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Ever Feel Like Dropping Out Of College

I know I do sometimes, but I won't. My grades are pretty good, not the greatest, but goodbut sometimes the stress of college is killing me. Like, I'm going to be a math teacher that teaches no more than Pre-Cal, yet I have to learn Abstract algebra, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Calculus 4, Statistical Probability, etc. I'm NEVER going to use this stuff anyways.

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> Expectations [Archive]

But in my second semester, which was harder because I was taking much more advanced courses, I lost all of my friends and was going through a lot of really depressing crap in my life at that point, so all I did for hours a day was study and do work. And I mean really do mean hours. I was literally one point under in two of my classes from

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Comparing Java Application Servers

It's a long shot, but I figured I'd ask here Our company is preparing to move to a new application server for Java like Websphere, JBoss, etc We need hard numbers, statistics, etc about each of the application servers to help us decide which one to choose. Does anyone have any information that could help? I know actual numbers can vary depending upon system setup.

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What Else Can Be Added To The Final Fantasy VII Compilation

So far we've had games, books and a movie that explore various aspects and stories within the world of Final Fantasy VII, but what else would you like to see added to the compilation in the future if possible? For me one thing would be to bring something similar to Before Crisis to Western audiences, I'd love to know more about the Turks' story.

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In-Game Advertising/Product Placement In Games

Jet Moto had Mountain Dew barriers along the courses. That's all I can really think of. Oh, and Crazy Taxi has actual franchises all over its town, like KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. Xenogears is the tragic story of how your whole life can take a crappy turn, just because you happened to see a lady in a wedding dress before her wedding. This boy is

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What Does This Story Mean To You

If we can view the entire human race as one organism (not that hard when there's something like 150 or so people in the world of the game), then we can see that they pursue courses of action that lead to the inevitable consequences of the game's half-way mark. They then must resolve these consequences in the second half of the game.

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Kain And Big Boss

For those who don’t know, Kain is a protagonist and antagonist of the Legacy of Kain series while Big Boss (AKA Naked Snake) is a protagonist and antagonist of the Metal Gear series. This idea came to me in a moment of realization as I mulled over how many fans vilify Big Boss. It proceeded to cross my mind how another favorite character of mine is given the same treatment and that is the

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FAQ: Venus Sigil / Thunder Plains (Spoilers) [Archive

However, once one gets the hang of the courses, they become easy. My strategy was to listen to blaring music to get my mind off of frustration and help cope with the redundancy. I think that, all in all, the Venus Sigil is a walk in a park compared to the Saturn Sigil. Nothing can compare to the complete and utter redundancy that is the Jupiter

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In Advent Children, Are Tifa And Cloud Engaged/married

Except for first hand testimonial- such as his words to her right after Holy's success- notable courses of actions- abandoning a just hired to position as a bodyguard to go chase after her- his dearest memories are of her, he left town and changed his entire life in order to become someone good enough for Tifa, he friggin decided to adopt a

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2012 Daytona 500: February 26, 1PM EST On Fox

Today at 1pm, the 54th annual running of the Great American Race, the Daytona 500, at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida, will take place. 200 laps, 500 miles to NASCAR glory. The pre-race show will start at 12 noon. This year also marks the full-time NASCAR debut of Danica Patrick, who, unfortunately, due to wrecking her car during practice, will start in last …

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About home.eyesonff.com courses

Like anyone gives a crap about other people's schedules. But for those who do, feel free to post them here: Spring 2005 Math402: Algebraic Structures - Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45PM Math406: Introduction to Number Theory - Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:15PM Engl393: Technical Writing - Thursday 6:00-8:40PM I bolded my last classmainly because I've never had a class this late.

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