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Just Now Ohio State offers more than 700 classes online. Whether you are new to Ohio State, returning after time away, an Ohio State Alumni or a currently enrolled Ohio State student, find out more about enrolling in an Ohio State course offered online.

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Home Ohio State Online

3 hours ago We're ranked #1 among Ohio's public colleges and #4 among best online undergraduate programs. We’re committed to academic excellence. Our programs will help make you career-ready with hard and soft skills through high-quality courses. Affordability is part of our mission. Online students are eligible to receive scholarships and apply for

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Online Courses Academy Program Ohio State University

2 hours ago Ohio State’s online course offerings allow students the flexibility of taking well designed, rigorous courses from any location in Ohio without needing to travel to Columbus. To see an up-to-date list of available courses, as well as more course details, follow these steps: Go to classes.osu.edu; Type a space in the search bar and hit return

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10 Coolest Courses At Ohio State University OneClass Blog

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1. 2000 - Foundations of Accounting. Do you ever just get so tired with the kind of monotony that sometimes exist in the lecture halls. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.
2. 3350 - The History of Animation. Animations have become very popular with the young as well as the older people. The History of Animation class takes you through the entire historical perspective of animation.
3. 2500 - Entrepreneurship. It is important for a student to have at least a cool class on their schedule to ensure that they won’t overwork themselves. Such a class as Entrepreneurship will equip you with knowledge in the simplest and exciting way and will leave you with ample time for personal studies.
4. 3211 - Leadership and Character. The next coolest class is the Leadership and Character class. The young people are the leaders of tomorrow is a commonly used phrase.
5. 2267 - Introduction to Creative Writing. There is no other better way to relax your brain than to engage in some creative writing. This class equips you with all the basic skills for writing creative material.
6. 2555 - Photography I - Digital Camera. In this digital world, the camera has become part of life, be it a phone camera or a digital camera. People everywhere want to document and remember moments.
7. 2507 - Introduction to Sculpture. This class introduces you to the basic principles of sculpture. After a tight schedule wouldn't it be fun to enter into a sculpture class and make some sculptures!
8. 1105 - Human Biology in Cinema. The Human Biology in Cinema class is an interesting class for real. Students get to watch films that aim to pass biological knowledge to the viewers.
9. 2283 - Chinese Calligraphy. It is important for students to learn a new thing once in a while. With this class students can learn how to make Chinese characters by use of a brush.
10. 5175 - Yoga U G. Lastly, yoga class is one of those classes that leave you relaxed and happy. Students get to practice breathing patterns and the different yoga techniques.

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Online Learning Ohio State University

4 hours ago Mobilizing Rural Communities to Prevent Childhood Obesity A Toolkit This toolkit and online learning modules are the product of a multi-state (Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin), multi-disciplinary research project titled Mobilizing Rural Low-income Communities to Assess and Improve the Ecological Environment to Prevent …

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5 Best Online Real Estate Classes In Ohio For 2022

6 hours ago Online real estate classes in Ohio are the first step to becoming a real estate agent in the Buckeye State. You can complete the 120 required prelicensing classroom hours from the comfort of home with self-paced online classes, live online classes, or in-person instruction. Only institutions that offer an associate degree (at a minimum) can provide real …

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33 Best Online Colleges In Ohio 2022

9 hours ago Online students have access to 24/7 technical help. Out-of-state students enrolled in an approved fully online degree program pay a $10 per-credit-hour non-resident fee on top of the regular credit-hour in-state tuition for each course. Online classes also incur a per-credit-hour distance learning fee.

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Ohio Drivers Ed Requirements & Online Course …

2 hours ago Drivers Ed in Ohio. If you're a teenager applying for your first driver's license, you'll need to complete a Driver's Ed course as part of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) licensing requirements. As a new driver, learning safe driving practices and gaining experience behind the wheel are crucial to passing your driving tests and earning your full OH driver's license.

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Hunter Education Course Ohio Department Of Natural …


1 hours ago There is a fee of $30 paid to the online course vendor once you complete the course and pass the final course exam. If you desire to take an in-person course, contact Doug Baxter, Ohio Bowhunter’s Association, Bowhunter Education Chairman at [email protected] or (740)-637-1681. Take the Online Bowhunter Education Course. Expand All Sections.

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14 Interesting Classes To Take In Ohio State University

7 hours ago In fact, in my list of favorite classes I took as an undergraduate, only three of my top ten would be courses within my major. I hope you take advantage of the variety of GE and elective options at Ohio State. Take a class that sounds interesting or just because it sounds fun. You might discover a new interest, passion, or major/minor!

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Schedule Of Classes & Course Catalog Ohio State University

4 hours ago T -- ATI course: a course that is part of an associate degree program (available at Ohio State ATI only) and fulfills the technical portion of the curriculum. S -- Service Learning course: a course that uses experiential learning strategies and involves student participation in an organized service activity.

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Training Ohio State University


8 hours ago Environmental Health and Safety. 1314 Kinnear Road Columbus, Ohio 43212. Phone: 614-292-1284 Fax: 614-292-6404 Email: [email protected]

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10 Of The Easiest Courses At The Ohio State University

6 hours ago Here is a list of 10 courses recommended by other students that are helpful for increasing one's GPA with minimal effort at The Ohio State University. [At The Ohio State University, you can now access class notes online within 24 Hours of your lectures] 1. ANTHROP 2200: Introduction to Physical Anthropology.

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Add Or Drop A Class Academic Advising, The Ohio State

2 hours ago 1st Friday of the Course. Drop online without a W. Summer 4 Week Session 1, 2, or 3 (4 week courses) 2nd Friday of the Course. Drop online without a W. Autumn Session 1 or 2 (7 week courses) Spring Session 1 or 2 (7 week courses) Summer 6 Week Session 1 or 2 (6 courses) Summer 8 Week Session 1 or 2 (8 week courses) 3rd Friday of the Course

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Course Enrollment Ohio State University

5 hours ago Your Ohio State username (name. #) Semester or term and year of course Course department Course number Class number Number of credit hours; Note: The following are guidelines for individual study and PhD dissertation research courses. Please discuss with the instructor and include the agreed upon course number and credit hours in your request.

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Summer Term > The Ohio State Ohio State University

7 hours ago To figure out which summer classes might be right for you, contact your academic advisor. Your advisor can help you in crafting the right academic plan to help you realize your dreams. Learn about academic advising at Ohio State. Explore Summer Term …

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ODT Drivers Ohio

8 hours ago A 4-hour state-approved online course followed by 4 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a licensed instructor affiliated with a licensed abbreviated adult driver training school. A 4-hour in-person class followed by 24 hours of driving with a licensed driver 21 years of age or older*. A 4-hour state-approved online course followed by 24

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are online classes better than on campus classes??

Online classes are more beneficial than classes on-campus because they offer more flexibility, and the structure of the courses are laid back. While my opponent might argue that online classes create a divisive interaction between professor and student, professors offer at least three to four office hours in which students can come in with their questions.

What classes does Ohio State University have??

T -- ATI course: a course that is part of an associate degree program (available at Ohio State ATI only) and fulfills the technical portion of the curriculum. S -- Service Learning course: a course that uses experiential learning strategies and involves student participation in an organized service activity.

When do OSU classes start??

Term Dates. Sep 23 - Dec 11. Priority Registration Phase 1. (Waitlist Not Available) May 17 - Jun 3. Priority Registration Phase 2. (Waitlist Available) Jun 4 - Oct 4. Classes Begin.

What degrees does Ohio State University offer??

When you earn a graduate degree from Ohio State, you can be assured that your degree will be recognized nationally and internationally. The Ohio State University is one of the world’s best comprehensive, public research universities. We offer 94 doctoral programs, 97 master’s programs, and countless opportunities for interdisciplinary work.

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