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Learn Adobe Illustrator In 30 Days Crash Course

  • This is the most popular FREE Illustrator training course created for beginners interested to learn Adobe Illustrator
  • Each lesson will take around 20 mins to complete and you will be able to learn the basic fundamental techniques in 30 days.

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Vectordiary   4 days ago  

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Vector Diary

  • Premium Illustrator Tutorials Learn the secrets of illustrator gurus with premium tutorials! Sign up for Premium Membership to have instant access to all premium illustrator tutorials
  • Now, you can take your illustrator skills to a new level by learning from the industry leaders! Free Illustrator Tutorials More than 25 amazing adobe illustrator tutorials to get […]

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Day 4: Drawing With Pencil Tool

  • We can quickly draw shapes and lines quickly using the Pencil Tool
  • This lesson will show you some of the tricks in drawing smooth and fluid lines
  • Drawing a Line Select the pencil tool and click and drag to draw a free hand line drawing
  • Closing Paths with Pencil Tool To close a path, hold […]

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Vectordiary   5 days ago  

Day 1: What Is Illustrator

  • About Adobe Illustrator Illustrator is a vector drawing program
  • It is often used to draw illustrations, cartoons, diagrams, charts and logos
  • Unlike bitmap images that stores information in a grid of dots, Illustrator uses mathematical equations to draw out the shapes
  • This makes vector graphics scalable without the loss of resolution
  • Advantages of Vector Graphics […]

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Day 3: Drawing Basic Shapes

  • DAY 3: Well, that wasn’t too bad
  • I now know how to create basic shapes and do some stuff to them
  • I have a bit of experience with Word and Powerpoint and …

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Vectordiary   1 days ago  

101 Illustrator Tips & Tricks

  • Learn the tricks to create to become a better illustrator by subscribing to my list of 101 Illustrator tips & tricks
  • I will be coming up with a new tip/trick every week to help you speed up your work and uncover the secrets in Adobe Illustrator
  • Remember to subscribe to my RSS feeds so […]

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Vectordiary   2 days ago  

Day 11: Editing Objects, Layers & Groups

  • As you start working on complicated illustrations, layers will start to build up
  • And you will have to group and arrange them so that you can move and edit the layers easily
  • I will show you an example of an illustration I did so that you can see how I name and group my layers

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Huge Collection Of High Quality Patterns

  • All courses are accredited and you will get your certificate on the day
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Vectordiary   8 days ago  

Day 5: Drawing With Pen Tool

  • The Path Tool will be the hardest tool to learn in Illustrator
  • It usually take weeks to learn and beginners always end up in frustration while figuring how it works
  • So don’t give up and practice it every day and soon you will be able to draw any shape
  • Drawing Straight Lines Select the Pen […]

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Vectordiary   2 days ago  

Day 2: Getting Started In Illustrator

  • If you haven’t gotten your Illustrator, you can download the 30 days trial from Adobe’s download page
  • After installing, we will run Illustrator for the first time
  • Create New Document Go File>New Document to create your first document
  • Type in a Name for the document and click Advanced to select RGB for Color Mode as […]

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Vectordiary   1 days ago  

Day 9: Creating Compound Paths

  • DAY9: The title of this lesson scared me a little – Compound Paths – but it wasn’t as bad as I first thought
  • Although, some of the finer points ARE a bit tricky – and not being totally au fait with many of the commands (yet) I find I have to go over it many times until it sort of works.

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Vectordiary   4 days ago  

Portable LED Artist Tracing Drawing Board For Artist

  • For Students – Students need this tracing board especially those taking art classes or courses, because this helps improve their skills in drawing, not to mention the many school projects they have to rush
  • For Animators – Draw realistic smooth animations by using this tracing board

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Vectordiary   8 days ago  

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In today’s tutorial we will be looking at how to create an illustration of a Microphone in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll use vector shape building techniques, various types of gradients and blending modes, working with the Align palette and other functions of Adobe Illustrator to make this music inspired illustration.


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