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IH Online Course In Teaching Young Learners And …

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12.29.2351 hours ago

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30hour Teaching Young Learners Course The TEFL Org

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8 hours ago Our dynamic 30-hour course covers a wide range of topics suitable if you’re looking to work as an au-pair, teach young learners online, or applying for a role in a Kindergarten or Elementary School. Focusing primarily on 5-10 years old’s, we take you through all the characteristics of different age groups and what these factors mean for

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Best Accredited Online And Campus ESL Education Degrees

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3 hours ago Teacher Certification Degrees » Online Teaching Degree Programs Resource » ESL Degree Programs. ESL Degree Programs. According to recent studies, the number of students at US public schools who speak English as a second language is rising. 1 As such, the need for teachers who focus on teaching English as a second language (ESL) is also steadily increasing, putting qualified K-12 …

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Online Teaching Young Learners Course StudyCELTA

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7 hours ago How to teach young learners (4-9yrs) pre-teens (10-12yrs) and teens (13yrs +): Characteristics and differences, brain development, classroom management, lesson planning, skills, tips, and ideas. (35+ hours) Written by Anna Hasper, Emma Pratt and James Santana. Start Online Young Learners (4-16 years) Course Super Bundle.

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12 Best ESL Textbooks For Teaching Students Both Young …

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5 hours ago 12 Best ESL Textbooks for Teaching Students Both Young and Old Best ESL Textbooks for Teaching Children and Younger StudentsESL Activities and Mini-Books for Every Classroom” by Kama Einhorn. At a Glance: This textbook from Scholastic is jam-packed with activities and other fun resources that teachers can use to liven up their classrooms.

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12 LowPrep ESL Games For Teaching Online – …

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5 hours ago

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1. Find Something… This ESL game for teaching kids online is great for practicing students’ listening and thinking skills, and for reviewing vocabulary.
2. Hidden Objects. This online ESL game is an effective and fun way to practice vocabulary and listening or reading comprehension. You can use this free online ESL game for reviewing nouns, adjectives, and even prepositions of place.
3. Objects Pictionary. This is a great online ESL game to practice vocabulary words. How to play. Choose an object in the room that is not visible to the student.
4. Odd One Out. This catchy ESL game helps your young students recall vocabulary and practice their listening skills, and also keeps them concentrated! How to play.
5. Tell Me 5. This game is good for practicing speaking skills and vocabulary. How to play. List categories on the board such as colors, food, transportation, zoo animals, etc.
6. Word Chain. This simple but fun online game for teaching English is excellent for building up vocabulary and checking pronunciation. How to play. Provide a category.
7. The Bragging Game. This activity not only helps your students expand their vocabulary and practice using comparative and superlative adjective forms but also helps them to be more creative.
8. Classmate Speculation. An interactive activity for reinforcing grammar, speaking, and listening skills, this guessing game challenges how much you and your students know about each other!
9. Sentence Maker. This game is best for reviewing vocabulary or grammar concepts that you’ve taught in previous classes. How to play. Write a list composed of 15 words with mixed parts of speech (i.e., nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions).
10. Tic-Tac-Toe 2.0. This classic game adds a twist to your regular vocabulary and grammar practice exercises. How to play. On the virtual whiteboard, write nine verbs arranged in a 3×3 grid.

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Teaching Young Learners Online TeachingEnglish British

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3 hours ago On this course from the British Council, you’ll explore online teaching in both theory and practice – how to plan accessible online lessons and assessments, what online safety looks like, and how best to build relationships with young learners. You’ll come away understanding how to include and engage learners online, both in synchronous

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IH Certificate In Teaching Young Learners And Teenagers

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1 hours ago The face to face IH CYLT course is moderated by Cambridge Assessment English and therefore successful course participants will receive a certificate that includes the Cambridge Assessment English logo. If you can't find a face to face centre near you, you may want to consider IH Online Course in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers.

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Teach English Online To European Students (Top 6 …

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Just Now

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10 Best, Shockingly Good Apps For ESL Teachers FluentU

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3 hours ago

1. FluentU. Site: www.fluentu.com. iPhone: FluentU on the App Store. Android: FluentU on Google Play. Cost: Monthly subscription (free trial available) FluentU is very unique among the apps on this list.
2. Google Translate. Site: www.translate.google.com. iPhone: Google Translate on the AppStore. Android: Google Translate on Google Play. Cost: $0.00. Google Translate is definitely an app that anyone learning or teaching English should have on their phone.
3. Duolingo. Site: www.duolingo.com. iPhone: Duolingo on the Appstore. Android: Duolingo on Google Play. Cost: $0.00. Many people all over the world use Duolingo for independent language instruction, and you can definitely use it for ESL teaching as well.
4. Grammar Up. iPhone: Grammar Up on the AppStore. Android: Grammar Up on Google Play. Trial Version: $0.00. Full Version: $4.99. Grammar can be hard to teach, but with Grammar Up, it doesn’t have to be.
5. Speak English Like an American. iPhone: Speak English Like an American on the AppStore. Android: Speak English Like an American on Google Play. Cost: $9.99.
6. English Podcasts. Site: www.esl.culips.com. iPhone: English Podcasts on the AppStore. Android: English Podcasts on Google Play. Cost: $0.99. This app offers over 130 different podcasts for students to listen to.
7. Speak English! Site: www.speakenglishapp.com. iPhone: Speak English! on the AppStore. Android: Speak English! on Google Play. Cost: $0.00. In this unique app, the user listens to recordings of English speakers talking about a span of topics – like job interviews or customer service.
8. Words With Friends. Site: www.zynga.com/games/words-friends. iPhone: Words With Friends on the AppStore. Android: Words With Friends on Google Play. Cost: $0.00.
9. Fun English. Site: www.studycat.net. iPhone: Fun English on the AppStore. Android: Fun English on Google Play. Cost: $0.00. In this app there are over ten different English learning games that help young English learners with everything from pronunciation to spelling to vocabulary.
10. Head’s Up! iPhone: Heads Up! on the AppStore. Android: Heads Up! on Google Play. Cost: $0.99. Although this isn’t exclusively an ESL app, it can be used effectively in your ESL classroom.

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Advanced CertTEYL ELearning Course How To Teach English

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1 hours ago Absolutely the BEST course for those who teach English to children! A fully comprehensive E-learning course for teachers who need a qualification in teaching ESL or EFL to children. A great value with course fees starting from US$375. Available worldwide.

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Teaching English To Young Learners Online Course

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1 hours ago The Teaching English to Young Learners online course is a comprehensive program covering Intermediate to Advance English instruction applicable in a young learner teaching environment and how to teach ESL in primary schools. TEFL for Young Learners covers all the basic methodologies, techniques and skills required to teach English as a foreign

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Teaching Young Learners TEFL Course The TEFL Academy

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3 hours ago Teaching Young Learners Online Course (Instant access on enrollment) The Teaching Young Learners course consists of three mandatory units. Units 1 and 2 have end of unit progress tests, and there is an end of course assignment if you take the course separately from our main course.

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Online TEYL Course: Teach English To Young Learners

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7 hours ago The International Teacher Training Organization also offers a 25 Hour Online Teaching English to Young Learners Certificate Course, also well known as TEYL Course. ITTO’s Online TEYL Certification was designed specifically to meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers of young learners in non

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30hr Teaching Young Learners English Course Premier TEFL

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7 hours ago Teaching young learners is a common role for newly qualified English teachers. The job opportunities for teaching young learners are plentiful worldwide. In addition to classroom-based contracts there are hundreds of openings to teach English online

Rating: 4.7/5(869)
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30Hour Teaching Young Learners Advanced TEFL Courses

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Just Now Prepare yourself for teaching young learners and boost your TEFL CV with this specialist course developed by experienced EFL teachers. Learn how to teach language learners up to the age of 10 with our specialist Teaching Young Learners TEFL course. Teaching children can be a uniquely rewarding experience but brings with it new challenges.

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TEFL Certificate In Teaching English To Young Learners

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8 hours ago The Teaching English to Young Learners, and Teaching English to Teenagers Courses are 60-hour, targeted online trainings designed for TEFL/TESOL certified or experienced teachers who would like to build their skills and qualify for more teaching jobs. Combine both courses for the best value and a full 120-Hours of TEFL/TESOL Certification.(If you're new to TEFL, we recommend bundling this

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7 Best Online TEFL Courses (Updated 2021) Goats On The Road

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Just Now

Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins
1. MyTEFL. MyTEFL consistently has some of the most affordable TEFL courses on the market. They …
2. TEFLPros. TEFLPros is a newcomer to the TEFL world but it’s been met with great reviews. It was …
3. Bridge TEFL. Bridge TEFL is a popular option for those who plan to teach abroad or online while …
4. i-To-i TEFL. i-To-i TEFL is a well-reviewed TEFL course provider with online and in-classroom …
5. ITTT International TEFL and TESOL Training. At ITTT International TEFL and TESOL Training, you …
6. International TEFL Academy. The International TEFL Academy is a highly regarded company …
7. The TEFL Academy. The TEFL Academy is a unique option for getting TEFL Certified because …

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Teaching English To Young Learners Course TEFL Young

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3 hours ago Featuring a specially-designed curriculum, The TEFL for young learners Specialty Course incorporates the latest in teaching methodology and best practices for teaching English to young learners between the ages of 2 - 11. The course is intended to serve as a practical guide to prepare trainees to enter the young learner classroom abroad with a

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Online Certificate In Teaching English To Young Learners

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5 hours ago This 15-week Online TESOL Certificate program in Teaching English to Young Learners is for English teachers and aspiring English teachers who will be teaching English to children between 3 and 15 years of age at the pre-school, kindergarten, elementary or …

Certificate: no charge
Replacement Cover: $ 50 (optional)
Replacement Certificate: $ 100 (optional)
Tuition: $750

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Young Learners Teaching Resources Oxford University Press

Digital Elt.oup.com Show details

5 hours ago Discover digital teaching and learning tools, find help and support to get started, and explore tips for using digital in your teaching. Find out more Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners. Quickly and accurately place 7-12 year olds at the right level. Find out more Project Pack

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The 11 Best Online TEFL Courses Go Overseas

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6 hours ago

1. International TEFL Academy. According to the International TEFL Academy, their alumni work in 80 countries across the world, so it's no wonder why this world-renowned program tops our list.
2. Teach Away's OISE TEFL. Teach Away, world leaders in international teacher placement, has partnered with the University of Toronto to offer the OISE TEFL program.
3. UNI-Prep Institute. UNI-Prep's 120-hour online TEFL certification is great for those hoping to jump into their teaching career quickly. According to their website, this course can be completed in 2-4 weeks, although students have up to a year to work through the materials.
4. Online Level 5 TEFL Course with The TEFL Academy. The TEFL Academy is truly committed to offering students a top-notch TEFL experience. Since TEFL is their specialty, they're able to offer well-crafted, accredited courses which are all taught by experienced ESL teachers.
5. TEFLPros. TEFLPros offers a fully accredited 120-hour online TEFL course that combines high quality instruction with maximum flexibility. The course boasts more than 50 hours of real-life classroom and instructional videos so that you're sure to get the most bang for your buck.
6. ITTT Online TEFL/TESOL Course. Whether you're looking to brush up on your teaching skills or to fulfill a job requirement, ITTT can meet your needs with their 60 to 250-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate.
7. Premier TEFL. Premier TEFL offers prospective English teachers a variety of options for undertaking their certification. Whether you go with the industry standard 120-hour online course or more intensive study, all programs include various perks.
8. Internationally Recognized TEFL Courses from i-to-i. If you want to go beyond the usual 120-hour course, i-to-i TEFL offers programs up to 320-hours.
9. Maximo Nivel. Maximo Nivel offers a 150-hour completely online TEFL certification that includes live teaching practice. While other online courses require in-person teaching practice, with Maximo Nivel you can conduct your 6-hour practicum with real language learners live via Skype.
10. CIEE 150-hour certification. CIEE's 150-hour TEFL certification can be completed in three months. This program comprises 130 hours of online coursework with an additional 20-hour hands-on practicum to give you the opportunity to practice your skills in the classroom.

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Young Learners Macmillan Education: ELT Courses, Digital

Learning Macmillanenglish.com Show details

8 hours ago Young Learners. Our award-winning, beautifully illustrated courses capture the imagination of young learners across the world. With the diverse selection of print and digital materials, including the state of the art Navio App, learning becomes meaningful and enjoyable. If you would like to add an online learning element to your face to face

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Young Learners English Language Courses Oxford

Young Elt.oup.com Show details

7 hours ago Young Learners. Millions of young learners have started learning English with one of our coursebooks. We understand how children learn best, and …

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Teaching Young Learners Itoi Specialist TEFL Courses

Young I-to-i.com Show details

8 hours ago Specialist TEFL Course - 30 HoursTeaching Young Learners. Teaching Young Learners. $49.00. Useful resources, activities & lesson ideas for young learners. Simple and easy online format. Study anywhere, on any device.

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How To Teach English To Young Learners: 8 Fun Methods To Try

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5 hours ago

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1. Turn lessons into songs. Every English learner, both native and not, is familiar with, at the very least, one classic jingle. Yes, the ABCs are what we turn to for a reminder of what letter comes after Q. Although the middle part (something about eliemenopee?)
2. Create visual diagrams to illustrate new vocabulary. Use color and visual aids to keep kids’ attention longer. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. These are a whole lot easier to point out on a smiling stick man than to write out in a vocabulary list.
3. Encourage mnemonic devices to memorize grammar rules. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, or PEMDAS, is a popular mnemonic device for recalling the order of operations in math.
4. Weave in spontaneous or consistent dialogues throughout the lesson. What did you do this weekend? By kicking off class with an expected question, you can get your students thinking about what they’ll say long before class even starts.
5. Break up solitary study sessions with games. Ah, the holy grail of how to teach English to young learners — games. Childhood education without games is like chicken wings without seasoning or sauce.
6. Review vocabulary through role playing. The best teaching methods for young learners require creativity. Think theater class with an English twist. Picking up the role of a police officer or elderly neighbor on the spot can be intimidating to any aged student.
7. Repeat previous lessons in every class. Assuming the average class duration is only an hour or less, that leaves a whole lot of time in the day to forget everything a student just learned.
8. Get out of the classroom! If you’re a first-time English teacher, the idea of leading kids out into the big, wide world and outside the safe classroom walls may sound like a disaster waiting to happen.

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12 Tips For Teaching An Unforgettable Online English Class

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3 hours ago

1. Choose your platform and teaching tools. Before you start, you’ll need to decide on a platform to deliver your online classes. Some teachers choose Google Classroom, which is a free online learning management service for schools.
2. Technology requirements. As a teacher, you’ll need to administer your course, create materials, broadcast your class, interact with your students and grade their work.
3. Privacy and safety online. When delivering any kind of class online, you needa to take safety and privacy seriously. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ruling in Europe means teachers (and their schools) have the responsibility to treat their students’ data carefully, safely and with respect.
4. Training. Dedicate a portion of your first class to helping your students get to grips with the technology. Even if you spend half of the first session doing so, it will save you time explaining things to individuals over and over again.
5. Space and resources. Where possible, set aside a dedicated area in your home or office to teach from. Make sure you have all the visual aids and materials you need to hand.
6. Learning objectives. It can be difficult for students to adjust to online learning, especially when they’re joining your class from their homes. Bring them into your lessons by starting all your classes with learning objectives.
7. Create a routine. Do your best to develop a routine in the classroom. This will help your students feel they’re in a safe learning environment and makes giving instructions faster and more efficient.
8. Delivering instructions. Online teaching lets you deliver instructions to all your students verbally and in written format. You can also ask students to confirm their understanding in chat boxes and speak to individuals if they are unclear about what to do.
9. Classroom management. Online classrooms can be easier to manage than physical ones. It’s unlikely that you’ll be interrupted by students whispering at the back of the class, passing notes or running around.
10. Student engagement. It’s harder to engage with your students when teaching over a webcam connection. It pays to be a little larger than life on camera.

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Teach English To Young Learners Online Course

English Global-english.com Show details

7 hours ago This is the 4th online course that I have done with Global English – I completed the Cert.(ES)TESOL in February 2008 and have since done the Business English course, the new English Grammar course and now the Teaching English to Young Learners course.I chose to do the TEYL course with GE as it includes teaching teenagers – many online TEYL courses only deal with teaching young learners

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How To Teach Young Learners: One Step At A Time

Students Busyteacher.org Show details

Just Now What Young Learners Want. Students at this level are just starting their academic careers. School may be intimidating for some of the students in your class so, in order to encourage everyone to participate, it is important to make your lessons relaxed and fun.YL Students will be learning very basic material but you can design creative lessons that get students moving around …

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Best Online Master's In English Language Learning Programs

Second Bestcolleges.com Show details

3 hours ago The best online master's in English language learning programs provide students with the skills they need to effectively teach English as a second language (ESL). Typically leading to TEFL or TESOL certification, these online degrees explore the pedagogical and linguistic theories that inform current best practices in teaching a second language.

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Top English Learning Software For Young Learners

English Thoughtco.com Show details

8 hours ago English learning software for young learners provides entertaining immersive environments which help children learn English by participating. Most include pronunciation help and a number provide assistance in the learner's native language.

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Young Learners Bell English

Language Bellenglish.com Show details

3 hours ago COURSES FOR YOUNG LEARNERS. The route to a. rewarding future. We live in an ever-changing world and it is critical that young learners develop essential language and life skills to prepare for their learning, life and work in the future. Our young learner courses at Bell bring English language learning to life for students from ages 7 – 17 years.

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Teaching Young Learners: All Just Fun And Games? English

Learners English.com Show details

3 hours ago The Global Scale of English (GSE) Learning Objectives for Young Learners provide ready-made learning objectives that can help with planning curriculums and lesson and benchmarking learners’ progress. They are great for young learners because they describe language functions in a granular way, enabling educators to give their learners credit

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Online TEFL Certification And Job Offers Worldwide

(Teaching Tefl-online.com Show details

8 hours ago TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) certification. One of the advantages of taking our courses is having the option of completing them at your own time and at your own pace in the lapse of a year, meaning, you may go as fast or as slow as desired, with access to your course 24/7.; Work from home with online job offers.

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Top Online Teaching Courses Learn Online Teaching Online

Online Coursera.org Show details

6 hours ago Learning about online teaching helps you acquire the skills you need to effectively reach learners in a virtual setting. Learning in educational and professional settings is increasingly shifting to hybrid or blended models in which in-person learning is supplemented by online components, meaning that mastery of online teaching strategies is important in any role that touches on education or

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Courses For Teaching English To Young Learners FAQ Teflnet

Young Tefl.net Show details

5 hours ago None of the many online certificate courses in teaching young learners are very well recognised, but you can do a distance MA or diploma (as long as you can find someone to act as a local tutor) partly or wholly based on your young learner experience. Going to national and international conferences should also provide lots of ideas.

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Teaching English Online Course Learn To Teach English Online

English Internationalteflacademy.com Show details

1 hours ago Job Opportunities for Teaching English Online Specialty Course Students . All students and graduates from the Teaching English Online Specialty Course receive lifetime, worldwide, and online, job search guidance from ITA's expert team of advisors. You will be prepared and supported by the ITA Team to find employment as an online English teacher.

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Teaching English To Young Learners (TEYL) OPEN

English Openenglishprograms.org Show details

Just Now Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) is designed to introduce you to the theory and practice of teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) to young learners 3-10 years old. Through engaging videos and practical readings, you will explore approaches for teaching English to children that are not only effective but also fun and engaging.

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Teach English Online To Japanese Students (5 Best Companies)

English Goatsontheroad.com Show details

3 hours ago

1. English Everywhere. If you want to become an English teacher for Japanese students, English Everywhere might be a great fit for you. This platform allows teachers to be fully in control of their hours and schedule.
2. Cena English. With Cena English (Cena Academy), native speakers from the USA can teach private English lessons online to Japanese students. Cena English is unique because the company acts more as a matchmaker.
3. CafeTalk. CafeTalk is an online learning platform where teachers from around the world can teach any subject they’re passionate about. Students can come from all over, but the majority are from Japan and Korea.
4. S-Lessons. With S-Lessons, you can become an English teacher for Japanese children. Classes on S-Lessons are 25 minutes long and there are two class types available: Regular Courses and Leave It To The Teacher courses.
5. Lyngo. Lyngo is looking for native English and native Japanese teachers who want to conduct lessons online. In general, Lyngo has good teacher reviews across the web.

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Courses Teflonline.net Show details

7 hours ago TEFL Online. TEFL courses. Accredited Certification. Internationally accredited TEFL courses. All of our online, in-class and combined TEFL courses are internationally accredited. Over 30 worldwide locations. With over 25 years of experience, ITTT are one of the most trusted names in the field of TEFL & TESOL certification. Start your journey today!

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11 Best ESL Resources For Teachers GoAbroad.com

Courses Goabroad.com Show details

12.29.2356 hours ago

Published: Apr 11, 2017
Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

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Teach IELTS Online IELTS Teacher Training Course

Score Premiertefl.com Show details

8 hours ago What will you learn? Teach the four key areas of language acquisition: reading, speaking, writing, pronunciation. Plan and deliver effective lessons that meet student and class learning objectives, typically relating to an IELTS score of 6.5 or above. Understand the nuances of teaching English to exam-focused non-native speakers.

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Online TEFL Courses Global TEFL Teaching English

Teaching Globaltefl.uk.com Show details

8 hours ago They are looking for English and French teachers with a university degree, a TEFL certificate and one year of teaching experience. UASK provides all the teaching material and classes are small from 1 – 5 students who are young usually between the ages of 4-18. Full-time positions are available. They pay from $18 – $30 CAD per hour.

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TEFL Courses Online TEFL Online ITTT

Teaching Teflonline.net Show details

7 hours ago TEFL Online. TEFL courses. Accredited Certification. ITTT has a range of online TEFL courses, as well as a diploma course and certificates in teaching business English and teaching English to young learners. With the help of our Teacher Trainers and lifetime Job Assistance, you can be teaching in the destination of your choice sooner than you think.

Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins

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Reviews Of Online TEFL Courses TEFL Course Review

Teaching Teflcoursereview.com Show details

8 hours ago Online Courses. Delivered 100% via the internet, online TEFL courses offer the most flexibility in terms of where and when you study. If you already have teaching experience or you cannot fit a classroom course into your schedule, studying online may suit your needs. Some schools now offer observed teaching practice online, too.

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British Study Centres International Education & Training

English British-study.com Show details

Just Now Our 10 & 15 Hour Online English courses incorporate our innovative Skills for Success curriculum. You will use exciting content from National Geographic Learning including TED talks, videos and much more. When you learn English with us you will also be developing the 21st Century Skills you need to succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best English course for young learners?

Premier TEFL has done wonders to introduce me to the world of teaching. All the information throughout this course is extremely detailed and well orgainzed. This course is a ABSOLUTE MUST for any aspiring English teacher for very young learners to teenagers. Understanding your students’ language abilities and why they want to learn English.

Which is the best website for teaching ESL?

StoryPlace is there to encourage your ESL students to read in their free time. Although the digital stories are suitable for elementary school native English speakers, they’re also massively helpful to students learning English for the first time. The colorful videos and graphics also make the stories really attractive to younger learners.

Do you need TEFL to teach English to young learners?

Employers and students want to hire the best teachers with the highest levels of skills and training. Taking this specialty course will set you apart from thousands of other English teachers looking to teach English abroad to children who only possess a regular TEFL certification and no specific training for teaching English to children.

What is the aim of teaching English to young learners?

The aim of Teaching English to Young Learners is to provide you with knowledge and skills for teaching English as a second or foreign language to young learners. The book consists of sixteen chapters.

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