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History (HIST) & Penn State Pennsylvania State University

6 hours ago This course is an excellent foundation for the history of modern India and also complements a variety of existing courses on the history of the non-western world. In addition to satisfying the GI requirement, HIST 175 satisfies the general credit requirements for the history major or minor, including the 'non-western' component of the major.

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History Courses At PSU Portland State University

5 hours ago History Courses at PSU History Courses at PSU The department offers lower-division surveys in Western and world civilization as well as U.S. history, while upper-division offerings include a wide range of subject areas, from the …

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10 Of The Coolest Classes At Penn State OneClass Blog

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1. ANTH 216: Sex and Evolution. This anthropology class on the evolution of sex is certainly not an “easy A”, but many students have found it to be immensely interesting.
2. CMLIT 120: LITERATURE OF THE OCCULT. CMLIT 120 is the ideal course for people who love books on the supernatural, witches, demons, vampires, demons, etc.
3. CSD 269: DEAF CULTURE. This course dives into depth about everything from how the deaf are educated to the psyche and emotional state of our fellow deaf members of society.
4. Kines 045: SCUBA DIVING. Have you ever wanted to take a tropical trip to the beautiful island of St. Lucia? Then this is the course for you! Students have the ability to travel to St. Lucia to test their scuba diving skills and knowledge after spending a semester learning diving skills, the necessary equipment used in scuba diving, safety precautions, and how to plan a safe and productive dive.
5. SOCIOLOGY 119: RACE AND ETHNIC RELATIONS. I first heard about this class when I was sitting on the Blue Loop, or “Bloop”, and overheard two students talking about their lecture from the previous day.
6. WOMEN’S STUDIES 106: REPRESENTING WOMEN AND GENDER IN LITERATURE, ART AND POPULAR CULTURES. There is no denying the fact that women are incredible and tough as nails.
7. KINESIOLOGY 017: BALLROOM DANCING. Are you looking to spice up your moves at your next Frat party? Try Ballroom Dancing! You will pick up some classy moves and get to dance to good music whilst meeting that physical education requirement.
8. MATH 034: THE MATHEMATICS OF MONEY. It often seems as if trigonometry, geometry, and every other “ometry” math class out there is a giant waste of times.
9. BBH 146. Looking for yet another Penn State class about sex? BBH 146 is just that. The class load has been described as minimal, and whilst the two mandatory lectures a week can get dry, the small group portion is often entertaining.
10. Kines 442(Ancient Greek and Roman Sports History). Kines 442 is literally a class about the history of sports and the Olympics! You will spend your classes learning about the history of the modern Olympic sports we know and love, and also about some really cool, and often dangerous, sports that the many Greeks and Romans dabbled in during their free time.

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History Online Courses Coursera

9 hours ago Choose from hundreds of free History courses or pay to earn a Course or Specialization Certificate. History courses investigate ancient and modern events and social trends. Explore themes such as war, imperialism, and globalization, and study the

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Online Courses Penn State Extension

7 hours ago Farm Biosecurity Best Practices for Contractors, Vendors, and Visitors. Sections 2. Length 2 hours, 30 minutes. $59.00. If you visit farms, this online course will teach you best biosecurity practices and etiquette for keeping farms, animals, and …

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10 Of The Easiest Classes At Penn State OneClass Blog

8 hours ago It has been deemed one of the very best courses offered at Penn State by the majority of the student population. The professor and TAs love what they do and make class interesting, but attendance is not mandatory. All quizzes and exams are multiple choice and taken online. Even the questions about the in-class material can be found online. 3.

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Need To Knock Out Some Credits? Here Are Penn State's

8 hours ago A fan favorite course among Penn State students is one centered around alcohol. ANTH 140: Anthropology of Alcohol explores the history of alcohol in society and how it has evolved over time. Students leave this class not only more informed on alcohol’s origin, but also with a new perspective on college drinking.

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Course Selection Portland State University

9 hours ago PSU Bulletin (Course Catalog) The Portland State University Bulletin (a.k.a. the General Catalog) is an annual publication that details admission requirements, transfer credit rules, general academic policies and regulations, degree and program requirements, course descriptions, and general information about student services.

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10 Of The Easiest Classes At PSU Humans Of University

6 hours ago Some students at PSU may be looking for easy classes to boost their GPA. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Penn State. 1. HPA 101: Introduction to Health Services Organization. The class examine the social, political, historic, and scientific factors in the development and organization of health services. 2.

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Courses Undergraduate Minor In History Online Penn

8 hours ago 14 rows · Course List — Undergraduate Minor in History. Required Courses (18 credits) — at least 6 credits must be at the 400 level. Title. American Civilization to 1877. Abbreviation. HIST 20. Description. A historical survey of the American experience from its colonial beginnings through the Civil War and Reconstruction. Credits.

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Course Descriptions Penn State Office Of The University

5 hours ago Course descriptions do not include the instructor's name, course syllabus, or textbook title. (A course syllabus is provided to students by the course instructor either written or online.) Current and historical course descriptions are publicly available at no charge. For questions regarding specific courses, contact the department offering the

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The Pennsylvania State University Online Courses Coursera

8 hours ago The Pennsylvania State University. Founded in 1855 as Pennsylvania's only land-grant university, The Pennsylvania State University combines academic rigor with a vibrant campus life. A nationally recognized Research-I institution, Penn State teaches students to be leaders with a global perspective.

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Courses Pennsylvania State University

Just Now This course is a comparative introduction to the nature and history of video games as cultural artifacts, from Pong to online role-playing. It introduces students to academic discussion on and creative work in new digital forms including hypertexts, video games, cell phone novels, machinima, and more.

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United States (US) Cultures Courses & Penn State

4 hours ago 3. AFAM 208. Workshop: Theatre in Diverse Cultures. 3. AFAM 210. Freedom's First Generation: African American Life and Work, from the Civil War to World War II. 3. AFAM 211. Slavery and Freedom in the Black Atlantic.

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Undergraduate – Department Of History

1 hours ago Eighty percent of our classes are taught by professors. Almost all of our 400-level classes are capped at 35 students; this means that History students enjoy close contact with faculty to a degree that is unusual at Penn State. History Major Requirements History Minor Requirements University Bulletin History Course List Schedule of Courses

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Best Online History Programs Of 2022 BestColleges

3 hours ago Jobs as archivists, curators, historians, or conservators require students to earn at least a master's degree in history. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects jobs for archivists, curators, and museum workers will likely grow 19% between 2020 and 2030. In 2020, these professionals made a median annual salary of $52,1400.

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What is the history of Penn State University??

The Pennsylvania State University. Founded in 1855 as Pennsylvania's only land-grant university, The Pennsylvania State University combines academic rigor with a vibrant campus life. A nationally recognized Research-I institution, Penn State teaches students to be leaders with a global perspective. Supporting not only the citizens...

What are online courses at Penn State called??

Some Penn State courses are taught completely online. They are referred to as "Web courses." Some courses have a significant online component and are referred to as "blended learning" or "hybrid courses."

Which University is best for bachelors in history online??

2021 Best Accredited Online Bachelor's in History Programs. 1 Florida International University. Miami, FL. Cost: $ $$$$. Graduation Rate: 58%. 2. 2 University of Central Florida. 3 Pennsylvania State University-World Campus. 4 University of Louisiana at Monroe. 5 University of Illinois at Springfield. More items

What are some of the coolest courses at Penn State??

There are lots of cool courses at PSU that you might not know about. Here are some of the coolest courses that you can take as a Penn State student: 1. ANTH 216: Sex and Evolution

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