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15 Best Online Courses For College Credit Online Course

6 hours ago

1. College Algebra and Problem Solving. This class is offered by Arizona State University (ASU) and edX. It is eligible for three credits through ASU. These credits may transfer to other schools.
2. Introduction to Biology. This beginner class is offered by Penn Foster College. You can earn three college credits. Those credits might transfer to other colleges.
3. Math 114: Trigonometry. Offered by the University of Illinois, this online trigonometry class is worth two credits. In most cases, these credits will transfer.
4. English 110: College Composition I. English Composition I is a standard requirement. All students must take it, no matter their major. This course from the University of North Dakota is an introduction to writing techniques.
5. Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences. English Composition II is a follow-up to English Composition I. This course is offered by the University of North Dakota.
6. Macroeconomics. Courses in economics are often required for most majors. Some majors require multiple classes of this type. This course from Central Wyoming College can fulfill graduation requirements for economics or business.
7. Introduction to the Arts. This three-credit course is provided by Macomb Community College. Macomb is based in Warren, Michigan, but this class is offered online.
8. PSY 101 – General Psychology I. A basic psychology course is usually required to graduate. This one is offered by Colorado Community Colleges Online.
9. Physical Geology. Geology courses are commonly used to meet natural sciences credits. This three-credit course is offered by the University of Phoenix.
10. Elementary Spanish I. Most college majors require at least 3-6 credits of world languages. If you didn’t take world languages in high school, a good place to start is a beginner course like this one.

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Best Online College Courses For Credit [2022 Guide]

3 hours ago Online college courses should come from an accredited university, are convenient for you to take, and cost less than on-campus classes. See what taking classes online can do for you! More universities are offering online college classes to …

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25 EPIC College Courses Fastweb

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1. Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – Disasters, Catastrophes, and Human Behavior. Michigan State University. This online course allows MSU students and students from other colleges to take the course for credit.
2. Oberlin’s ExCo Courses: “Beginning Dungeons and Dragons,” “Beginner Beekeeping,” “Tarot,” “Calvin and Hobbes,” etc. Oberlin’s Experimental College (ExCo) Oberlin’s Experimental College is actually an organization run by its students, which offers a myriad of unique courses.
3. How to Stage a Revolution. Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) This MIT course explores the cause and effect of both public and political transformations of government.
4. The Joy of Garbage. Santa Clara University This course uses garbage as a gateway to studying aspects of environmental science like decomposition, recycling, waste management, sustainability and nuclear waste.
5. Special Topics: The Myth of the Android; Alien Sex. Selznick School of Film Preservation This course is part of the Selznick Graduate Program in Film and Media Preservation.
6. Ice Cream Short Course. Pennsylvania State University Have you ever wondered how Ben and Jerry got into the ice cream industry? They actually began by taking this course!
7. Tree Climbing. Cornell University Why learn to climb a tree as a kid when you can grow up and pay a college to teach you by taking this course? Clearly, you’ll be much better at it than that little boy down the street because you’re a college-level tree climber.
8. The Game of Thrones. University of Virginia This course examines the work of George R.R. Martin through the reading of one of his novels and the popular HBO series based on his fiction series.
9. Street-Fighting Mathematics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Math and street-fighting typically don’t go hand-in-hand but, in this course, students learn the possibilities that movements and rhythms of fighting can be examined through mathematical patterns.
10. Nip, Tuck, Perm, Pierce, Tattoo, Embalm: Adventures with Embodied Culture. Alfred University This course explores human behavior in terms of body medication throughout different cultures.

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Online College Courses For Credit

3 hours ago Take unlimited self-paced online college courses for $100 each. Credits are guaranteed to transfer to our partner schools and our online courses are ACE Credit recommended.

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9 Fun Classes To Take In College Take Your Success

9 hours ago 9 Fun Classes To Take In College. 1. Intro To Beer/Wine. Talk about fun, right? Taste testing beer and wine for college credit is unreal. This class falls more into the hobby category 2. Photography. 3. Acting. 4. Ballroom Dancing. 5. Art.

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Fun Online Classes You Can Do From The Comfort Of …

3 hours ago CorePowerYoga: The yoga studio is offering free access to online yoga and meditation classes. Creative Live: Take self-improvement and wellness courses in building confidence, stress management and more. Crunch Fitness: All gym members now have free access to Crunch Live, an app featuring a wide variety of workouts.

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Fun Online Classes To You Can Take From Anywhere …

7 hours ago Fun online classes to take for free 1. Nikon School. The venerable camera brand offers 10 online classes centered around photography. You …

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20 Most Ridiculous College Courses You Won't Believe …

2 hours ago Approximately 20.4 million students headed off to college campuses in the United States last year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. And of those 20.4 million, it's a good bet that, come course selection morning, about 20.3 million weighed just how fun a class in calculus or Renaissance poetry would actually be.

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30 Fun College Majors To Explore

6 hours ago Oceanography programs teach you everything you need to know about oceans and their inhabitants. Expect to take classes like marine biology, marine environmental science and ocean typography. You can explore a wide variety of ocean- and beach-based positions with an oceanography major. Careers: Research scientist, oceanographer, ecologist. 16. Pop music

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9 Classes Every Student Should Take Affordable Colleges

3 hours ago Online MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) sites like Coursera offer classes in many fields for lower prices, like this Introduction to Public Speaking course developed out of the University of Washington. In many cases, the classes …

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Ten Best College Elective Classes Take Online Courses

6 hours ago 1. Personal Finance. One of the best electives to take in college is a course on personal finance. Although there is a growing push to integrate financial education into the K-12 classroom, most students don't get a lot of money management experience before they're sent off into the world to sink or swim.

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Most Obscure Online Courses Business Insider

7 hours ago 12 Ridiculous Online Courses You Should Take Just For Fun. in high school or college to explore a subject they're fascinated with can now take an …

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45 Free Online College Courses From The Best Colleges And

8 hours ago Introduction to Psychology from Yale University, offered on Coursera. The Science of Happiness from Berkeley University, offered on edX. Psychology of Popularity from University of North Carolina

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46 Best Free Online Courses For Whatever You Want To Learn

4 hours ago Best Free Online Courses Overall; Fundamental Marketing; Content Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Email Marketing; SEM; Sales; Ecommerce; Coding; Personal & Professional Development; Design; Business & Finance; Writing; Communication; Entrepreneurship; Humanities; Languages; Free Online Courses. Learning new skills can be …

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Top 10 Most Interesting College Courses Job And

8 hours ago To remind you of the wonders of collegiate academia, Noodle Education has compiled a list of courses that break the mold. From Fermented Beverages at Michigan State University to Magic and Witchcraft in Pre-Modern Europe at Davidson College, the classes apply academic discourse to topics that usually get snubbed in course offerings.

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