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Bereavement Counseling Training And Education Program Options

  • A bereavement counselor, or grief counselor, counsels individuals who have suffered a personal loss
  • Topics of study in grief counseling and thanatology programs include …

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Grief Continuing Education Workshops

With specific expertise in traumatic and unexpected loss alongside experience in teaching and training, WYG is committed to providing grief education that goes well beyond the outdated and generalized learning that so many clinicians received in their graduate programs.

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American Academy Of Grief Counseling At AIHCP

The American Academy of Grief Counseling offers comprehensive, quality, Certification and Fellowship programs for qualified professionals including, physicians, nurses, counselors, social workers, funeral directors, clergy and other professional providers practicing the specialty of Grief Counseling.

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Complicated Grief Therapy Training Center For

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Grief Coach Certification For Your Grief Counseling Practice

Online certification and training for your grief counseling practice The Creative Grief Studio offers specialized grief certification and training for counselors, coaches, support group facilitators and other helping professionals through our 4-month, online interactive program.

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Compassionate Bereavement Care® Certification

  • The Compassionate Bereavement Care Certification® is AN INTENSIVE FOUR-DAY training program. You will feel better prepared to help clients and patients suffering these losses
  • In addition, preliminary evidence suggests this model helps prevent vicarious trauma and improve psychosocial outcomes for providers.

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Bereavement Training: Perinatal Death

  • Bereavement Training: Perinatal Death
  • Resolve Through Sharing (RTS) Bereavement Training: Perinatal Death is a comprehensive 2-day training known world-wide as the "Gold Standard" in perinatal bereavement education
  • Attend this training to enhance your knowledge, level of skill, and personal awareness when providing care to families whose baby

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Upcoming Certification Training Events

  • The LiveStream 4-day Certification Training certifies you to work with grievers in-person ONLY
  • In order to work online, you MUST take an additional training, the Online Advanced Training.

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Grief Support Groups Good Grief Schools

  • "The Grief Groups program provides us with training and tools for school social workers and clinical staff. The training has equipped us with practical tools to run grief groups during school hours
  • It has also provided our team with the resources to be able to effectively lead grief groups in a virtual setting.

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Walking With Grief

  • Grief is a normal and appropriate reaction to the death of a loved one, the experience of separation/divorce, intergenerational loss, or the loss of opportunity
  • While there are similarities in how individuals work through loss, grief is a complicated and unique experience that requires helpers to be sensitive to the needs and experiences of

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Grief, Bereavement, And Coping With Loss (1 Credit Hour

  • Program Summary: This course explores evidence and practice issues related to grief, bereavement, and loss
  • The course examines different types of grief ranging from normal grief to more severe or complicated grief
  • Psychosocial and pharmacologic treatment options are offered
  • The course also provides a discussion of issues and interventions

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Grief Counseling, Grief Counselor Certification, LPC

  • Grief Counselor Education The amount of education and training needed depends on what capacity you will be working
  • Obviously, you want to get the best education possible in order to expand your career horizons
  • A prospective counselor or therapist should ideally plan on completing an undergraduate degree and then a Master’s degree.

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Grief Support Specialist Certificate (Online)

You’ll acquire knowledge and skills to enhance or create a professional specialty that focuses on counseling people who have suffered a major loss as the result of death, divorce, unemployment, destruction due to drug abuse or other traumatic personal devastation.

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The Grief Recovery Method

  • The Grief Recovery Method® is the most comprehensive Grief Recovery education and certification you will find
  • People come to us not only to help others, but because their lives were devastated by personal loss
  • Having gone through grief, they know how hard it can …

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Free 30 Min Call

  • The Grief Recovery Method® is the most comprehensive Grief Recovery education and certification in the world
  • The program has even been proven to be evidence based and effective by Kent State University.

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Be There: Grief And Bereavement Initiative

  • In-person training: A three-hour session, Be There: Helping Grieving Youth, trains Club staff on how to help grieving youth
  • Staff learn about the impact of grief on the lives of youth, recognize common reactions to grief, and identify appropriate resources to support youth experiencing loss
  • Online training and community partnerships:

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Grief Care Fellowship – Grief Training Curriculum

  • Grief Training and Grief Support Curriculum For Churches and Individuals All our materials are written for the churches to help support their ministry to those who have lost loved ones
  • It is written to comfort people who have lost their loved one, increase their knowledge of what God says about death and the hereafter, and eventually equip

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Programs And Training

  • Programs and Training Our programs are designed to help children, young people and adults understand and attend well to their grief following change and loss experiences
  • Our flagship program is ‘Seasons for Growth’ which has several different versions available for children, young people and adults.

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Edu-Therapy Solutions

  • Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution is an easy to use model that reduces and eliminates intense uncomfortable emotional responses to loss, trauma, and abuse
  • The 4-day Certification Training teaches the most effective process that resolves the pain caused by the conflicting emotions of a meaningful loss.

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Grief Training Intensive

  • Yet many professionals have not had the training nor developed the skills to support clients through this tumultuous journey, which is why OUR grief workshop and intensive training course provides a theoretical and practical approach to grief support to use in your work with grieving children, adolescents, and/or adults.

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Grief Healing: Professional Certification Programs In

  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers an online Grief Support Specialist Certificate training program for counselors, clergy, coaches, educators and other healthcare personnel
  • The University of Maryland offers an Online Applied Thanatology Certificate Program to equip individuals to care for those dealing with death, dying, and grief.

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Coping With Anticipatory Grief TAPS Institute

  • About the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing ®
  • The TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing ® is positioned to be the national and worldwide leader in training and education for bereavement professionals, bereaved individuals, and grieving military and civilian families.
  • Through an alliance with the Hospice Foundation of America, the foremost leader in professional grief and loss education

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Education And Training

  • Education and Training The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement offers high quality and innovative education and training in grief, loss and bereavement
  • Our education and training programs are available throughout Australia via face to face and online learning options

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Grief Support Specialist Certificate (Live Online)

  • Define ambiguous loss, disenfranchised grief, complicated and anticipatory grief
  • Identify tools for helping clients cope with these types of grief challenges
  • Explain how after-death communication can be used as a positive healing tool
  • Explore grief support options for job enhancement or job creation.

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The Maternal Mental Health Intensive Online: Perinatal

This training, based on our extensive clinical experience, and the expert training of our clinical team, examines theoretical and clinical applications related to parental grief and bereavement, including current theory and research, practices and models of effective counseling and psychotherapy and potential obstacles to clinician effectiveness.

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Programs In California

  • California services including virtual individual, couple, child, teen & family therapy specializing in grief, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, and career & life transitions using conversation, play, art, and writing
  • Consulting, Coaching, and Training services offered world-wide
  • After School Counseling Services 1515 Floribunda Avenue #305

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Grief And Loss 201

  • As the second installment of the Grief and Loss specialization training program, this course focuses on specialty areas of grief and loss
  • Counselors will dive deeper into the issues of grief and loss in more complex areas, such as loss from suicide, loss of a spouse, loss of a child, and loss

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Training Living Through Loss Counselling

  • Grief and Loss Training Available All interested practitioners are welcome
  • In association with Living through Loss Counselling Society of BC, the Vancouver Center for Loss & Bereavement offers Grief and Loss Training for Professionals
  • “My team and I are so grateful we …

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Home Seleni Institute

  • Women and their partners are often isolated in their grief and unsure of how to manage and move forward
  • One study found that parental bereavement was related to an 80% increase in suicide risk
  • Unresolved grief from reproductive loss and child loss puts women at high risk for experiencing complicated grief and is a significant risk factor for

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Home []

CONSULTING SERVICES With over 15 years of experience in training, developing, and managing programs that specialize in grief and loss; our team is dedicated and passionate about creating, expanding, and stabilizing programs in the communities that you serve in.

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Kansas City, MO Grief Recovery Programs

  • Based out of Kansas City, MO, Crossroads Hospice offers grief recovery programs to the Greater Kansas City, MO area
  • The Grief Recovery Method ® program is a multi-week program that creates a safe environment to explore old beliefs about dealing with loss; to look at what other losses have affected your life; and to take new actions that lead to completion.

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Grief Training Programs The Grief Training Center Of

  • The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin delivers valuable training programs targeting pertinent issues faced by professionals and volunteers who support the bereaved
  • Programs are traditionally run as live 90-minute, half-day, or full-day sessions delivered to individuals or groups, in person, or via interactive video conferencing.

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Grief And Loss Training For People Who Interact With

  • Grief and Loss Training Red Nose Grief and Loss training is designed to build the skills of people who interact with bereaved families and clients
  • Drawing on our 40 years of experience in bereavement counselling, our evidence-based grief and loss training packages are interactive, flexible, and delivered by experienced bereavement counsellors.

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How Grief Training Is Helping Educators Manage Pandemic

  • It was a strategy she learned in a grief training program for teachers that she took a few weeks previously
  • "If a student comes to you as a teacher and discloses a loss

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Grief And Loss Specialist Training

  • Grief and Loss Specialist Training LOCATION: Online, Self-paced COURSE DESCRIPTION: Many children will experience the death of a loved one during their formative years
  • Grief manifests itself in various ways and everyone expresses grief differently

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Bereavement Postgraduate Courses

MSc Loss & Bereavement and MSc Loss & Bereavement (Clinical Practice) Professional Certificate in Children and Loss; Our courses are delivered in partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) and aimed at professionals whose work brings them into contact with bereavement and loss.

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Education Program 2019

  • TRAINING SOLUTIONS For more than 20 years, the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB) has been helping grieving and bereaved Australians understand their loss and cope with their grief
  • All ACGB programs are developed by professional facilitators and our content is of high quality and research and evidence led.

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Professional Training For Pet Loss Grief Counselors

For the purposes of this program for professional training for pet loss grief counselors, it means that the “whole” view of a person’s loss, grief and healing process—the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of their needs and experiences—is acknowledged, honored and addressed in …

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Pet Loss Specialist Training – APLB.ORG

  • The Pet Loss Grief Specialist training program will be offered two times a year
  • This 8-week intensive training is facilitated by leaders in the organization and aims to provide background information on effective practices for engaging in pet loss work
  • This training program does not prepare individuals to provide professional counseling

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Pet Loss Grief Counseling Training Program

  • Pet Loss Grief Counseling Training Program, Warren, Ohio
  • 29,739 likes · 90 talking about this
  • Pet Loss Grief Counseling is a community page that is sponsored by the American Academy of Grief

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About grief and loss training programs

Our Understanding Grief and Loss training program educates professionals on key issues surrounding loss, grief, childhood bereavement, and resilience.


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Does grief counseling really work?

Grief counseling absolutely works when you find a counselor who fits your personality and is trained specifically in grief. When one suffers a heart attack, they call in a cardiologist. When one has a broken leg, they call in an orthopedist.

Will grief counseling help me recover from my loss?

How Counseling Can Help Your Grief Recovery from Loss

  • Helping You Understand Loss and Grief Recovery. Loss can elicit a broad range of emotions that is conflicting and varied...
  • Components of Grief Recovery. The grief from loss can affect us in varied ways. It can disrupt how we live our daily...
  • Therapy for Grief Recovery. Grief is a very personal journey. As such, it...
More ...

How to help my clients with grief?

VITAS Healthcare recommends the following techniques for providing support and assisting the bereaved with coping: Create a helping environment by finding a quiet, private place to talk and projecting warmth, interest, and respect. Use the past tense, use the deceased's name, and use words such as "death," "died," and "dead." Begin the first encounter by asking the... More ...

How will you cope through grief?

9 Ways to Cope with Grief and Loss Reach out and ask for support. The worst thing you can do is try to deal with your grief on your own. ... Talk to a grief counselor. While you might not want to make an appointment with a therapist, it might still be worth your time to seek out a grief ... Practice self-care. ... Actually acknowledge your feelings. ... Don't let other people tell you how you feel. ... More items...

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