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Diamonds & Diamond Grading Gemological Institute Of …

8 hours ago The Diamond and Diamond Grading eLearning course brings to life the skills needed to grade the color, clarity and cut of diamonds through video, graphics, images and text. The course also covers: The final exam is online, closed book and proctored; see the Education Catalog for details. Try a complementary lesson for this course.

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Online Gemology Courses Gemological Institute Of …

2 hours ago Study whenever and wherever you want, then submit assignments and take exams online. Generous completion times allow you to study at a pace that works for you. Distance Education instructors are available by email or phone to provide support, guidance and expertise. Get hands-on experience in lab classes offered at GIA campuses worldwide.

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Programs & Courses Gemological Institute Of America

Just Now Programs & Courses. GIA’s diverse course offerings will help prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed by industry employers today. * Offered as an instructor-led, accelerated program. ** Requires one or more on-campus lab classes. Additional lab classes available at other locations, see the full list.

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ELearning Gemological Institute Of America

7 hours ago The course is required to earn the GIA Graduate Gemologist or Graduate Diamonds diploma via GIA Distance Education. EARN THE DIAMONDS & DIAMOND GRADING CERTIFICATE This course is self-paced with a 15-month maximum completion time.

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Online Gemology Courses Gemological Institute Of …

1 hours ago Schedule, Tuition & Fees. GIA Distance Education is comprised of eLearning and Lab Classes. eLearning is the online component of your program - course materials, assignments, and final exams are online. Lab Classes are where you gain essential hands-on experience by grading and identifying gemstones alongside an instructor.

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5 hours ago Buy GIA Certified Diamonds! GIA are the leaders in the industry, and the leaders in Diamond Grading! Below is an actual scan of a GIA Diamond Dossier Certificate Report for a Diamond that I had in my ear. Just so you can see a real one. Last word on GIA and it’s Certified Diamond Reports… GIA Rules! And do check out James Allen…

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GIA Vs. EGL Diamond Certification: Which Is The Best?

Just Now A GIA certification requires a multitude of steps and courses, including a diploma through a curriculum based heavily in research and instruction from the nation’s leading diamond experts. GIA was originally founded by Robert M. Shipley, a middle-aged former retail jeweler from Wichita, Kansas.

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Diamond Specialist Certification Course Online Diamonds

3 hours ago Enroll in the IGS Diamond Specialist course and gain access to the knowledge needed to turn your passion for diamonds into real world skills. Build expertise in 8 core areas — diamond formation, optical and physical properties, tools, simulants and synthetics, grading, colored diamonds, supporting the consumer, and ethical issues — while

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23 Amazing Sites For Free Gemology Courses & Resources

8 hours ago Gemological Institute of America – News & Articles. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s most well-known laboratory and gemology school. Besides offering accredited courses, GIA also leads the forefront of gemstone research and grading services.

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Online Gemology Classes International Gem Society

4 hours ago Diamond Specialist Certification Course. Learn the fundamentals of diamonds — from optical and physical properties to grading and ethical and legal issues. Learn to distinguish natural diamonds from synthetics and diamond simulants. Keep the kit, which includes one natural, jewelry-grade diamond.

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The Best Online Gemology Schools And Courses Gem Coach

9 hours ago The Best Online Gemology Schools. There are a number of organizations which offer online gemology courses: The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) This nonprofit institute has been around since 1931, and is considered the world’s top authority on gemstones.

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GIA Launches Free Online Training Tools For Retailers

9 hours ago The training package can be downloaded at; the four modules include: • About GIA: A brief history of GIA and its role in the industry, as well as how the Institute can help retailers educate their customers about diamonds. • The 4Cs: An overview of the 4Cs of diamond quality and their impact on diamond grading.

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What Is GIA Diamond Certification? Is It The Best

8 hours ago Regarding the GIA-certified Diamond, the diamond needs to be graded by a GIA independent facility (third party) and then a grading will be issued by the GIA to back the quality of the diamond. On the other hand, GIA-trained gemologist certification means that the diamond has been graded by a jewelry store employee who has been trained by GIA.

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GIA Diamond Certification [Sample GIA Diamond Report

2 hours ago GIA Diamond Certification. A GIA Diamond is a diamond certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the World's foremost authority in independent third-party diamond certification.GIA diamonds are examined by a minimum of four highly trained diamond graders and gemologists. At each step of a diamond's evaluation, a more senior staff member …

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Best Diamond Certification Labs: GIA, AGS, GCAL, IGI, GSI

8 hours ago Diamond Certification: The Process of Grading Diamonds The retail price of a diamond largely depends on how the diamond is graded in a grading report and/or "certificate.” Grading reports by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), HRD Labs, American Gem Society (AGS), and Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL) command the highest …

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Gemology Course: Free Online Gemological Course Istituto

8 hours ago Contest to Win a Diamond. If you subscribe to the Youtube channel, you are enrolled for free in the Youtube online Gemology Course. Moreover you get an opportunity to participate in the first ever Gemological Contest. The winner of the contest is the person who gives the best answers to the questions and he will receive a half-carat Diamond

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GIA & Their Diamond Grading Process Petra Gems

2 hours ago The diamond industry is highly lucrative; one reason why its sanctity and integrity must be safeguarded at all costs. A common challenge that this industry often faces is the infiltration of blood diamonds. Blood diamonds—also referred to as unethically-sourced diamonds—are those that are obtained from war-ravaged countries and are sold primarily to finance …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why jewelry design course at Gia??

As I have now gained a lot of experience in grading and identifying diamonds, I feel confident in buying diamonds and have attained comprehensive knowledge to start a business in diamonds. I do not belong to this industry, thus I opted for the Jewelry Design course at GIA for better career prospects and growth in the gem and jewellery industry.

Do all diamonds have to be GIA certified??

They do not. GIA diamond certificates offer you the best grading and most protection for your special investment. Another strong choice for diamond certification is AGS. AGS uses strict guidelines and is well respected in the jewelry industry. Their cut grading system is praised by most jewelers.

How are diamonds graded and certified??

The diamond grading or certification comes from a wide variety of labs. Diamonds are graded with varying reliability, but to get the best deal, you should purchase a diamond that has either been certified by the GIA or the AGS. More Details on GIA and AGS Grading Systems The GIA Diamond Cut Grading System

What is a GIA diamond??

A GIA Diamond is a diamond certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the World's foremost authority in independent third-party diamond certification. GIA diamonds are examined by a minimum of four highly trained diamond graders and gemologists.

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