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5 Best + Free Housekeeping Courses & Classes [2022 …

2 hours ago

1. Housekeeping 101 (Universal Class) This Housekeeping course focuses on teaching how to care for your house and belongings. It introduces you to house cleaning tools that will make your job of keeping a tidy, clean house so much easier and enjoyable.
2. Basic Housekeeping (ed2go) If you consider a career in Housekeeping, then you should take up this course to learn the necessary skills. It will equip you with the skills you need to start working at private residences or hospitality groups like hotels and resorts.
3. Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive (American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute) Whether you want to excel in your current position or move further in your career, a CHHE certification is what you need to show that you are among the best in the field of hospitality housekeeping.
4. Hotel Housekeeping (Magnifying Class) This certificate will teach you hotel cleaning and housekeeping management. The topics covered include room preparation and cleaning, bathroom cleaning, minibar cleaning, cleaning of other hotel areas, bed-making process, cart preparation, stocking of linen, and essential customer service skills.
5. Housekeeping Courses (Lobsterink) Housekeeping courses on Lobsterink equip housekeeping professionals with the practical skills and knowledge they need to deliver service of the highest international standards.
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Hotel Housekeeping Professional Training Online Courses

2 hours ago In this certificate course, you will learn the efficient operations to hotel cleaning and housekeeping management. Training includes: room preparation and cleaning, the bed-making process, bathroom cleaning, cart preparation, …

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10 Housekeeper Training Courses EdApp

4 hours ago

1. Hotel Housekeeping Inspection. Hotel Housekeeping Inspection is a free housekeepers training course offered by EdApp. This 3-part course provides guidelines and best practices for inspecting guest rooms, bathrooms, and corridors to help your housekeepers ensure standard sanitation and the accommodation environment leaves a good impression on the guests.
2. Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospitality. Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospital is another free housekeeper training course by EdApp. This 5-part course includes a lesson on restroom sanitation, ways to perform spot disinfection on high-touch areas, and also complete cleaning procedures and maintenance.
3. Hotel Housekeeping. Hotel Housekeeping by Magnifying Class is a self-paced professional course designed to help your housekeepers learn efficient procedures in hotel cleaning and provide them a comprehensive guide on housekeeping management.
4. Housekeeping Safety. Available in OSHAcademy, Housekeeping Safety is intended for housekeepers and janitorial employees. As maintenance workers are exposed to potential hazards through the use of cleaning chemicals, this course aims to promote a safer workplace for them.
5. COVID. COVID-19 Safety for Hotels by EdApp is a free housekeepers training course that aims to provide a service that helps reduce COVID-19 transmission in hotels.
6. Infection Control for Cleaning and Housekeeping Staff. The Infection Control for Cleaning and Housekeeping Staff course by the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) is geared towards empowering your housekeepers with the knowledge of proper compliance with housekeeping infection control policies and procedures.
7. Hotel Housekeeping. Offered by The Training Terminal, Hotel Housekeeping is a course focused on empowering housekeepers with the right knowledge and skills to ensure that guests are well-satisfied with your establishment’s environment during their accommodation.
8. All About Housekeeping. All About Housekeeping is a course available in eLearning Marketplace, offered to guide your housekeepers with extensive techniques and procedures on professional housekeeping.
9. Introduction to Hotel Housekeeping. Designed by ViVET, Introduction to Hotel Housekeeping is suitable for beginners in housekeeping. This course creates a solid foundation for your new housekeepers with basic knowledge of housekeeping and an understanding of the housekeeping department’s role in the hotel.
10. Advanced Cleaning. The Advanced Cleaning training course by Source Training is specifically designed for housekeeping in the luxury industry. This 6-part course consists of modules on understanding basic cleaning principles, identifying the cleaning requirements for a variety of surfaces, recognizing different types of dirt, having a working knowledge of the right cleaning procedures, choosing the correct cleaning tools and equipment, and distinguishing the right cleaning chemicals.

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Hotel Housekeeping Training With 100% Free Customizations!

1 hours ago A great way to provide hotel housekeeping training is by coaching your housekeeping team using real examples. Having a quality inspection completed is a great way to showcase what is really happening. Similar to a mystery shop, an inspector will visit your location unannounced and inspect a room that is marked clean and ready.

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Hotel Housekeeping Course Online The Training Terminal

5 hours ago The Hotel Housekeeping course is available in easy-to-follow interactive slides, allowing you to study online at your own pace. Test your knowledge after each unit and then take a final assessment to see how much you have learned. You will be required to answer 21 of the 30 questions correctly to pass the course and receive your PDF certificate

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Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive (CHHE) …

Just Now No one knows guestrooms like a hospitality housekeeping executive. Housekeeping executives know all the ins and outs of the housekeeping operation from the best place to order supplies to implementing eco-friendly laundry operations to training the team to manage the latest bedding trends.

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6 Best + Free Hospitality Courses [2022 …

1 hours ago 25 Experts have compiled this list of Best Hospitality Tutorials, Courses, Training, Certification, and Classes available online for 2022.It consists of both paid and free resources to help you learn about hospitality management, and these programs are suitable for beginners, intermediate as well as accomplished learners.

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Amazing Hotel Training That Helps You Get To Top 10!

3 hours ago Here are some of the most popular options they request! 5-star Service. Both hotels and service-centric businesses alike can provide an elevated service experience to customers. In this course, we will talk about the foundations of being 5-star. OPTIONS INCLUDE: Elegant and Calm Service Ambiance. Elevated Body Language, Words, Tone and Attitude.

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Housekeeping Training Program For Hospitality Ecolab

9 hours ago Housekeeping Training Program for Hospitality. Your housekeeping training program can make or break your reputation. Ecolab’s innovative, streamlined solutions, along with world-class training and tools, let you clean with confidence. With Ecolab as your partner, it’s easier for you to deliver a clean, safe and welcoming environment that

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Basic Housekeeping Ed2go

4 hours ago Basic Housekeeping. The Basic Housekeeping course will teach the necessary skills needed to start or advance a career in housekeeping. You will build a foundational skill set that can be used to work at private residences or hospitality groups like hotels and resorts. You will also learn the important elements of professional conduct, such as

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Housekeeping & Laundry Online Hotel Management Courses

Just Now 1 Hour. $50 $6.99. Rekha Maitra. Professional Housekeeping Learn to Clean Glass equipment and furniture fixture. This course will teach you how to clean the glass and items made from glass. This module is part of a professional housekeeping course for housekee Beginner. 7 Lectures. 1 Hour.

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Housekeeping Training Course Academy For Health & Fitness

7 hours ago In this Housekeeping Training course, you will learn the ins and outs of excellent housekeeping, taking you through the duties of the housekeeping team, the skills required for good housekeeping and the objectives of hotel housekeeping. You will learn fundamental procedures for cleaning a household, performing laundry duties, managing the

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Housekeeping Training For Hotel Staff What To Consider

4 hours ago And especially with housekeeping, practical assessments should be part of the housekeeping skills training course. Having to make a bed in front of the trainer might sound stressful but it is the best way to learn, uncover mistakes at this early stage, and correct before they will have to do this for real guests.

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Hotel Housekeeping Training Preview

6 hours ago Hotel Housekeeping Training Manual with 150 SOP ix PRE. EF. FAACCEE Housekeeping maybe defined as the provision of clean comfortable and safe environment. Housekeeping is an operational department of the hotel. It is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public areas, back areas and surroundings.

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Housekeeping Essentials For Hospitality

6 hours ago The aim of this course is to: provide specialist housekeeping training that encourages an improved cleaning time for guest rooms. The techniques in this course will teach how you can improve your current cleaning routine, give better job …

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Housekeeping Free Online Training Course Workhub

5 hours ago Housekeeping plays an important role in reducing injuries in any workplace. Good housekeeping reduces accidents, improves morale and increases work efficiency and effectiveness. This course instructs workers on various …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description of hotel housekeeping??

Hotel Housekeeper Job summary 2. A Hotel Housekeeper performs duties in cleaning and servicing of guest rooms, baths, and common areas under the close supervision of the Head Housekeeper. Responsible for upholding the company’s cleanliness standards of all guest rooms and common areas located in the hotel.

What does housekeeping do in this hotel??

Housekeeping is an operational department in a hotel, which is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public area, back area and surroundings. A hotel survives on the...

How much one should tip hotel housekeeping staff??

Though the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Gratuity Guide suggests anywhere between $1 and $5 per day, we recommend that you tip the housekeeper closer to between $3 and $5 each day, as those amounts are more reflective of industry standards.

Who gets the tip you leave housekeeping at a hotel??

“You should leave a tip for the cleaning staff after each night of your stay, including your last day before you check out. Tipping each day ensures that the person who actually cleaned your ...

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