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Verita’s Systematic Incident Investigation Training Course

  • Hear a 3 minute audio clip of Verita's head of training talking to Charlie de Montfort about Verita's systematic incident investigation training course
  • Chris discusses the course's key benefits and its …

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Verita   7 days ago  

Training Boom – NHS Trusts And Healthcare Organisations

  • Verita have seen a real ‘boom’ in the number of training courses that we are providing to NHS trusts and other healthcare organisations
  • Our clients tell us that our systematic incident investigation course is engaging, practical and equips staff with the tools needed to robustly investigate serious incidents.

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Verita   9 days ago  

Importance Of Root Cause Analysis Training

Root cause analysis training (RCA) was developed for the health services (NHS) to promote a systematic approach to the investigation of serious incidents.

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Verita   1 days ago  

Our Independent And Objective Approach Public Sector

  • Verita provides independent consultative and investigative services to organisations working within the government sector

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Verita   3 days ago  

Trusted By Many Regulatory Organisations Over

Verita have forged a client-centric approach to determine the client's business requirements and therefore the key ingredient for client governance.

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Verita   1 days ago  

Management Reviews & Support To Inquiries

Verita has experience in providing support to numerous large-scale inquiries, including the first independent inquiry into care provided at Mid Staffordshire NHS FT, and the independent oversight and assurance of Department of Health and Department for Education investigations into matters relating to …

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Verita   9 days ago  

The HSIB; A New Approach Or A Lost Opportunity

  • Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch
  • On 1 April 2016, the legislation which provides for the establishment of the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) came into force
  • The National Health Service Trust Development Authority (Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch) directions 2016 sets out the functions of the HSIB and details the role of the chief investigator to ensure that it is

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Verita   4 days ago  

How Universities Can Continue To Attract The Best Minds

  • It has had the dual benefit of introducing talent to the university pool - students who might otherwise have been excluded because of language barriers - while bringing in revenue at a time when state financial support has been falling
  • American universities are also seeking to do more than bring international students

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Verita   5 days ago  

Patient Safety Training Ready To Take Off After HSIB

  • This month sees the new Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch go live
  • The HSIB was established last year as a national independent patient safety investigation service, offering support and guidance to NHS organisations in this area, as well as carrying out certain investigations itself.

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Verita   Just Now  

Are Universities Healthy

  • Ushering in a new era of serious incident investigation in the healthcare sector Ceara Thacker was a first year philosophy student at Liverpool University
  • In May 2018 she was found dead in her hall of residence
  • The inquest into her death was told that she had been prescribed anti-depressant medication, having suffered from mental …

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Verita   4 days ago  

Report Writing Training Course

Report writing training course “Excellent delivery of information on what I presumed could be dry! All information was relevant and informative and I will put what I have learnt into practice.”

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Verita   1 days ago  

Evaluation Of New Service Improvement Programme Regarding

  • A large mental health foundation trust identified serious service failings in one of its community mental health teams (CMHTs)
  • The service failings were uncovered as a result of routine reviews of performance data, including information about complaints and serious incidents.

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Verita   9 days ago  

Interim Support On An Electronic Risk Management System

  • Over the last two years the trust board has undertaken a number of service improvement initiatives
  • The trust asked Verita to provide interim support on its electronic risk management system (Safeguard) following concerns raised by staff.

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Verita   2 days ago  

Higher Education Archives

  • For providers of higher education, reputation and regulatory compliance are of the utmost importance
  • Educational governance now forms a fundamental element of the educational system
  • Prospective students are more discerning and have a greater choice than ever before.

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Verita   2 days ago  

Lessons From The Carl Beech Case

  • Carl Beech was convicted of fraud and 12 counts of perverting the course of justice on 22nd July 2019
  • This followed him making a series of lurid allegations about senior politicians and military chiefs which led the police to launch a £2.5m investigation into an imaginary VIP paedophile ring
  • Ed Marsden, managing director of Verita, …

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Verita   2 days ago  

Complaint Handling

  • Complaint Handling We provide compliant handling for the NHS, education, charities and the public and private sectors
  • Complaint handling is a key reputational issue for many organisations.

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Verita   1 days ago  

Knowledge Is The Power To Implement Positive Change

  • From charities and healthcare to education and business-to-government, we help a variety of industry sectors
  • Knowledge is the power to implement positive change.

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Verita   3 days ago  

Healthcare Governance

  • Quality Improvement in Healthcare
  • At Verita, we have a long and successful history of working with healthcare organisations to make improvements through investigation, training, and development throughout both the NHS and the private sector.

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Verita   2 days ago  

Duty Of Candour Training Course

Duty of Candour training course Providers must be open and transparent with service users about their care and treatment, including when it goes wrong.

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Verita   2 days ago  

Looking To Be Insightful, Ethical And Professional

  • Verita is a leading independent consultancy for regulated organisations in the UK
  • Covering healthcare, business to government, education, and charities.

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Verita   2 days ago  

Serious Incident Reporting, Investigations & Training

  • At Verita, we understand that investigating serious incidents is crucial for organisational learning to take place
  • Investigators need to ensure that they get to the bottom of the real underlying problems, rather than just focusing on mistakes made at the sharp end
  • We provide investigations training and consultancy.

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Verita   6 days ago  

About Verita The Independent Choice For Regulated

  • Verita are the UK’s leading specialist consultancy for regulated organisations across a variety of sectors

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Verita   3 days ago  

Development Of Multi-professional Approach For Managing

  • The National Maternity Review sets out a vision that ‘those who work together should train together… so that they understand and respect each other’s skills and perspectives.’ We have helped the trust achieve this by providing multi-professional training
  • Course evaluation received from 33 attendees has been provided to the commissioner and was positive.

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Verita   5 days ago  

NHS Investigations

  • Following our NHS investigations, David Aaronovitch in an opinion piece in The Times a couple of weeks ago attacked our recommendation that NHS volunteers should be DBS checked
  • Too bureaucratic and too off-putting by half etc.

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Verita   8 days ago  

Publication Of Verita’s Report For Imperial College

Verita carried out an independent investigation into the management of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust’s disciplinary process resulting in the dismissal of Mr Amin Abdullah.

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Verita   5 days ago  

Objective Investigation Services And Solution Driven

  • We pride ourselves on carrying out thorough, objective investigations that produce comprehensive and professional, evidence-based reports

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Verita   3 days ago  

Collective Grievance Review Made By Consultants Against

  • The review team found that there was substance to the collective grievance, concluding that the situation had come about as a result of two failed trust restructures, a lack of consistent clinical and medical leadership and a failure by the trust executive management team to deliver on commitments.

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Verita   Just Now  

Whistleblowing And Professional Conduct

  • Whistleblowing & Professional Conduct
  • Our challenge was to investigate concerns raised by a whistleblower, who had made allegations about the professional behaviour of a colleague, conflicts of interest a the CCG and the treatment of whistleblowers at the CCG.

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Verita   2 days ago  

Workplace Bullying And Harassment Is It About The Culture

  • Persistent bullying and harassment at work is all too common
  • Human behaviour seems to respect no boundaries with the inevitable outcome being an employment tribunal
  • Learning how to recognise and deal with the problems before they escalate is imperative, now more than ever.

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Verita   9 days ago  

Learning, Candour And Accountability

  • The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has concluded its review of the way NHS trusts review and investigate the deaths of patients in England
  • The report, ‘Learning, candour and accountability’ analyses processes and systems in English NHS trusts (acute, mental health and community trusts) and highlights the

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Verita   1 days ago  

Governance Risk And Compliance

Governance risk and compliance, working with regulated organisations in the UK to aid with compliance and the development of policies and procedures.

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Verita   9 days ago  

The HealthTrust Europe Framework And Verita Become

Verita becomes a certified partner on the HealthTrust Europe framework - The ability of organisations to move swiftly to address actual or potential concerns, for example around governance and compliance, or safety and safeguarding, is vital.

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Verita   1 days ago  

Lessons Learnt From Mental Health Homicide Reviews

  • NHS England (London) recently asked Verita to provide a view of its work on independent homicide reviews
  • The result was me getting up and presenting this view to an audience of families affected by mental health homicides, the police and mental health trusts and commissioners.

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Verita   5 days ago  

Management Reviews

Management Reviews: The Secretary of State for Education asked Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, with the support of Verita, to provide independent oversight and assurance of 14 investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile in schools and children’s homes.

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Verita   4 days ago  

The Independent Choice For Regulated Organisations And

  • Chris has worked for Verita for 12 years
  • She is an experienced investigator and has conducted some high-profile investigations and reviews over the…

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Verita   9 days ago  

Practising Privileges Principles Key Principles

training courses to make sure they give students the skills and knowledge to practice safely and competently Maintain a register that everyone can search Investigate complaints about people on their register and decide if they should be allowed to continue to practice or should be removed from the register - either because of problems with their

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Verita   8 days ago  

Associates -The Independent Choice For Regulated Organisations

  • Stephanie Bown is a highly experienced medico-legal specialist
  • She is a registered medical practitioner and an accredited mediator with a law…

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Verita   8 days ago  

Cambridge University Hospitals

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust published the report of the review it had commissioned from Verita into the governance of its paediatric haematology and oncology service, in light of the conviction of Dr Myles Bradbury for sexually assaulting some of his patients.

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Verita   1 days ago  

Improving Quality Of Serious Incident Investigations At

  • Verita was commissioned by a director from a mental health trust to improve the quality of serious incident investigations produced by investigators at the trust
  • The trust’s commissioners were unsatisfied with the standard of the trust’s investigations and refused to sign off the reports.

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Verita   4 days ago  

Investigating Serious Incidents In The NHS Open & Fair

  • Investigating serious incidents
  • The draft Health Service Safety Investigations Bill aims to bring about a whole-system change to how the NHS investigates and learns from investigating serious incidents
  • A learning culture in the airline industry has led to dramatic improvements in safety and it is this philosophy that is driving the draft investigations bill.

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Verita   5 days ago  

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