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Free Excel Training

  • One way to search for these types of resources or Excel courses, is using MIT's OpenCourseWare project
  • Method #3: Learn by Example This may not be the best place to start if you are a beginner, but after you learn the Excel basics , one of the best ways to learn new techniques, tips, and tricks for making the most of Excel is to look for free

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Vertex42   4 days ago  

Templates For Education

  • Vertex42® provides many free spreadsheet templates and other printable charts, calendars, and schedules for educational purposes
  • Listed below are some of the templates designed specifically for teachers & students.To learn the basics of Excel, check out our new Excel Tutorials - created specifically for middle and high school students.

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Vertex42   4 days ago  

Weekly Class Schedule Template For Excel

  • I used them to plan the courses I was going to take and to figure out my work schedule
  • A class schedule is not hard to make, but it's extremely helpful
  • Time is not a good thing to waste
  • So, if you need a little help with time management, you can get a head start by downloading this simple weekly class schedule template.

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Vertex42   8 days ago  

Free GPA Calculator For Excel

  • The GPA Calculator spreadsheet should be pretty intuitive, and some instructions are included at the top of the worksheet
  • Adding Semesters: In the Course History worksheet, you can include additional semesters by copying the set of rows for one of the semesters and inserting/pasting the set of rows at the bottom.The formulas in the spreadsheet are designed specifically for making this process

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Vertex42   9 days ago  

Free Golf Score Log For Excel

  • This free Golf Score Log spreadsheet was created by request, but I sure had a lot of fun making it
  • I'm not a very good golfer, so I prefer NOT to track my score
  • Compared to most online golf score trackers, the spreadsheet is very basic.But, it does let you easily chart your golf scores for individual courses and it shows your handicap index and the course handicap on the chart.

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Vertex42   9 days ago  

Printable Sign In Sheet Visitor, Class, And Meeting Sign

Do you need a free printable sign in sheet for your office, class, seminar, or open house? Want a simple solution for recording attendance at meetings, classes, and workshops? Below you'll find a free printable sign in form in PDF format as well as a variety of sign in sheet templates for Excel, Word, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets.

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Gradebook Template For Excel

  • This system is commonly used in high schools and for courses that involve more subjective grading like art and literature
  • On each assignment, the grade is recorded as a percentage
  • The percentage might be a calculation, such as earning 25 out of 30 points
  • Or, the percentage might be recorded based on performance or a subjective letter grade.

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Vertex42   4 days ago  

SWOT Analysis Template

A SWOT Analysis is a structured brainstorming and evaluation tool used to identify your internal S trengths and W eaknesses and external O pportunities and T hreats.You can use a SWOT analysis prior to starting a business, to evaluate and grow your current business, prior to launching a new product, or to improve a system or process.

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Free Schedules For Excel Daily Schedules Weekly Schedules

  • We have a number of schedule templates and calendars that you can download and edit using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice
  • A spreadsheet is a great tool for creating a daily schedule or weekly schedule.It's not too difficult to create your own schedule from scratch, but like most people, you probably value your time and money, so hopefully our free schedule templates will be just what you need.

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Vertex42   4 days ago  

Free Printable Running Log Or Walking Log Template For Excel

  • A running log is essential for tracking your daily progress and accomplishments, whether you are running to stay fit, lose weight, or training for a triathalon or marathon
  • Take your training log to the next level with our free running log or walking log.Our running log is very simple, but it also allows you to track the temperature, shoes you were running with, the type of run, and a

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Vertex42   6 days ago  

Free Excel Templates And Spreadsheets

  • This page lists our most popular spreadsheet templates
  • If you are looking for solutions specifically for your business, see our Business Templates page
  • All of our templates were originally created for Microsoft Excel, but most of them are also available for and Google Sheets.

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Free Memorandum Template

  • Email is easy, but you may still need to write an official memo now and then
  • If you're a bit rusty about what format to use for a memo letter, go ahead and download our free Memorandum Template.Not to be confused with a private placement memorandum or credit memo, a memo letter is a type of business letter used mostly for internal communication within a company, organization, or school.

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Vertex42   3 days ago  

Syllabus Template Sample Course Syllabus For Word

  • This syllabus template provides an outline for a common college-level course
  • It was designed to provide the formatting and layout, but it also contains some sample text that you will want to either remove or modify.

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Vertex42   1 days ago  

Free Printable Attendance Sheets

  • Need a free attendance sheet for tracking attendance at meetings, clubs, work, school, or church?We have a number of different types of attendance sheets as well as sign-in and sign-up forms
  • If you are a teacher wanting to track student attendance, try the school attendance tracking templates.

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Vertex42   2 days ago  

Free Rotation Schedule Template

  • I was recently asked if it would be possible to convert my annual calendar template into an automated work rotation schedule, for an employee who is working a rota consisting of a number of days on followed by a number of days off.The result was the new template listed below
  • For other related scheduling templates, see the work schedule and shift schedule.

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Vertex42   2 days ago  

Free Attendance Tracking Templates And Forms

  • License: Private Use (not for distribution or resale) "No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet" - by Jon Wittwer
  • This monthly class attendance tracking form was designed to work for any year and month
  • To start tracking attendance for a new month, simply copy the worksheet, clear the info from the previous month, and change the month via the drop

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Vertex42   4 days ago  

20+ Project Management Templates For Excel

  • 1 Gantt Chart / Project Schedule
  • Vertex42's gantt chart template is a great tool for project scheduling and project tracking.The chart is created using conditional formatting and shows the completion status of …

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Vertex42   9 days ago  

Monte Carlo Simulation In Excel: A Practical Guide

Monte Carlo simulation is often used in business for risk and decision analysis, to help make decisions given uncertainties in market trends, fluctuations, and other uncertain factors.In the science and engineering communities, MC simulation is often used for uncertainty analysis, optimization, and reliability-based design.In manufacturing, MC methods are used to help allocate tolerances in

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Vertex42   2 days ago  

Printable Weekly Student Planners

  • Download a free printable weekly student planner template for Excel or PDF
  • Designed for printing two-sided and bound or placed in a 3-ring binder
  • Multiple designs to choose from.

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Vertex42   5 days ago  

Meeting Minutes Templates For Word

  • Tips for Keeping Minutes Using Robert's Rules
  • Typically, the secretary keeps the minutes as a record of what was done at each meeting
  • In each meeting, the previous meeting's minutes are approved (and corrected, if necessary).

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Timeline Templates For Excel

  • A timeline can be a useful way to visualize changes or events that occur over periods of time
  • Excel can be a great tool for creating timelines, particularly when you want to perform date calculations or take advantage of the drawing tools in Excel.

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Printable Reward Charts For Kids

  • A reward chart or chore chart can be a great way to teach children to develop good habits and a good work ethic
  • Although it's not always the only motivation required to get kids to do their chores, practice the piano, or maintain good behavior in a classroom, a reward system is very effective.

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Excel Calendar Template For 2021 And Beyond

  • One of the reasons many people prefer using an Excel calendar over other calendar software is the flexibility a spreadsheet gives you when entering events, highlighting cells, formatting, etc
  • Excel, originally created for accounting purposes, has turned into one of the most popular tools for creating custom calendars.
  • Theme-Enabled Excel Calendar Templates

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Academic Calendar Templates For 2021-2022

  • Download a free 2021-2022 Academic Year Calendar that you can edit with Excel, or quickly print a blank school calendar from the PDFs listed on this page
  • Our academic calendars all have a unique format, using a serif font and conservative color schemes, designed with colleges and universities in mind.
  • If you don't find the style of calendar that you need on this page, see our other …

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Vertex42   7 days ago  

Free Complaint Letter Template Sample Letter Of Complaint

  • Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the grease! Use our free letter of complaint template to help you write retail stores or service providers concerning issues you are having with their products or services
  • This template will help when writing complaint letters to companies to let them know of the issues you are having and to seek their help in resolving the issue.

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Experts Share Their 10 Favorite Excel Functions

  • Onur hosts the website and has a background in engineering and finance
  • He specializes in template design and was the Turkey Excel Champion in 2016
  • Here is his list of favorite functions: “ *LEN: The most reliable solution for me to check if a cell is blank or has "" in it

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Vertex42   5 days ago  

Financial Modeling Spreadsheets, Templates, Functions And

  • Financial Modeling Software for Excel
  • I'm not going to list all of the financial modeling software that is available for Excel, but I will offer a few suggestions:
  • Take a look at the financial functions that are already available in Excel.; Look for add-ins that provide additional financial functions.Many add-ins include specialized functions that you can use to create your own models.

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2020 Calendar Templates And Images

  • Edit and print your own calendars for 2020 using our collection of 2020 Calendar Templates for Excel
  • These calendars are great for family, clubs, and other organizations
  • Quickly print a blank yearly 2020 calendar for your fridge, desk, planner or wall using one of our PDFs or Images.

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Ideas For Earning Extra Money – Part 1

  • Consider mentoring or training courses to learn more about starting a freelance writing business and use Vertex42's business start up costs template to help you figure out how much it will cost you to get your business off the ground
  • We've got 30 more ideas like these to share in the next 3 parts of this series, so stay tuned.

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