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Course Catalogue

This page contains links to the online Course Catalogue. In this Course Catalogue you can find a description of the contents of the programme, the admission requirements, and the description of the individual courses. Please check the schedules via the link timetables. The tracks can be found in the A-Z list under organisational structure.

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Bachelor's Programmes

Business Analytics. Combine data science and (business) economic knowledge. Study at an internationally highly-ranked university located in central Amsterdam. Programme type Bachelor's. Language of instruction English. Mode of study Full-time. Bachelor's. icon-heart. Save this …

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Course Registration

Course enrolment is done per semester, for 30 EC. Please only enrol for courses that you are actually planning to take. Enrolment is done in a fixed period of 2 weeks in June (for semester 1) or December (for semester 2). Each faculty has its own registration period and deadline. For exact dates see:

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Course Registration

Courses cannot be added or changed after the course registration deadline. Your course registration for the whole semester (all blocks!) is final after this date. The fulltime course load is 30 EC (European Credits) per semester. Especially for students taking courses in block 1 and 2 only we recommend a course load not exceeding 24 EC, and not

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Exchange Programmes

The University of Amsterdam has reversed the decision to cancel all physical exchange programmes in the first (Fall) semester of 2021-2022. In other words, inbound exchanges in Fall 2021 may still go ahead, depending on your home university. For more information, please read the Coronavirus - Inbound exchange FAQs.

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Learning Foreign Languages

Dutch language courses. Students who would like to learn Dutch while studying at the UvA can take courses in Dutch at the INTT (Institute for Dutch as as Second Language) at special student rates.

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Home Institute For Logic, Language And Computation

The MSc in Logic is an international and interdisciplinary Master's degree offered by the University of Amsterdam. It is organized as part of the Graduate Programme in Logic (GPiL) by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC). The Graduate Programme offers courses and research training in foundations of mathematical and

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Course Registration

Course registration periods. Make sure to register during the official registration period, because only then will you be guaranteed a place in your compulsory courses. The registration periods for Bachelor's and Master’s courses at the Faculty of Humanities are: First semester 2021-2022: Thursday, 10 June (08:00) - Tuesday, 22 June 2021 (13:00).

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Bachelor's Programmes At The UvA

With an Honours programmes you can take extra courses within your own Bachelor's or outside your field of study. See honours programmes Application & preparation. How to apply. Find out what steps you need to take in order to apply for a Bachelor's programme. More information

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Master's Behavioural Economics And Game Theory (MSc

Beside the 3 general courses of the MSc Economics in your curriculum, you will have 5 courses with focus on the psychology of economic behaviour. You will be lectured by professors and experts working in a wide range of economic organisations and fields. Therefore, you have access to up-to-date cases and learnings from the field of behavioural

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Exchange Programme Humanities

Courses in the Humanities. The faculty offers various study options to international exchange students at the Bachelor's level. Participation in Master's level courses is only possible if the exchange agreement allows it and if the exchange student meets the entry requirements. There are only a limited number of courses available at Master's level.

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Course Registration

Step 1: Select your courses. Go to the Course Catalogue, find your degree programme and select the courses you want to follow. Step 2: Add your chosen courses to the Planner. Go to uva.nl/courseregistration, find your courses and click on ‘Add course’. Step 3: Check your timetable and select your preferred tutorials.

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Summer Programmes

Courses are being planned for both on-site education as well as online. The following programmes are taught in English, unless otherwise mentioned. Winter courses are also available every January. Participants are welcome to apply for any summer programme if they meet the eligibility requirements:

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Taught Courses Master Of Logic

The MSc Logic offers over 40 courses each year: In addition you may choose to take courses from other Master's programmes at the UvA and other universities in the Netherlands. For instance, you may be interested in some of the courses from the national MasterMath programme. You will not have to pay any additional tuition fees.

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Conservation And Restoration

The conservator combines academic knowledge and technical skill to preserve our cultural heritage. The challenge is to find practical solutions for complex issues while respecting conservation ethics. Material, technique, condition, meaning and context differ for each case, ranging from, for instance, Rodin’s bronze Thinker and wooden furniture in the Royal Palace to Mark Rothko’s abstract

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Pre-Master’s Programme

This programme consists of the 2 management research methods courses and three Business courses. Difference between research and applied universities. The University of Amsterdam is a research university. Unlike in many other countries, Dutch higher education makes a distinction between research universities and universities of applied sciences

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Electives During Your Bachelor's

Some courses in the advanced phase focus on learning certain skills (for example language skills or journalistic skills). These courses may be designated as being at ‘skills level’ even though they are taught in the advanced phase. Make sure to carefully read the course description to determine if your course is a ‘skills’ course.

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Master's Programmes

The Master's programme in biological sciences at the UvA is a 2-year programme that offers specialisations in ecology, limnology and oceanography, green life sciences and general biology. Programme type Master's. Language of instruction English. Mode of study Full-time.

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Course Listing Term 1

Course Listing Term 1 - 2021-2022. IIS. Interdisciplinary Education. Honours modules. Course Listing Term 1. Results: 1 - 20 of 20. Results: 1 - 20 of 20. Open programme. icon-heart.

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Faculty Of Medicine (AMC)

The AMC is one of eight university medical centres in the Netherlands and one of the leading international centres in the field of academic medicine. As a university medical centre, the AMC has three main tasks: treatment of patients. academic medical research. providing medical education. Amsterdam UMC.

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Complexity And Economic Behaviour (Msc Econometrics

Beside the 4 general courses of the MSc Econometrics in your curriculum, you will have 5 courses with focus on calculations of market behaviour and modelling. You will be lectured by professors and experts working in a wide range of economic organisations and fields. Therefore, you have access to up-to-date cases and learnings from the field of

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Electives At The Psychology Department

These courses are: Practical Training: Psychological communication (3 ec) Fundamentals of Psychology (6) Psychology also offers courses for which no specific prior knowledge about Psychology is required, but for which you need to have finished the first year (or 60 ec) of your major and (within or outside the 60 ec) have passed at least 12 ec

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Master's Artificial Intelligence

The study programme. The curriculum of the Master’s Artificial Intelligence leaves ample space for you to explore what you find interesting in and around the field of AI. You can specialise in one of the UvA research areas or you can design your own path that combines research fields. Check the study programme. icon-internallink.

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Overview PhD Skills Courses

The courses are organized by the Institute for Dutch language Education/Instituut voor Nederlands Taalonderwijs en Taaladvies (INTT) at the UvA. The INTT offers a wide range of language courses for foreign students and staff. Through the Graduate School skills courses programme, PhD researchers can enroll in one extensive or semi-intensive course.

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