Harassment training for employees

The 8 Best AntiHarassment Training Programs Of 2022

6 hours ago Compliance Training Group offers two different anti-harassment training courses, both of which focus on sexual harassment. One course is designed for employees, lasts for one hour, and costs $20 per employee. The second course is designed for supervisors, costs $40 per employee, and lasts for two hours.

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Online Interactive Harassment Training, Best Workplace

2 hours ago Preventing Discrimination and Harassment is an excellent, new online interactive harassment training for employees. 25-minute, interactive course. This workplace harassment course will enable your employees to easily recognize recognize and avoid potentially harassing behavior or communication. This program is the best online harassment

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10 Best Sexual Harassment Training Courses For Employees

Just Now

1. ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training. The sexual harassment training courses by ProProfs are designed to help organizations prevent discrimination, intimidation, and harassment.
2. EasyLlama. EasyLlama makes it easy for organizations to comply with sexual harassment prevention training requirements. It offers training for different states.
3. Inspired eLearning. Inspired eLearning is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of employee training. In addition to cybersecurity and HR training, it specializes in harassment training.
4. Udemy. As the provider of the largest selection of online courses, Udemy is one of the first names that comes to one’s mind while thinking of sexual harassment courses.
5. Skillsoft. Skillsoft provides cloud-based compliance training courses. The course content includes interactive videos and simulations. Its training programs are designed to help organizations gain an in-depth understanding of harassment and discrimination at the workplace and respond effectively to them.
6. HR Classroom. HR Classroom offers sexual harassment training courses that are concise and easy to access. You can easily deliver online compliance training in learner-friendly formats.
7. Kantola. Kantola Training Solutions takes pride in more than three decades of experience in the training industry. It offers training programs covering topics such as workplace diversity, bullying, harassment, and workplace violence.
8. FreeSexualHarassmentTraining.com. FreeSexualHarassmentTraining.com courses are free for first-time use, after which charges apply. It offers employee harassment training for California in particular, though it has courses for several other states as well.
9. High Speed Training. High Speed Training is a highly respected provider of online training with millions of learners enrolled in its courses. Catering to individuals and organizations, it delivers quality training courses on various topics, including compliance, to help them stay compliant with various rules and regulations.
10. Traliant. Traliant provides broadcast-quality compliance training. Its mission is to let learners rethink how they look at compliance training programs by transforming them from boring to brilliant.

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Online Workplace Harassment Prevention Training Courses

1 hours ago Prevent discrimination and harassment based on age, gender, ethnicity, race, etc. by enrolling your employees into sexual harassment, anti-discrimination, and workplace diversity training courses. ProProfs courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and using any device. Watch: How to create a course in less than 5 minutes. + Create from Scratch.

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Employee Harassment Training February 2022

6 hours ago Workplace Harassment Training - Protect Your Employees Posted: (4 days ago) Understanding Workplace Harassment and Employer Responsibility. Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act of …

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Free Workplace Harassment Training – Behave At Work

Just Now When harassment in the workplace occurs, the costs of a hostile work environment, to the employees and the business, are enormous. We’ve made free workplace harassment training an important part of what we offer in order to provide well-rounded, accessible sexual harassment training, with the aim of improving awareness of inappropriate behavior, …

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The 7 Best Sexual Harassment Training Programs Of 2022

8 hours ago EasyLlama provides sexual harassment training that is fast, flexible, and cost-effective. That’s why we chose EasyLlama as our best sexual harassment training provider. Training from EasyLlama starts at $14.95 per employee (up to 50 employees) and is discounted as employers purchase more licenses.

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Workplace Harassment Training OSHA.com

1 hours ago Workplace Harassment Prevention Training: "The Real Deal" presents an engaging, informative, and high-impact 44-minute video for managers and employees (except for supervisors subject to 2-hour state training requirements). This course covers all types of unlawful harassment and reprisal and includes practical, easy-to-understand examples of

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training DFEH

9 hours ago Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing provides free online training courses on preventing sexual harassment and abusive conduct in the workplace that satisfy California’s legal training requirements pursuant to Gov’t Code 12950.1. California law requires all employers of 5 or more employees to

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Workplace Harassment Training Resources SHRM

8 hours ago It's Time to Take a New Approach to Sexual Harassment Prevention. Ethical Standards and Practices Sexual Harassment. When HR Gets It Wrong: Training that Doesn’t Work. Employee Conduct Ethical

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Top 15 Sexual Harassment Training Courses EdApp Training

5 hours ago

1. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (EdApp) Sexual Harassment in the Workplace course made by EdApp is available for free. It includes 4 lessons. Managers can either immediately deploy or edit the course to be suited for your organization then launch.
2. Sexual Harassment at Work. Sexual Harassment at Work course by THE BAMBOO TREE is available for free. While it is designed for Australian businesses, the general content applies to all.
3. Preventing Workplace Harassment (Emtrain) Preventing Workplace Harassment is a course offered by Emtrain. It highlights the behavioral nuances that surround harassment in the workplace.
4. Sexual Harassment Training (SexualHarassmentTraining.com) Sexual Harassment Training by SexualHarassmentTraining is a training platform that makes compliance accessible and convenient.
5. Preventing Workplace Harassment (Universal Class) Preventing Workplace Harassment by Universal Class is an online course about different types of harassment you can experience in a workplace setting.
6. Preventing Harassment in the Workplace (LinkedIn Learning) Preventing Harassment in the Workplace course on LinkedIn Learning defines sexual harassment and discusses, the reality of harassment, preventing harassment through organizational culture, and preventing harassment through interpersonal skills.
7. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Compliance Training Group) Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by Compliance Training Group defines the difference between harassment and sexual harassment and dives into how to prevent sexual harassment from happening.
8. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Rise) Rise’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is a straightforward and interactive approach to impart information about harassment.
9. Sexual Harassment Training for Employees (High Speed Training) Sexual Harassment Training Course for Employees by High Speed Training describes what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace.
10. Preventing Sexual Harassment (360training) Preventing Sexual Harassment by 360training is an HR compliance course that dives into sexual harassment and discrimination prevention strategy.

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Harassment Prevention Training Online For Employees

Just Now This online harassment prevention training for employees and supervisors course is designed for employees and supervisors (except for supervisors subject to 2-hour state training requirements); covers all types of unlawful harassment and retaliation; includes practical, easily understood explanations of employee complaint procedure and supervisor responsibilities.

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HRTrain Online Sexual Harassment Training And Prevention

4 hours ago Online sexual harassment training and prevention course, includes information on maximizing affirmative defenses to sexual harassment claims. Content is an important component of the training, but so is tracking of employee completion of the training. HRTrain's Compliance Tracking Tool makes tracking training progress and completion easy.

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Harassment Prevention (Employee Version) Online Training

4 hours ago This course instructs employees on how to identify potential problems related to discriminatory harassment and to follow the company's discriminatory harassment policy. AIG has used this course since 2000, and states this course is one of the best online courses they have ever seen! Learning Outcomes: Sensitize employees about discriminatory

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Harassment Prevention Training Online Employees

Just Now Our Employee Workplace Harassment Prevention Online Training is about a 30 minutes long and consists of an introduction, 4 units of instruction, a conclusion, and a training acknowledgement. Below is a detailed course outline of topics covered in the course.

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Online Harassment Training For Employees And Managers In

2 hours ago The best way to prevent harassment is to give employees and managers the information they need to recognize harassing behavior and report it. Our online harassment prevention training course (s) can help managers and employees see the big picture of harassment by answering important questions that are often misunderstood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do about online harassment??

When you rely on DoNotPay, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log in to your DoNotPay account via the web browser
  • Scroll to the Relationship Protection section
  • Select Safety and Stalking
  • Type in the name of the perpetrator (if you know it)
  • Let DoNotPay contact the social media representatives to report the abuser for serious online harassment and ask for their account to be investigated. ...

How do I stop online harassment??

What to Do If Your Child Is Being Harassed Online:

  • Take your child seriously — Talk with and listen to what they have to say. ...
  • Block the bully — If possible block the bully on all social media accounts.
  • Contact their school — Many schools have anti-bullying practices in place that will help your child deal with online harassment from a fellow student.

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How often should you present harassment training??

Which states require sexual harassment training?

  • California. Employers must provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to all employees with supervisor duties and at least one hour of training to all employees without supervisor ...
  • Connecticut. Employers must provide at least two hours of training to all employees by Oct. ...
  • Delaware. ...
  • Illinois. ...
  • Maine. ...
  • New York. ...

How to improve your sexual harassment training??

  • They develop and distribute an anti-harassment policy that includes a strong harassment reporting process.
  • They provide employee sexual harassment training so everyone is clear about the policy and how to report problems.
  • They take complaints seriously, promptly investigating any harassment reports.

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