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7 Ways To Earn A Living Selling Ebooks & Courses Online

  • Whether you sell eBooks in the fitness niche, or online courses on personal finance, there are a lot of valuable lessons that can be learnt and applied from observing what’s working for information product businesses outside of your niche
  • In this post, I’m going to explore some of the scaling strategies that allowed one guy to make $11

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Ventureharbour   2 days ago  

19 Compelling Call To Action Examples You Can Steal For

  • “Online courses on growth, digital marketing, optimization, analytics, persuasion
  • Perfect for teams.” “ World’s leading practitioners teaching you their best stuff.” Almost every word on those three lines promotes CXL Institute as the best place to learn …

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Ventureharbour   7 days ago  

10 Best Webinar Software Platforms (That Work In 2021)

  • EverWebinar features: Automate webinars: Schedule webinar to replay at set times throughout the day – eg: every hour
  • Just-In-Time Webinars: Tells users there’s a webinar just about to start, encouraging them to sign up on the spot
  • Block night-time viewing: Stops playing your webinar through the night to keep the illusion of live webinars realistic.

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Ventureharbour   3 days ago  

Startup Marketing: Your Ultimate Strategy For Incredible

  • When you’re finished with this post, I’d recommend reading this article on the S.T.A.R marketing system, which goes into greater detail on how to allocate your marketing budget early on to identify your core channel & has a free spreadsheet template for managing your marketing process
  • #2 Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking: Building Marketing Into Your Product

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Ventureharbour   7 days ago  

Marketing Funnel Strategies: 5 Steps To Increase Sales In 2021

  • Here, Dukesmith introduced the concept of four stages that lead to a sale: Attention, Interest, Desire and Conviction
  • Nearly 50 years later, a marketing and sales executive in the pharmaceutical industry, Arthur F Peterson, published the following illustration in his book, Pharmaceutical Selling, Detailing, and Sales Training:

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Ventureharbour   6 days ago  

10 Best All-in-One Email Marketing, Automation & CRM Platforms

  • There are complete courses and certifications, eBooks and extensive guides, plus the company’s annual INBOUND conference for marketers to get the latest insights from industry leaders
  • Once again, HubSpot matches its online support with excellent person-to-person customer service via phone, email and live chat support.

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Ventureharbour   1 days ago  

35+ Best Lead-Generation Tools (That Work In 2021)

  • These are some of the highly effective lead generation tools that you can use to capture more leads in 2021
  • Read the full list of mist-have tools here.

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Ventureharbour   3 days ago  

17 Inspiring Online Marketing Strategies For Your Film Or

  • #5 IMDB Listings & Advertising
  • They say that the hardest place to sell a book is in a bookstore, but with millions of people visiting IMDB on a daily basis in search of new films and TV shows to watch, it’d be ridiculous to ignore this site in your film or TV show’s digital marketing strategy.
  • There are some great posts explaining how to get your film listed on IMDB.

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Ventureharbour   8 days ago  

Contact Form Design: 15 Best Contact Page Examples Of 2021

  • The average conversion rate is 2.35% in 2020 and this median hasn’t changed a great deal over the past five years
  • Despite all the advances in web design, UX design and conversion optimisation, the average conversion rate still sits around the 2%-region in 2020.

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Ventureharbour   Just Now  

10 Best Email Marketing Software Tools For Businesses

  • From courses and certifications to eBooks, and their annual INBOUND conference, Hubspot provides its customers with plenty of opportunities to level-up
  • One cautionary note is that Hubspot charges additional fees for onboarding services
  • While this isn’t too unreasonable (as you’re effectively paying for several hours of a Hubspotter’s

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Ventureharbour   1 days ago  

30+ Marketing Automation Workflows You Can Implement Right …

  • To do this, you’ll want a decent automation builder that allows you to create custom workflows
  • We use ActiveCampaign because its drag-and-drop builder gives us complete freedom to automate and it also comes with a library of pre-built workflows that you can download and use.
  • There are plenty of other automation platforms that offer similar things to ActiveCampaign and you can find …

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Ventureharbour   6 days ago  

24+ Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies (That Work In 2021)

Discover how one B2B company got a 5,100% ROI from a $1m online marketing campaign, and how another company built a $1.3 billion pipeline.

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Ventureharbour   2 days ago  

Marketing Budget: The Complete Guide

  • If your company sells B2B training courses, this is the money you spend promoting a specific course to generate more customers and revenue directly
  • While product-specific promotional efforts can have global effects propping up your whole brand, those benefits are secondary to the primary goal of generating more customers and revenue through

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Ventureharbour   8 days ago  

10 Free Landing Page Templates Designed For Conversions

Landing pages are one of the most important selling tools on your website, allowing you to direct users to a targeted selling point that addresses their Get results right away with these free landing page templates that are designed for conversions right out of the box.

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Ventureharbour   4 days ago  

How To Increase MQLs For SaaS Companies

For example, a course provider like Future Learn can target staff with courses promising them to take the next leap in their career or training for the specific tools that will help them get a promotion within their existing company – or a job with one of their rivals.

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Ventureharbour   1 days ago  

10 Highly Effective Lead Capture Page Examples & Best

  • Minimise friction Lead capture forms can be abrasive
  • Visitors don’t like their surfing to be interrupted, hence the rise in ad-blocking.Furthermore, they are not comfortable handing over their email address or other personal details to a brand they’ve only just discovered.

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The Marketing Plan Template For Agile Marketing

  • For this post, we’ll be using TrueNorth (the agile marketing platform built by Venture Harbour) to demonstrate how to build one, but there are many non-marketing agile tools you can consider.
  • An agile marketing plan is made up of five parts
  • A Goal; A Forecast; An Idea Backlog; A Roadmap; Results ; You may already have some of these in various forms, but it’s essential that all …

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Ventureharbour   6 days ago  

10 Best Enterprise CRM Software Solutions

  • For example, there are courses on email marketing, contact management and automation, which are ideal if you’re new to any of these principles or need to learn how ActiveCampaign enhances each strategy
  • With ActiveCampaign’s enterprise support and training, as well as its library of online documentation, you’ve got plenty of tools to help

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The Definitive Guide To Starting An Online Business

  • Many bloggers choose to create online courses and eBooks, but you can get as creative as you like with what products you create
  • Drop shipping – This is in between affiliate marketing and selling your own products
  • In essence, customers buy products on your website, and then you pass on those orders to a supplier who fulfills and delivers them.

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Ventureharbour   9 days ago  

7 Ways A Serial Position Effect Can Boost Conversions

  • This is why publications feature their most popular content at the top of the page, why online stores place their best selling products at the top of the page and why Udemy leads with its most popular courses first
  • The downside of the serial position effect is we’re pretty useless at remembering long lists of information.

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Ventureharbour   2 days ago  

Best Business Plan Software [10 Solutions Compared]

  • Let’s go into more detail on each tool, its pricing and notable features
  • Best intuitive and cost-effective business plan software
  • LivePlan is an excellent solution for the beginning entrepreneur (or entrepreneur at any stage) who needs a step-by-step process to create a …

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Ventureharbour   4 days ago  

20 Digital Marketing Stats You Need To Know In 2021

  • Digital marketing is changing at a meteoric rate, making it more difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest industry standards
  • In fact, 76% of people think marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did over the previous fifty, which sums of the pace of change right now
  • So to help put things into context for the year ahead, here are 20 digital marketing stats and

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Ventureharbour   7 days ago  

10 Case Studies Of Using Blogging For B2B Lead Generation

  • Hardwick’s study uses the case of HubSpot as an example, pointing out that 88% of the company’s top 50 most-linked pages are blog posts and free courses – not “money” pages that generate income
  • This insightful case study shows you how to overcome this problem and get those profitable pages climbing up the SERPs.

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Ventureharbour   3 days ago  

The Bootstrapped Startup Blog By Venture Harbour

Learn how Venture Harbour turned £500 into a multi-million pound portfolio of the UK's fastest-growing tech companies on The Bootstrapped Startup.

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Ventureharbour   4 days ago  

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