses offered by Udemy can help you in your quest.
4. Electrical Engineering Courses (edX) If you want to learn electrical engineering for free of cost, then this list of courses from edX is the best option available online.
5. Online Electrical Training Courses (TPC Training) TPC’s Electrical Training is one of the best online platforms that can provide you with all the essential material and knowledge that you need to build a stable career in this field.
6. Online Electrician Training (Penn Foster) This online training will help you learn all the skills and techniques that you need to become a residential electrician.
7. Electrical Engineering Courses (Alison) These practical courses from Alison will help you learn the basics of the electrical trade, which includes electrical safety, circuits, and electrical theory.
8. Online Electrician Training Courses (Ashworth College) Ashworth online electrician training courses are specially designed for those who want to develop the safe, electrician skills that are always in demand.

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Electrical Drafter Education Requirements: Degrees, Majors

7 hours ago What level of education is required for Electrical Drafters? 63% of Electrical Drafters have a associate degree, 50% major in drafting and design. Learn all about Electrical Drafter educational requirements, degrees, majors, certifications, online courses, and top colleges that will help you advance in Electrical Drafter career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrical design&drafting online course??

Through the Electrical / Instrumentation Design & Drafting online course, the candidates will also learn about the constructing as well as completing the technical drawings using CAD techniques.

Are there any online courses for electrical design courses with placement??

Quite a few electrical training institutes are known to offer formal online electrical design courses with placement.

What certifications do Electrical drafters need??

The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) offers certification for Electrical Drafters. Although not mandatory, certification demonstrates competence and knowledge of nationally recognized practices. Certifications are offered for several specialties, including architectural, civil, and mechanical drafting.

Is the drafting&design program online??

Our Drafting & Design programs are 100% online. We take a hands-on approach, virtually training you on 3-D modeling software and learn drafting and design skills in different fields, including architectural, civil, and mechanical. In the Architectural/Civil Drafting program you will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree.

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