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Programs & Courses

Programs & Courses. University of Delaware’s Division of Professional and Continuing Studies (UD PCS) offers various types of education programs and courses. Whether you want to begin a degree, complete a degree, gain credentials, prepare for standardized tests, or participate in lifelong learning opportunities, UD PCS programs and courses

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Colleges University Of Delaware

University of Delaware's colleges offer 300+ programs and an abundance of courses to inspire and challenge you . College of Agriculture and Natural Resources . CANR offers more than 20 programs related to science, technology, business and economics. It is the departmental home to Animal and Food Sciences, Applied Economics and Statistics

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Course Listings & Schedules

Course schedules are subject to further change. The University reserves the right to withdraw any course, to limit enrollment, or to change instructors, class meeting times, or locations. To search for information about courses, including locations, times, and seat availability, use the UD Courses Search .

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Online Courses Cooperative Extension University Of

University of Delaware Cooperative Extension offers year-round learning to the public in the form of presentations, webinars, certification courses and educational demonstrations. View a previous course below or visit our program calendar to register for upcoming events!

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University Breadth Requirements

Courses may focus on a single aesthetic form or intellectual tradition, or cross-cultural comparisons. History and Cultural Change (3 credits) These courses provide students with an understanding of the sources and forces of historical changes in ideas, beliefs, institutions, and cultures.

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Program: Construction Engineering And Management (BCEM

Breadth courses which must be completed as part of the curriculum. One breadth class is discretionary and may be chosen by the student, whom should ensure that the breadth requirements and multicultural requirements of the University are satisfied.

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Program: Criminal Justice (BA)

Minimum 30 credits CRJU; maximum 45 credits. At least 15 credits of courses applicable to the Criminal Justice major (courses with a CRJU prefix) must be taken at the University of Delaware. No more than six credits of independent study ( CRJU 366 or CRJU 466 ) may count toward the requirements for the major. CRJU 110 - Introduction to Criminal

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Program: Biological Sciences (BS)

Biology electives at the 300-level or above to total 43 credit hours in Biological Sciences. BISC 100 , BISC 207 , and BISC 208 count towards the total 43 credits needed for the major. Nine of the 43 credits may come from a list of approved courses from other academic units (minimum grade C, not C-).

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Courses Fall Courses

For those considering careers in web development, content management, technical communications, editing, copywriting, advertising, and other positions that focus on the written word, this course examines strategies for making web-based content effective and usable.

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Program: Creative Arts And Humanities

HONR 295 - Quantitative Colloquium, Creative Arts and Humanities Topics Credit (s): 3. ITAL 211 - Italian Reading and Composition: Short Fiction Credit (s): 3. ITAL 212 - Italian Reading and Composition: Drama and Prose Credit (s): 3. JAPN 204 - The Art of Japanese Calligraphy Credit (s): 3.

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Undergraduate Programs Behavioral Health & Nutrition

Courses will provide students with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to understand the role culture, gender, environment and behavior play in personal and community health. The minor will provide students with the opportunity to complement their major course of study by expanding and applying health knowledge and concepts to their

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Course Offerings

MATH Courses: Prerequisites: Corequisite MATH205 MATH210 or MATH230 MATH210 NONE MATH232 or MATH241 or MATH242 MATH217 NONE

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Course Information – HONORS COLLEGE

Courses unique to the Honors College include the following: First-Year Honors Colloquia. These three-credit writing-intensive interdisciplinary first-year seminars are broadly conceived, generally going beyond conventional disciplinary boundaries and focusing on topics of enduring significance.

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Undergrad Courses University Of Delaware Dept. Of

For all questions regarding course selection for PHYS courses, please contact Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Matthew DeCamp, [email protected]udel.edu. For assistance with course registration, schedule conflicts, discussion or lab swaps, or to be placed on the Wait List for a course, please email Carlyn George-Roberts and include your student ID number at [email protected]udel.edu.

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Courses Master's In Applied Statistics Online

Elective Courses (15 Credits) STAT 621: Survival Analysis (3 credits) Statistical techniques used in the analysis of censored data including the Kaplan-Meier estimator, the analysis of one, two and K sample problems, and regression analysis based on the Cox proportional hazards model.

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Program: Fine Arts (BFA)

Courses representing at least two departments or appropriate instructional units. Seven credits of Group D: Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology . Courses representing at least two departments or appropriate instructional units and including a minimum of one course with an associated laboratory.

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Program: Computer Science

A maximum of two courses (six credits) can be taken from the Career and Professional Preparation sub-section of the College of Engineering Breadth Requirement list to satisfy the College of Engineering additional breadth requirement. Of the 21 credits, three credits may be used to satisfy the University Multicultural Requirement (recommended

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Foundational Mathematics Courses

The sequencing of the Foundational Math courses is illustrated by the chart: All students must have the appropriate math placement score in order to enroll. For example, if your major requires Math 221 but you have a placement score of 40 that places you into Math …

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Summer Sessions At The University Of Delaware

Summer 2021 Courses. Registration Information. Financial Information. Final Exam Schedule. Academic Calendar. General Information. Directories of offices, phones, subject areas. Maps and building codes. University Policies and Procedures.

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Programs And Courses Data Science Institute

Courses. These are Data Science related courses taught by the DSI Resident Faculty or Affiliated Faculty or members of the DSI Faculty Council. Note that course numbers ending in 67 is reserved for new courses so many different courses from the same department will have this same course number.

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Meteorology And Climate Science University Of Delaware

Meteorology and Climate Science. Students in the meteorology and climate science major will have access to the Delaware Environmental Observing System at UD - a network of over 50 weather stations throughout the state. College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment. Department of …

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UD Dual Enrollment Program Online Classes

Take select UD courses online Online courses allow high school students the flexibility to take introductory-level UD classes in cooperation with their high school and extracurricular schedules. Taught by faculty who are available to answer questions and provide assistance via email, phone or in person, students have the opportunity to explore subjects not typically covered […]

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University Of Delaware 2021-2022 ACADEMIC YEAR CALENDAR

from courses will receive a grade of ‘W’ on permanent record. Jun 9 Thu Deadline for change in Dining plan. Jun 23 Thu Last day to change registration or to withdraw from courses- first summer session (5-week course). Jul 4 Mon Independence Day Holiday observed; Classes suspended; University Offices closed. All dining services are closed.

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Entrance Requirements Physical Therapy University Of

Completion of prerequisite courses with a grade of C (2.0 minimum) or higher (see list that follows). Completion of the PTCAS application. Please note that PTCAS applicant data of candidates who apply to UDPT will automatically transfer into the UD supplemental graduate application system.

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Course Schedules

Fall 2020 Course Schedule. A cademic Year 2019-2020 Course Schedules. Academic Year 2018-2019 Course Schedules. Academic Year 2017-2018 Course Schedules. Move Up. Move this whole section up, swapping places with the section above it. Move Down. Move this whole section down, swapping places with the section below it.

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700 participants in over 40 courses and activities for a one-month summer offering in July. The model was carried over into the fall semester, which ulti-mately boasted over 1,900 enrollments and more than 200 course offerings. The online, videoconferencing-based . format was new to some OLLI participants, but instructors and students adapted

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Summer Courses Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Nearly 100 courses are offered this summer! Most OLLI Summer Session classes are held online, with a small selection of in-person, outdoor classes scheduled for Kent, Sussex and New Castle County locations. more than 80 OLLI Online classes. 5 outdoor classes hosted by OLLI Kent/Sussex. 11 outdoor classes and 1 extracurricular activity hosted by

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Courses And Programs Center For Research In Wind

Courses on Offshore Wind Power. Courses covering topics such as wind meteorology, wind engineering and renewable energy law provide the basis for a graduate certificate in wind power, science, engineering and policy. The graduate certificate can be earned as an adjunct to an existing UD graduate degree or separately by working professionals.

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Courses Barry Walker

Courses. I teach a range of courses offered in the Physics and Astronomy Department. These include Phys 201 – Introductory Physics I, a beginners course on classical mechanics, and Phys 626 – Introduction to Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, a graduate level course on atomic and molecular systems along with related modern topics.

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Program: Marine Science

Courses emphasize the empirical findings, applications, and methods of the social and behavioral sciences. Foreign Language: Completion of the intermediate-level course (107,112, or 202) in an ancient or modern language with minimum grades of D-.

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Information Systems University Of Delaware

Information systems coursework at UD includes technological problem solving and project management, as well as a selection of advanced computer science courses designed to prepare students for careers in programming, business telecommunication networks, system development, database systems, and software engineering.

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Civil Engineering Master's Programs Civil And

The courses for the non-thesis option correspond to the course requirements for the traditional master’s degree program. Look at our concentrations page here. Master’s Degrees – Thesis Option. The master’s program with thesis requires 30 credit hours including 24 graduate course credits and 6 credits for the master’s thesis. The

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Program: Technical Electives For Mechanical Engineering

The following lists pertain only to courses with permanent course numbers. Because of their very nature, Independent Study (courses with an x66 number) and Experimental Courses (courses with an x67 number) should be discussed and approved by the department before being accepted towards the technical elective requirement.

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Current Course Offerings

Consistency and Change in U.S. Foreign Policy (MALS667) Thursdays, 6-9 p.m. Instructor: John Quintus. Newark Campus (in person) This course will examine U.S. foreign policy, focusing on the period from WWII to the present. It will reveal two essentially divergent paths in American foreign policy, the first arguing that commercial and security

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Department Of Languages, Literatures And Cultures

Advanced undergraduate courses (300- and 400-level) reflect our faculty’s broad range of research and engagement in literary and cultural studies, film and media studies, and advanced language. These courses develop critical skills in analysis, interpretation, and presentation.

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Exercise Science Kinesiology & Applied Physiology

Prerequisite courses required for admission to many clinical graduate programs are included in the Exercise Science curriculum. The major is flexible – students choose from specialized courses in the major to complement their degree program and career direction; moreover, if desired, students may pursue one or more minors across campus in

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