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Would You Play A Brown Golf Course

  • To overseed, courses use many resources, not-the-least of which is water
  • Not only is the practice wasteful, but it’s expensive
  • But now with the economy struggling, many golf courses simply can’t afford the extra water, seed and irrigation.

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Golfstinks   2 days ago  

Are Golf Courses A Waste Of Space

  • Golf courses take up more space than all the landfills in America
  • George Carlin had the right idea, move the homeless to golf courses
  • golf is actually an aimless activity

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Golfstinks   4 days ago  

Are There Too Many Golf Courses

  • Many courses are struggling because developers thought building McMansions around a golf course was a sure way to untold riches
  • It turns out that wasn’t such a great idea
  • I like properly staffed and equipped schools because the alternative, a …

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Golfstinks   1 days ago  

POLL: Are Tee-Time Sites Killing Golf Courses

  • The course gets $0 while the service gets the cash
  • Over the duration of a season this translates to big numbers
  • 8 players a day at say $50 per player, 9 months (270 days) = $108,000 potential cost to the course
  • Pretty expensive for a tee time service and for most daily fee courses this is a huge percentage of their revenue.

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Golfstinks   4 days ago  

Male-Only Golf Clubs: Sexist Bastards Or Constitutional

Have golf courses like Augusta National been hiding behind the constitution for too long? (photo by Roger Sayles / CC BY-ND 2.0)I wrote in a blog post the other day that golf is a “gentleman’s game.” My reference was rather tongue-in-cheek, but for some courses this is a literal truth.

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Golfstinks   9 days ago  

5 Reasons They Think Golf Is Stupid • GolfStinks

  • Plus, many courses preserve wildlife habitat and invest and care for those areas far more than they would be if the course was not there
  • Golf is stupid because of the clothes
  • OK, it’s hard to argue with this one – when the sport’s primary style is the clothing of choice for retired men everywhere, you might not be on the cutting edge

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Golfstinks   5 days ago  

Is USGA Membership Worth It

  • Not bad if you live in Arizona, California and Florida (the states with more than three Troon courses featured)
  • The closest course for me would be Lake of Isles and even with the discount, I’d have to pay over $100 per round! 5) Special Member discounts on …

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Golfstinks   7 days ago  

What Should Golf Courses Do In The Winter

  • Do golf courses really need to close for the winter? (photo by Greg D’Andrea) I don’t know about any of you, but I know what I do in the winter – I hibernate
  • Though I would prefer the cooler weather over the heat, that doesn’t mean I want to be out in the cold.

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Golfstinks   1 days ago  

Should You Golf During COVID-19

  • The courses made adjustments to protect their golfers
  • They put clear plastic curtains in the golf carts, you didn’t remove the pin and they staggered the tees times by another 5 minutes
  • They also wiped down the golf carts, you can really smell the bleach but it works
  • My husband and I love to golf, and we feel completely safe playing golf.

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Golfstinks   1 days ago  

Most Popular Posts • GolfStinks

  • Why Par 3 and Executive Golf Courses Make Me Uneasy In my post last week, I made a rather strong statement that I could be playing at either St
  • Andrews or some pitch n' putt somewhere and it wouldn't make much of a difference to me
  • I went on to explain that it doesn't ma

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Golfstinks   Just Now  

5 Reasons Golf Is Hard • GolfStinks

  • Until some courses are built for beginners and novices the game will continue to decline
  • Few if any beginners can achieve par more than once or twice a round, but there it is blazoned on every tee setting up failure before the first shot is even taken
  • Par should be replaced by pro, bogey with amateur, double bogey with

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Golfstinks   2 days ago  

Can Worm Turds Save The Golf Industry

  • Right now, as I pen this post, people knee-deep in worm feces are revolutionizing the future of golf courses – and quite possibly saving the golf industry to boot
  • Or, more politely; worm castings
  • When utilized properly, this poop can save golf courses big money
  • And when courses save, golfers, […]

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Golfstinks   3 days ago  

What Makes A Good 19th Hole

  • Golf courses need to welcome folks to their 19th hole with open arms
  • Hell, all courses should advertise their 19th hole on the 17th and 18th tee-boxes
  • Done right, a19th hole can be a successful bar that adds profits to a golf course.

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Golfstinks   8 days ago  

Do Golf Course Rankings Matter

  • Augusta National is among the top courses in the world (photo by Dan Perry / CC BY 2.0) Surely for the average golfer, the thought of playing golf’s most celebrated courses is a fun thing to daydream about
  • To this end, some golf-related publications produce a “top course” list for us to ponder while stuffed in our cubicles or reclining

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Why Par 3 And Executive Golf Courses Make Me Uneasy

  • Anyway, playing a standard ball on shorter courses is like using a baseball on a softball field, the ball is out of scale, not much of a challenge
  • There’s a par-3 course a couple of blocks from my office
  • When there’s not much work, I play a quick 9 with a co-worker at noon.

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Golfstinks   6 days ago  

5 Ways To Take The Frustration Out Of Golf • GolfStinks

  • Some community colleges offer courses like Golf 101, which could help defray some of the costs of a private lesson
  • If you are further along with your skill-set, be wary of the local pro that might witness you on the range and say something to the effect that he or she has to “rebuild” your swing.

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Golfstinks   2 days ago  

The Truth About Walking The Golf Course • GolfStinks

  • Greg, golf does count as an aerobic exercise… and that comes from no less of an authority than Dr
  • Kenneth Cooper, the Air Force researcher who developed the Aerobics Point System used to measure aerobic conditioning
  • Cooper, you can pass the Air Force 12-minute fitness test (which I believe he also developed) if you get 30 point’s-worth of aerobic exercise per week.

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Golfstinks   1 days ago  

The Course Ranger: The PoPo Of Golf • GolfStinks

  • The courses want to push as many groups through as possible; and golfers don’t like waiting behind a group slower than themselves
  • So, there’s people to enforce the law of the links
  • Most of these guys are retired, and they take their jobs very, very seriously.

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5 Reasons Why They Hate Golf • GolfStinks

  • There are clubs which are for the elites of the elites but like all things it exists on a spectrum and these are an outlier
  • For every Augusta National or Pine Valley there are 100 other private clubs like mine where I paid 500 bucks to join and another 100 public daily fee courses.

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Golfstinks   9 days ago  

When Does Your Golf Season End

  • The courses at the NJ Shore have problems since their grass goes dormant ’til May
  • Ocean City MD and southern Delaware typically stay open through the winter if possible
  • If the weather is mild enough golf never stops here in Massachusetts
  • Granted there’s only a few courses still open, and

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Golfstinks   5 days ago  

3 Reasons Public Golf Courses Get A Bad Rap • GolfStinks

  • Public Courses have Bad Grooming: I’ve played 18-hole, daily fee courses (both expensive and inexpensive alike) all over this country and have not found many in complete shambles
  • Sure, a few need some help, but these are by far in the minority
  • These days, increased knowledge in course architecture, seeding and sprinkler systems, and better

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Golfstinks   1 days ago  

Golf In The Future: What Will It Be Like

  • Yes, most new golf courses by 2040 are only 6 holes long
  • With less to maintain, courses can lower prices while still raking-in boatloads of cash from the main bar, plus the three additional portable bars out on the course
  • Those golfers still wishing to play during …

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Golfstinks   9 days ago  

The Golf Channel's Newest Offering Is Really Nothing New

  • Even though there are currently about 450 more courses in the U.S
  • than existed in the year 2000, over the past several years, more courses have closed than opened
  • What’s more alarming is, despite these additional 450 courses, fewer …

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Golfstinks   9 days ago  

Course Closures Today For A Better Tomorrow • GolfStinks

  • Obviously the courses that closed were struggling – most likely a direct result of the 20-year golf course boon between 1986 and 2006, where more than 200 courses were built per year on average
  • When the real estate market crashed in 2007, something had to give – and that has translated into a reverse of what we saw from ’86 to ’06 (and

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Golfstinks   3 days ago  

An Entirely New Approach To Executive-Style Golf Courses

  • Now, as far as executive courses are concerned, I think if a golfer has the opportunity, he wants to pull out the big dog (driver) and get it out there as far as possible
  • That is one of the most fun aspects of the game
  • So, grabbing the driver and slamming it out there about 175 with one of those ole “Cayman” balls doesn’t seem like much

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Golfstinks   Just Now  

Thoughts On Executive & Par 3 Courses • GolfStinks

  • We don’t have any “executive courses” in our area, just a few chip-n-putts which are much shorter and an entirely-different critter
  • My local course has a nice c-n-p facility that great for kids, and for short-game practice when it’s not busy, but none of the holes are more than 40-yrds and the greens are small, and there’s only one sand-trap.

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Are Golf Course Closures A Good Thing

Courses offering 18-holes of golf for under $40, at least in my area, are typically not the most well-maintained tracts of land around; there are usually waits on multiple tee boxes; and inevitably end up becoming training grounds for newbie golfers (hence the backups on the course – not from overuse, but instead from slow play).

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Golfstinks   7 days ago  

What I Learned Playing High School Golf • GolfStinks

  • Most of the courses in our area were private-membership courses with a few high-end daily-fee courses…and already “claimed” by other schools with more established golf programs and kids whose parents were members at their home courses
  • ( This was long before Tiger and plentiful golf scholarships for college.

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Golfstinks   9 days ago  

Why Golf Is Unique • GolfStinks

  • Courses will feature an unimaginable amount of things to keep you from shooting low and, every course presents them in different layouts and styles
  • A shot you make one day with favorable results, can spell disaster the next day on different course.

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Golfstinks   8 days ago  

So Much For Growing Golf In China • GolfStinks

  • As courses spring up in new areas, it stands to reason new golfers would also be born
  • The game would grow exponentially and with it, the industry as a whole – equipment, apparel, etc
  • – an entire golf lifestyle niche would be carved-out in the country
  • Think about what 10,000 golf courses in China would do to the industry as a whole.

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Golfstinks   3 days ago  

Greg D'Andrea (aka Stinky Golfer Greg) • GolfStinks

  • Stinky Golfer Greg (Photo by Sonny Vega)About Stinky Golfer Greg Greg D’Andrea is a co-founder of the GolfStinks blog
  • He’s played hundreds of different golf courses (including all the public 18-hole courses in his home state of Connecticut) and has written reviews for nearly all of them.

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Golfstinks   8 days ago  

Finding The Future Of Golf • GolfStinks

  • Maybe gimmicky things like giant holes won’t really catch on, but there surely is a need to make the game easier and faster
  • To this end, new recreational golf rules and 12- or 14-hole golf courses just might catch the attention of a younger generation
  • Meanwhile, aggregated online tee-times sites like Supreme Golf already exist and will soon

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Golfstinks   9 days ago  

Is Golf A Dying Sport

  • Look for smaller golf facilities to become mainstream, as the older era courses fade in popularity due to attrition of older golfers & non-sustainable eco-requirements
  • Golf is dying because there are very few good teachers

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Golfstinks   1 days ago  

5 Reasons They Quit Golf • GolfStinks

  • Now, I played only public courses because I simply did not want to spend thousands of dollars to play a game
  • I also simply don’t have an interest in the game and it just isn’t important enough to make an effort to play
  • In my experience many many people also quit because they were pushed too much

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Golfstinks   8 days ago  

Oh, It's Your Birthday

  • The courses are listed alphabetically by state (most courses are in the US, with a few in Canada) and I scrolled down to Connecticut
  • Turns out my state has only one course listed: Eastwood Country Club, a 9-hole, regulation sized golf course in Torrington, CT
  • I clicked on the link and sure enough, I was taken to a page on Eastwood’s website

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Golfstinks   7 days ago  

Is Golf Doing Enough For The Environment

  • For some, golf courses represent everything that is wrong with how humans treat the environment
  • First, vast tracts of land must be cleared to build the course (average course is 150 acres); then water, chemicals and fossil fuels are used to maintain it; and finally more fossil fuels are used (in the form of gas golf carts) to actually play on it.

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Golfstinks   6 days ago  

Tom Treloar (Stinky Golfer Tom) • GolfStinks

  • Stinky Golfer Tom (Photo by Greg D’Andrea)About Stinky Golfer Tom Tom Treloar is a co-founder of the GolfStinks blog
  • He’s hacked-up a ton of different golf courses over the years and always, for some reason, wears golf gloves on both hands (see photo above).

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Golfstinks   7 days ago  

Augusta National: The Good, Bad & Ugly • GolfStinks

  • The very name conjures up emotions deep within us
  • For some, those emotions might excite and inspire; while for others, they might sicken and disgust
  • The Good Augusta National is perhaps the epitome of golf courses
  • Despite not being in the birthplace of the game, the course is as symbolic as […]

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Golfstinks   4 days ago  

Is Golf Only For The Rich

  • [UPDATE: Thanks to Vince for pointing out a handful of the courses on the list are indeed open to the public – though at a steep price tag] So the irony here is no matter how anti-golf and poorly researched the NYT article is, the article backs-it-up
  • Golf is a game for the richies with private country club status – or at least

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Golfstinks   6 days ago  

The USGA Rule Book: Etiquette • GolfStinks

  • But golf courses tell you it should be 4 hours – why? They make it sound like that’s what it’s supposed to be
  • But the interesting thing is the rule book doesn’t put a time limit on it! In fact, no where in the rules of golf does it say a round has to take 4 hours (or anywhere close to 4 hours).

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Golfstinks   8 days ago  

Chip Shots (Video): George Carlin On Golf • GolfStinks

  • According to Carlin, golf courses are a waste of space
  • In fact, Carlin said it was “time to reclaim the golf courses from the wealthy and turn them over to the homeless.Golfing is an arrogant, elitist game and it takes up entirely too much room in this country.

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Golfstinks   8 days ago  

Do You Take Advantage Of The "Fall Golf Special

  • There are some courses that I won’t play for free
  • But for the most part, you can count me in
  • For instance, I have a course roughly 15 minutes from my house that’s running one of these specials
  • Not a great course, but it’s no mortar range either
  • Normally, the greens fees run $42 for 18 holes (tack on $16 more to

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Golfstinks   5 days ago  

Golf Rules For The Rest Of Us GolfStinks

  • That all being said, it would be truly nice to see the golf industry (from teachers to courses to even the USGA and other leading golf organizations) recognize a separate set of rules for the recreational player
  • And so far, the USRGA seems to be the most logical choice.

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Golfstinks   Just Now  

Economics Of Golf

  • The game of golf is in a period of transition – that much we are sure of
  • Reports show participation is down, courses are struggling (if not closing their doors altogether) and retail sales are lagging
  • While some golf authorities are remaining calm, attributing the current climate to market correction after years of industry overgrowth, […]

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Golfstinks   3 days ago  

Public Golf Vs. Private Club: Familiarity Or Variety

  • Many courses throughout the state, and all of New England for that matter, feature beautiful scenery – something TPC was lacking a bit
  • Most courses have friendly and helpful staffs
  • Also, all of the upscale public courses throughout the state (99 out of 100 times) are well-maintained.

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Golfstinks   2 days ago  

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