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Pre-requisite: One or more years of band at the High School level is required. Students are required to pass a proficiency audition with the Director of Bands which will include all twelve major scales, chromatic scale for the full range of the instrument, a prepared selection and sight reading.

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Band / Course Descriptions

Beginning Band: Woodwinds This class is designed for 6th grade students interested in learning to play a woodwind instrument. Students will learn proper instrument assembly and maintenance, music fundamentals, and instrument-specific performance technique. The instruments offered at the beginning of the year are flute and clarinet.

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Band Course Descriptions West High School

Band Course Descriptions Concert Band 1 MUS311/312 l Cr Elective 9 *Prerequisite: Music reading and performance ability on Percussion, Woodwind or Brass instruments. The Music Department offers Freshman Band to entering 9th grade band students for the study and performance of quality band music.

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COURSE DESCRIPTION High School band is a performance based class. This wind ensemble is made up of students in gradesnine through twelve that have previous wind instrument experience. This experience is preferred butnot completely mandatory. Admission to the ensemble can be negotiated with the director if previousexperience is lacking.

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Course Descriptions William R. Boone High School

Course Descriptions Sound of the Braves Marching Band The William R. Boone High School Marching Band is an ensemble that is comprised of the combined forces of the Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Percussion Ensembles, and Color Guard. The ensemble rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school (time TBD each season).

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Marching-Concert Band Syllabus

Your attendance during class and at performances has a direct effect on your grade. Band is a participation/performance based course. Attendance is mandatory to all rehearsals and performances unless otherwise noted. Attached is the list of scheduled concert dates throughout the school year. Please be aware of these concert dates, and plan accordingly.

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Course Descriptions Stamford Public Schools

Concert / Marching Band Course DescriptionJazz Class Course DescriptionGuitar 1 Course DescriptionUCONN ECE Fundamentals / Ear Training 1 & 2 Course DescriptionNEASC Reading Rubric Course Descriptions. Concert / Marching Band Course Description; Jazz Class Course Description; Stamford High School, 55 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT

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2020-2021 High School Course Description Catalog

The High School Course Description Catalog describes the Liberty County School System’s high school course offerings for the 2020-2021 school year. Using this tool as a resource with the support of school counselors, advisors, mentors, and parents, LCSS high school students will be empowered to create, revise and implement their individual

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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions. Concert Band. The performers in Concert Band are freshmen and sophomores. This ensemble performs at the Winter Band Concert, Large Group Festival, Solo and Ensemble, and the Spring Band Concert. Every member of the Concert Band is also in the Marching Band and Pep Band.

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Marching Band Course Description, Grading, And Standards

Grading: Attendance: This course centers around performance. As such, after school dress rehearsals and concerts require attendance from every band member. Concert attendance accounts for 50% of the attendance grade. Tests: Students will demonstrate scale proficiency, ability to perform concert band literature, and sight reading skills as per

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Course Description – Lincoln Middle School Bands

The Symphonic Band (level I) class offers instruction on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments with a focus on the skills necessary for long-term student success. Fundamentals stressed include proper posture and playing position, development of characteristic tone quality and training in music literacy.

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Band Descriptions » Upper Arlington High School Band Program

Band Descriptions The Upper Arlington High School Golden Bear Bands consist of the Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, and Jazz Bands. Students also have the opportunity to audition and perform in several honor groups and solo & ensemble performances.

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Band Course Descriptions

Band Course Descriptions All available courses offered in the Performing Arts Department can be found in our latest Curriculum Guide. View 2020-2021 Course Descriptions Courses - Ben Davis High School

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Instrumental Music Curriculum Grades 5-12

the persons involved directly with band instruction and is an informative source for those interested in these programs. This curriculum is compiled with the input from all music instructors and reflects the goals and objectives of each band course of study and the actual course outlines and exit skills expected from band students.

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Fine And Performing Arts / Course Descriptions

The Sharpstown high school band consists of various ensembles such as, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Beginner Band, Marching Band, and Chamber Ensembles. During the summer and fall, students participate in the Marching Band. The Marching Band class covers .5 of the Physical Education credit requirement for graduation.

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The Complete Guide To High School Course Descriptions For

I wrote course descriptions for my eldest because she was applying to a college that suggested that homeschooled applicants provide a “detailed curriculum guide” as part of their application package. This “detailed curriculum guide” was not required, but they said it would be “helpful in providing a fuller picture of the student’s academic background.”¹ Since this was a

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Sallisaw BandsSallisaw Public Schoools Band

Sallisaw Band Discord - https://discord.gg/qZVeU7A Highly Recommended, but not required. This website is authorized and funded by the Sallisaw Band parent booster club and is not endorsed, funded, or connected in any way to Sallisaw Public Schools. The opinions provided here are the sole views of the booster club or individuals posting them and

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Instrumental Music At Conard

WHPS Home Course Descriptions Home. *Freshmen students enrolled in a full-time choir, jazz band, This performance group meets at each high school independently during the school day, and once per week in the evening with students from both schools by arrangement with the instructor. The group performs some of the hallmarks of the string

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SHS Curriculum Guide / Music

Description: Provides an opportunity to perform the finest band literature available to high school students and to work in smaller ensembles weekly. Band performs at major school events, which includes concerts and other activities where band music is appropriate. Members participate in the Syosset High School Marching Band.

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High School Music Theory Curriculum

High School Music Theory Curriculum . Course Description: This is a course intended for students who may pursue a career or advanced degree in music. The course will introduce music history, aural training skills, including rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic dictation and sight singing. The course takes a

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High School Curriculum & Instruction / Curriculum Guide

Technology Engineering and Design STEM. Theatre Application Advanced. Theatre Application Intermediate. Theatre Application Proficient. Theory Of Knowledge I IB. Theory Of Knowledge II IB. Three Dimensional Art II. Three Dimensional Art III Honors. US Government & …

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Band / Home Page

W est High School has a fine tradition of musicianship in Iowa City. Established in 1969, West High Bands have been producing student musicians who excel in performance and creativity. Directors Rob and Rich Medd diligently craft a learning atmosphere where students learn to come together as a cohesive band community.

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The success of the Western High School Band is directly related to the effectiveness and commitment of the student leaders, and their ability to inspire hard work and lead their peers to excellence. All of the finest equipment, all of the hours of planning, all of the creative ideas, hard work, investment of time, and all of the best wishes of

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Course Descriptions

2021-22 Course Descriptions. CORE CLASSES - Core classes are designed to support and challenge students. Students are required to take a full-year of Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science at each grade level. Advanced and accelerated options are available to students in Language Arts, Math and Science and placement in these courses

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High School Program Of Study 2019-20

| office aide | media aide | school counseling aide | ap capstone: seminar | ap capstone: research | alternative credit | gifted & talented mentorship | psat/ sat preparation | student leadership 1/2/3 | financial literacy | student seminar 9/10/11/12 | student seminar 9 /10/11/12 | innovation through project-based

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Guitar Syllabus And Course Outline

course description and objectives Guitar is a one-semester course covering the basics of the instrument and an application of essential music fundamentals. Students will learn the basics of playing guitar at a beginning level through studying music notation, chord symbols, and peer modeling.

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Jazz Band Arizona High School Course Competency Approval

This course is designed to give the advanced music student the opportunity to study and perform music of all jazz styles. Improvisational skills will be stressed. Students must exhibit by audition, high performance skill on at least one of the following instruments: saxophone, trombone, trumpet, drums, piano, guitar, and string bass.

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Sayreville War Memorial High School Office Of Guidance And

Sayreville War Memorial High School offers its students a comprehensive program of studies. The course description booklet is an important resource for students and parents. It serves as a guide to the course offerings at SWMHS. The course descriptions have been provided by department supervisors, with input from appropriate staff members.

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15-16 Band Syllabus

Students enrolled in Symphonic Band must also participate in Marching Band. • Concert Band – 5th Period (Woodwinds) and 6th Period (Brass) This is the beginning/intermediate band at DeLand High School, split into two separate courses: Woodwinds and Brass. Due to the set instrumentation of the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble, a

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Course Descriptions

Third Semester Course 220: 5 units, 5 hours lecture . Prerequisite: A "C" or "CR" grade or higher in courses 121 or 122, or three years of high school language studies or equivalent. Course 220 is the continuation of course 121. The course will continue to develop oral, listening, reading and writing skills in order to acquire proficiency in the target language.

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Frank Erickson High School Band Course By Frank Erickson

Frank Erickson High School Band Course By Frank Erickson - Book Sheet Music for Flute - Buy print music AP.21245 | Sheet Music Plus.

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IPSD 204: Middle School Course Descriptions

Description Pending. Middle School Science Course Descriptions. Return to the top of this page. Grade 6. Sixth grade Science begins with the teaching of laboratory safety and precautions for students who may be new to lab experiments.

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Human Resources / Onboarding

Below you will find 2 easy steps to assist with your transition from candidate to employee. Step 1: Print all forms single sided. Complete, sign and bring all forms to your on-boarding appointment. I-9 Form. Direct Deposit Form (bring a voided check or bank document) Employee Public Information. Statement Concerning Your Employment.

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Curriculum & Instruction

Website Accessibility Policy. It is the policy of the Board of Education (“Board”) of Marysville Public Schools (“District”) to ensure that online content provided through the District’s website(s) is accessible to students, prospective students, employees, guests, and visitors with disabilities, particularly those with visual, hearing, or manual impairments, or who otherwise require

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Middle School Course Guide

provides the specific description of courses by department. Descriptions, prerequisite, grade levels, and credits are listed for each course. In addition to this basic district curriculum guide, each middle school offers elective courses to the population it serves. The Course Catalog is also available online.

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Band Director: Educational And Training Requirements

Band Director. Education. Bachelor's degree in music education minimum, master's or Ph.D. may be preferred. Training. Extensive musical training. License. State teaching license required for

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Bands Cost Band Name And Description Your Choice 1000

expenditure categories you are selecting. Bands Cost Band Name and Description Your Choice $1,000 Plain, Loud, and Cheap (a local rock and roll band) $2,500 Busting Gourds (rock with an English twist) x $4,000 Granite (good hard rock) $5,000 The National Debt ("getting bigger every day"; a popular new group) $6,500 Philadelphia Transit Authority (the PTA) (nationally known, 2 gold albums

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About high school band course description

Band Course Descriptions Music ensemble classes at Fort Collins High School are a yearlong commitment. When you register for one of these classes, your teacher plans the year’s curriculum based on your participation. Ensemble music is a team activity, and the full commitment of every member is vital to the success of the entire team.

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What do you need to know about band in high school?

Class activities emphasize the development of instrument technique, tone production, tuning, fundamentals of music theory, music reading, and listening skills. *Prerequisite: Freshman Band or by audition. Concert Band is a continuation level course for students with four or more years of previous band experience.

How many students are in a high school marching band?

Many schools, especially high schools in the United States, have a marching band. A school marching band may contain from 11 to over 500 students. Marching bands often practice frequently during the late summer and early fall and most often attend their school's football games, playing music in the stands, and marching a show during halftime.

What is the Freshman Band class at West High School?

The Music Department offers Freshman Band to entering 9th grade band students for the study and performance of quality band music. Class activities emphasize the development of instrument technique, tone production, tuning, fundamentals of music theory, music reading, and listening skills. *Prerequisite: Freshman Band or by audition.

What kind of music did you play in high school?

For many high school students, school bands are the main form of music education available to them in school. Marches were the first major contributions to the wind band repertoire.

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