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The Four Powers And Our Role LaRouchePAC

Most of our fellow-citizens have not got the slightest idea of how the world has fundamentally changed. As Lyndon LaRouche had long forecast, and as he has fought ceaselessly to bring this about, the Four Powers of the United States, Russia, China and India are coming forward as a unity to lead human civilization forward, and must soon be able to snuff out the British Empire and the …

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Implement LaRouche’s “Four Laws For Economic Recovery

Pledge #3 — Implement LaRouche’s “Four Laws for Economic Recovery”. The present economic disaster of the United States demands a solution that cannot be found within the axioms of economic courses or textbooks. We must turn to Lyndon LaRouche, whose unique economic discoveries set the stage for his remarkably accurate forecasts and the

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Once Again: An Emergency Summit With Trump, Xi, Putin And

We had entire training courses.’ “Moreover, it is owing to Pompeo that the Russiagate farce could go on after 2017, since at the very latest after his discussion with former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney in October 2017 Pompeo had the evidence that no Russian hacking of the Democratic Party computers had taken place.

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The British Creation And Control Of Islamic Terror — The

But they were very much taught what real Islam was by the imams who were in the camps, along with the educational courses, the vocational courses to provide them with training for jobs when they got out. The average stay was about eight months.

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Manhattan Town Hall Event With Kesha Rogers LaRouchePAC

The water that courses through our rivers and streams holds the key to full national development. Uncontrolled, it wipes out homes, lives and dreams, bringing disaster in the form of floods; controlled, it is an effective artery of transportation, a boon to industrial development, a source of beauty and recreation, and the means for turning

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Mueller's Russiagate Scam Is Imploding, But Neocons Are

There should be no misunderstanding that the two contradictory courses of developments within the United States today are somehow merely a coincidence. On the one hand, the two-year-long campaign to stop Donald Trump, the so-called "Russiagate," orchestrated by British intelligence agent

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Former Ambassador To Soviet Union Matlock Lambasts U.S

We had a lot of reasons, mainly domestic political reasons, to follow these courses. But , we were simply ignoring the Russian reaction, and the inevitable Russian reaction. And so what we began to get was a reaction from what you could say was, at best, inconsiderate American actions, to a Russian over-reaction.

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LPAC On The Ground In Central Valley, California: People

A LaRouchePAC team of four, on a swing into California's Central Valley, has been meeting with city council and chamber of commerce leaders, and farmers, and enlisting recruits at large to mobilize to enforce a commitment to solving the water crisis through science and infrastructure, and ousting Gov. Jerry Brown and his climate police.

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Putsch Against Trump Escalates; George Floyd Becomes

This has been a core principle of American history courses in U.S. universities for some years now. On Saturday, June 6, ten thousand protesters flooded the nation’s capital, finally protesting peacefully. Now, however, the “demands” of the protests’ leaders had been expanded.

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Senior Statesmen Call To Step Back From Brink Of WWIII

In the wake of Lyndon LaRouche's call to fire Victoria Nuland in order to stop her from using Ukraine to trigger World War III, a number of senior statesmen have begun to voice their profound concern that the world is on the brink of thermonuclear confrontation, and are warning that the

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9/11 Families, Senators Demand JASTA, Override Of Veto

Kaitlyn is taking courses on political science and communications: today is a teaching moment in citizen activism. Today is a teaching moment in people making a difference and having their voices heard, and your voices are more powerful than anything I could say.

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Crush Mueller's Coup Before Trump's Asia Trip! LaRouchePAC

For years, and years, and years, post-World War II, they were completely infiltrated by the British; they adopted methods, even in their scientific courses — there's a very famous place called the Laxenburg International Association for Applied Systems Analysis not far from Vienna, which was used to try and penetrate all Soviet science, as a

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Friday Webcast With Jeff Steinberg, September 11, 2015

That is the heart of economics; that very basic measure of the potential population density of the human species is the metric that LaRouche adopts in his economics courses, economics outlook, to distinguish in a very fundamental way, a global increase in the powers of the species physically, from adding up monetary profits, which is the

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Greek Foreign Minister Is Expert On BRICS, China, And

Prior to being named Foreign Minister, Kotzias was a professor at the University of Piraeus, where he was instrumental in developing programs on China, the Chinese-language courses, as well as courses on Russia and the BRICS

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LPAC Policy Committee, October 26, 2015 LaRouchePAC

Jason ROSS: Yeah, human goals extend really far: You think about what Hamilton had done in setting up a really human basis for economy, and contrast that, it's so start with what you get today if you Brand X economic courses, or read the Economist of any of these things, you get math, you get money, you don't get that human ability, that

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LPAC Policy Committee · May 11, 2015 LaRouchePAC

Transcript Now Available—"We are Winning. Don't Negotiate. Don't Screw it Up!"—Wise words from Lyndon LaRouche. Tune in to today's show at 1pm Eastern, and discover what you can do to keep history moving forward.

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Keynote Address To February 14, 2015

The Foreign Minister Kotzias was a professor in Athens for the BRICS; the BRICS is his specialty, he would teach courses in Chinese even. The Chinese have bought into the port Piraeus and so that may go in another way. The reason why they are so freaked out, it's not that they are only sadists — even so in the case of some of these

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