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Making VR And AR More Than Buzzwords In Construction

  • There’s no denying that the technology is getting better and cheaper
  • Some companies are introducing standalone VR solutions for AEC professionals while …

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Maptek Debuts New Web-based Training

  • “We offer training courses here at our big training facility in Denver, and globally in other locations,” said Lexie Runge, communications specialist at Maptek, “but that’s not always convenient for the client
  • This way they can call ahead and request a customized course and we can put that together and then deliver a half-day or full

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Leica Announces HDS Virtual Classroom

  • The courses will also be “customized to focus on the tools and applications used by the students
  • Class sizes are limited to maximize practical, hands-on learning using real-world datasets.” The initial round of classes stretches from July until December and seems to accommodate both beginners and more advanced users.

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Leica Geosystems Announces Training Event For High-Def

  • HDS University will offer courses in topics such as field and office workflows for laser scanning, immediate registration techniques, and using groups in registration
  • The company will also offer application-specific courses for software like using CloudWorx for …

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New Online Learning Company Launches

  • GeoLearn to Use Video to Enhance Geospatial Learning Experience
  • February 25th, 2014 – Kansas City, MO – GeoLearn, a start up devoted to servicing the geospatial industry with online learning and continuing education credits, announces that it has launched its website and training portal with an initial catalog of 22 one-hour-long courses taught by industry-leading faculty members.

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U Of Minnesota Launches Lidar Workshops

  • The courses are scheduled out through August, are generally either a half for full day, and cost no more than $60 for the opening two-day course
  • Costs are offset by the $180,000 grant from Minnesota’s lottery-fueled Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (see the grant proposal here).

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Where To Go When You Need To Know

  • The vetting process necessary to develop a university level course is sufficiently time consuming as to render the course work outdated by the time it is approved
  • Many vendors offer courses and for the novice they can be very valuable.

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RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems Expands To China

  • The company’s focus will be to carry out marketing and sales related activities such as demo events, roadshows, training courses and attending major geospatial trade shows and conferences
  • The Beijing operations are also expected to achieve a better understanding of customer needs in China by receiving direct customer feedback in order to

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New EA Sports Golf Game Touts Laser Scanning

  • The gaming world was abuzz this week with news that EA Sports’ newest golf game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, would for the first time allow players to test their mettle against Augusta National Golf Club, home to the Masters and one of the most storied courses in all of golf
  • Laser scanning helped make it happen.

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Do Your Clients Understand Their Options

  • We often lament the fact that our clients require so much educating to be able to utilize our services and technology
  • While it represents an opportunity, most clients are unwilling to pay to be trained unless they are stepping up to compete with you
  • So, how do we broaden their horizons without spending more than it will reap?

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Carrying An Appreciation Of 3D Into (and Beyond) The COVID

  • And all the courses! Especially as VR headsets become more commonplace, there’s going to be increased demand for hyper-realistic gaming experiences
  • This is a 3D data capture opportunity, especially as the need for accuracy is so much lower than your average civil job, so you might be able to squeak out some increased margins.

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Marius Basson Acquires Aladon From Bentley Systems

  • The Network is a fraternity of experts with a profound understanding of what must be done to ensure that reliability practices are correctly understood and effectively executed and applied
  • This global network has helped clients apply RCM2-based practices in over 80 countries
  • More than 70,000 people have attended Aladon training courses worldwide.

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That Sounds Like A Job For A Laser Scanner

  • Great press release put out by Topcon this week: "Webb Simposon wins the 2012 U.S
  • Open on putting surfaces built with Topcon precision measurement technology." Brilliant - topical, interesting, and fun
  • Plus, judging by my experiences with putting surfaces and laser scanners and the U.S
  • Open, it seemed like it was right in my ballpark

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Topcon Announces Partnership With Toro For GPS-guided Turf

  • Through constant innovation and caring relationships built on trust and integrity, Toro and its family of brands have built a legacy of excellence by helping customers care for golf courses, landscapes, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties and agricultural fields
  • For more information, visit

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Acute3D Announces Partnership With TECHNI DRONE

  • Courses will focus on photo acquisition and automatic 3D mapping from photos
  • Smart3DCapture Advanced, the automatic 3D mapping software developed by Acute3D and dedicated to UAS operators for inspection, survey, etc
  • is put at the disposal of the trainees for the automatic 3D mapping portion.

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Selling Visual Communication

How i-TEN Associates sees ‘the inevitable destination of laser scanning’ ORLANDO – If there were an award given out for “prettiest presentation” at FARO’s 3D Documentation Conference this week, Paul Tice would certainly have been a finalist.

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HTC Announces Vive Focus Plus, An Upgraded VR Headset For

  • For example, Immersive Factory, a company that provides health, safety, and environment (HSE) training courses, has ported many of its offerings from the Vive Pro to Vive Focus Plus to facilitate large corporation deployments, according to Olivier Pierre, COO and founder of Immersive Factory
  • “Having a professional standalone headset is very

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ASPRS Officers Elected

  • He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in geographic information systems, environmental information science, GPS, and spatial modeling and analysis
  • His research focuses on improving the resource inventory process through the application of aerospace imagery, mapping land cover conditions and trends using digital imagery and geospatial

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Esri Pledges $1B In Cloud-Based STEM Software To White

Responding to President Barack Obama’s call to help strengthen STEM education through the ConnectED Initiative, Esri president Jack Dangermond announced today that Esri will provide a grant to make its advanced mapping software running on cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) available for free to the more than 100,000 elementary, middle, and high schools in …

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Bentley Renames 3D Design Awards To Honor The Late Scott

  • Cal Poly engineering professor named Bentley Educator of the Year
  • Bentley Systems, Inc., a software developer for architects, engineers, designers, and construction firms working on infrastructure projects, on Wednesday announced the winners of Bentley LEARNservices’ 2013 Scott Lofgren Student Design Awards.

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"From Bits To Atoms" 3D Printing Keynote At IMMERSION 2014

  • The Immersive Education Initiative today announced that Jon Cobb, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Stratasys, will keynote the IMMERSION 2014 Business and Economics day in Los Angeles, California, this June
  • "From Bits to Atoms — The Rise of 3D Printing" addresses the incredible growth of 3D printing and how this relatively new industry is inverting the concept of …

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Velodyne’s 3D LiDAR Sensor Enables Embry-Riddle Boat To

  • With a continuous 360-degree sweep of its environment, our sensors capture data at a rate of 1.3 million points per second, within a range of 100 meters – ideal for taking on obstacle courses, wherever they may be
  • Still, it’s up to users to implement the sensor and adapt it …

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Ok, So Who Laser Scanned Augusta National

  • For the first time ever, EA Sports utilized a new state-of-the art laser scanning technology at Augusta National Golf Club to laser scan every hole featured in the game
  • This will provide players with the most authentic digital representation of the Tournament and Par 3 courses.

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