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1. Identification. Product Name:Chemical Stuff. Synonyms:Methyltoxy Solution. CAS Number:000-00-0. Product Use:Organic Synthesis. Manufacturer/Supplier:My Company.
2. Hazards Identification. GHS Classification: Health. Environmental. Physical. Acute Toxicity - Category 2 (inhalation), Category 3 (oral/dermal) Eye Corrosion - Category 1.
3. Composition / Information on Ingredients. Component CAS Number Weight % Methyltoxy 000-00-0 80. (See Section 8 for Exposure Limits)
4. First Aid Measures. Eye: Eye irritation. Flush immediately with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Eyelids should be held away from the eyeball to ensure thorough rinsing.
5. Firefighting Measures. Suitable Extinguishing Media: Use dry chemical, foam, or carbon dioxide to extinguish fire. Water may be ineffective but should be used to cool fire-exposed containers, structures and to protect personnel.
6. Accidental Release Measures. Keep unnecessary people away; isolate hazard area and deny entry. Stay upwind; keep out of low areas. (Also see Section 8).
7. Handling and Storage. Handling - Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Do not breathe vapors or mists. Keep container closed. Use only with adequate ventilation.
8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection. Exposure Limits. Component, Methyltoxy - TWA: 3 ppm (skin) - STEL: C 15 ppm (15 min.) Engineering Controls: Local exhaust ventilation may be necessary to control air contaminants to their exposure limits.
9. Physical and Chemical Properties. Flashpoint: 2C (35F) Autoignition Temperature: 480C (896F) Boiling Point: 77C (170.6F) @ 760 mm Hg. Melting Point: -82C. Vapor Pressure: 100.0 mm Hg @ 23C.
10. Stability and Reactivity. Stability/Incompatibility: Incompatible with ammonia, amines, bromine, strong bases and strong acids. Hazardous Reactions/Decomposition Products: Thermal decomposition products may include oxides of carbon and nitrogen.

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Safety Data Sheet Training ELearning

8 hours ago Safety Data Sheet Training. This course will introduce OHSA’s Safety Data Sheet Training regulations which will help you safely work with chemicals that you come into contact with on a daily basis. This is a mandatory training course that all employees are required to pass with 100%. REMEMBER, TRAINING IN THE USE OF SAFETY DATA SHEETS IS REQUIRED …

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Material Safety Data Sheets Training Course Safetycare

7 hours ago Material Safety Data Sheets are required to be made available to all personnel who use/handle hazardous substances in the workplace. It is fundamentally important that anyone who is involved in the transportation, use or storage of hazardous substances is able to read and understand the safety information contained on a Material Safety Data Sheet. COURSE AIM The aim of this …

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) SimplifyTraining

8 hours ago This training is designed for those who work with hazardous chemicals. If there are hazardous chemicals in your workplace, you need to know about the material safety data sheet (MSDS). An MSDS is a written description of a hazardous chemical or chemical product and is the primary source of information about workplace chemicals for employers

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Safety Data Sheet Training

7 hours ago Get Safety Data Sheet Training. The Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit contains everything you need to train employees on safety data sheets, as well as the rest of the requirements of Hazard Communication. A Written Hazard Communication Program Template. Hazard Communication Training Video. Hazard Communication E-Learning Module.

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Safety Data Sheets Safety Training Program

5 hours ago This Safety Training Program aims to help employees read and understand Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for each hazardous chemical found on the job. Objectives Employees will demonstrate knowledge of the content and format of SDSs for hazardous chemicals, the risks of exposure, ways to protect themselves against hazards, and how

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Workplace Online Training National Safety Council

3 hours ago OSHA 10/30 Hour Online Training. Our OSHA authorized training is known for its outstanding quality and standardization. It provides employers with quality control for employees' health and safety on the job. Students have six months to complete the OSHA training, after which they will receive a printable diploma and an OSHA card.

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Chemical Hazards And Safety Data Sheet Training CHCS

5 hours ago Chemical Hazards & Safety Data Sheet Training CHCS offers Modular Training Courses on the writing of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), and related issues such as classification, labelling and other documentation. About The Course. These Modules are specially prepared for CHCS, and given by acknowledged experts in their fields.

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Safety Data Sheets Safety SDS Training Powerpoints

3 hours ago Penn State University. Download Atlantic Training’s collection of safety training PowerPoints from around the web to train your team on important EHS Safety topics today. Safety Data Sheets are vital in hazard communication, as they indicate hazardous materials such as dangerous gases, chemicals, waste, etc.

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Safety Data Sheets Free SDS Database Chemical Safety

8 hours ago A safety data sheet, or SDS, is a standardized document that contains occupational safety and health data. The International Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) mandates that chemical manufacturers must communicate a chemical’s hazard information to chemical handlers by providing a Safety Data Sheet. SDS's typically contain chemical

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SDS Authoring Training SILLAC

1 hours ago Custom GHS Safety Data Sheet Authoring Training is now available for Mexico, Brazil, Central America, South America and The Caribbean, in 70 languages, and in any global format. We can train online or onsite at your location to learn how to …

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Gaining Expertise In The Creation Of Safety Data Sheets

5 hours ago Please note that we also offer this training course as a web-seminar. You can register for the web-seminar here.. According to the REACH Regulation, manufacturers and suppliers of hazardous substances and preparations are required to provide safety data sheets (SDS).

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Training And Continuing Education FDA

3 hours ago Online courses for industry on safety and effectiveness of medical devices and exposure to radiation from medical devices. ORAU Free online courses for …

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Professional Safety And Health Training Courses OSHAcademy

6 hours ago We offer an extensive list of free online safety training courses and resources that can help any company or individual comply with OSHA training guidelines and conform to ANSI/ASSE Z490.1, ANSI/AIHA Z10, and CSA Z1000 standards. OSHAcademy courses will help your company achieve OSHA compliance and SHARP/VPP certification. By giving you the safety information …

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Material Safety Data Sheets SafeSchools

Just Now Learn more about Material Safety Data Sheets Course at Vector Solutions. Download catalog and a request a demo and pricing.

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Hazard Communication Standard: Safety Data Sheets

7 hours ago Hazard Communication Standard: Safety Data Sheets . Sections 1 through 8 contain general . information about the chemical, identification, hazards, composition, safe handling practices, and emergency control measures (e.g., fire fighting). This information should be helpful to those that need to get the information quickly.

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Using GHS Safety Data Sheets Health & Safety Training

Just Now IMPROV® Learning’s EHS microlearning courses use proven techniques to maximize retention and we offer courses in everything from lab safety to driving safety. Enroll in Using GHS Safety Data Sheets training course and give your employees access to the most effective online EHS & OSHA training library available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a safety data sheet??

Safety data sheets provide information on chemical products that help users of those chemicals to make a risk assessment. They describe the hazards the chemical presents, and give information on handling, storage and emergency measures in case of accident. Safety data sheet information may lead to guidance appropriate for your task.

What is the main reason for using a safety data sheet??

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Overview

  • Purpose. A Safety Data Sheet (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet) is a detailed informational document prepared by the manufacturer or importer of a hazardous chemical.
  • SDS Sources. Safety Data Sheets are one of many tools for evaluating chemical hazards. ...
  • Employer responsibilities. ...
  • Employee responsibilities. ...

What is a safety data sheet, what is its purpose??

These are as follows:

  • Identification: names the chemical, supplier info, and recommended uses
  • Hazards Identification: tells a chemical’s hazard classification (eg. ...
  • Composition/Information on Ingredients: chemical name, common name (s), and a complete list of ingredients
  • First-Aid Measures: how to care for someone who’s been exposed to the chemical by various means

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Where do I get a safety data sheet??

You don’t need an SDS for:

  • a hazardous substance that is in transit.
  • a hazardous substance that is a consumer product to be used in quantities consistent with household use.
  • a hazardous substance in a retailer’s premises that is a consumer product and is in that workplace only for the purpose of supply to other premises and is not intended ...

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