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Online Education Online Learning Distance Learning

  • Read ViTutors blog articles about online education
  • We discuss various trends, practices and technologies in online learning, distance learning, etc.

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Education Resources Teaching Resources Free Teaching

  • OER Commons is one of free educational websites
  • It is a public digital library of open educational resources that teachers and educators can use free of cost
  • These include textbooks, readings, videos and audio files, assessments, test prep tools like test banks, online courses, lesson plans, and open software.

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Online Tutor How To Become Tutor How To Be A Tutor

  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are offered by several popular platforms to provide students with a flexible way to learn new skills or educational concepts
  • If private one-on-one tutoring is not for you or if you don’t feel ready yet, but you believe you have the skill and knowledge to deliver a lesson, try your hands at MOOCs and see

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Higher Education Postsecondary Education Educational

Top courses for higher education in Japan: Most international students in Japan were enrolled in university undergraduate programs (89,602 students, 28% of total enrolments) followed by Japanese language institutes (83,811 students, 26.8% of total enrolments), and professional training colleges (78,844 students, 25.2% of total enrolments).

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Learn Spanish Spanish Tutor Spanish Tutoring Study

  • Spanish courses can’t be left out of the equation because they contribute greatly to learning a second language faster
  • There are many courses you can find online
  • However, you can also go to language learning schools in your area, which is a …

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Online Tutoring For Kids Online Tutor Services Virtual

  • However, like classroom-based courses, students of online courses need ongoing tutor support to stay motivated and engaged
  • In distant learning that keeps students physically away from their teachers, the real-time communication with the tutor helps …

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Online Tutoring Services Online Tutoring Online

  • We are all aware of a large number of online video courses on a variety of subjects
  • Such videos, both common and esoteric, are now being available on multiple online learning platforms
  • Taking advantage of this upsurge, a number of niche subject area specialists are stepping forward to be available for one-on-one online tutoring.

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Preparing For SAT SAT Tutoring SAT Coaching Best SAT

  • You have online SAT prep courses designed for self-prep, SAT coaching for small groups, SAT classes for larger groups, SAT prep private tutoring, and even online 1 on 1 SAT tutoring
  • One thing you must bear in mind is that SAT is a competitive exam
  • It compares your test taking skills and scoring abilities with that of your peers.

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Top 10 Need Based Scholarships For High School Seniors

  • They usually include Honors, AP, and/or IB level courses
  • Recipients must also be in the top 5-10% of graduating class, show minimum SAT score >1280 or ACT composite score >27, evidence of strong writing ability, intellectual spark, and determination through essays and teacher/counsellor recommendations.

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Python Tutors C++ Tutors Java Tutors SQL Tutors C

  • In addition to coding courses for beginners, it provides lesson plans to help computing tutors and teachers plan their sessions
  • They have quizzes, practice content, and exercises in coding
  • Codecademy’s USP is in text-based languages
  • One can also upgrade to the premium version for more support on lessons

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Trends In Education Online Learning Teaching Strategy

  • They provide courses in a huge variety of topics broken down into small modules
  • Adult education is seeing a revival due to this teaching strategy
  • Today, bite sized learning is a burgeoning sector that gives teachers limitless creative opportunities to impart instruction.

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Online English Tutoring English Tutor ESL TESOL

  • People with a background in literature, professional writers, authors of published works, etc., are likely to be accepted as creative writing experts
  • The assignments you get will not be long-term, one-on-one gigs
  • They are more likely to be in the nature of creative writing workshops, MOOCs, short courses

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Online Tutoring Business Online Whiteboard Video Chat

  • This could be very useful for advanced courses such as engineering level virtual tutoring jobs
  • However, it may be too complex for school level tutoring jobs
  • Screen recording and video editing
  • Many of the popular free video chat apps have a video recording function that is widely used in online tutoring
  • However, there are apps that record

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Tutoring Near Me Tutoring Services Tutoring Agencies

  • First of all, I filtered out all the tutoring agencies near me that offered advanced courses, test prep and entrance exam coaching
  • These weren’t relevant for my daughter
  • I scanned websites and fliers and made a few phone calls
  • Finally, I had a focused list of tutoring services for elementary students near me
  • The idea was to make sure that

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Preparing For ACT ACT Math Tutor ACT Writing ACT

  • However, there are quite a few noteworthy ones that don’t need your ACT writing scores even for these courses
  • As of today, only 12 colleges require it
  • Colleges change their requirements frequently – double-check with the schools for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Minority Scholarships Hispanic Scholarship Fund Black

(STEM scholarship is given to any field of study in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.) This is a highly selective STEM scholarship that requires the applicant to demonstrate rigorous course of study in high school in math and science courses, including pre …

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About courses

These free courses are aimed at graduate level students. Some of these courses even allow for a peer feedback mechanism. Stanford Online is a great site for high quality free online courses, though the topics are somewhat limited compared to sites partnered with more than one school.


Total: 17 New Courses


What are the best courses?

Golfweek's Best 2020: Top 100 Best Courses You Can Play

  1. Pebble Beach Golf Links Pebble Beach, Calif. (No. ...
  2. Bandon Dunes (Pacific Dunes) Bandon, Ore. (No. ...
  3. Pinehurst (No. ...
  4. Bandon Dunes (Old Macdonald) Bandon, Ore. ...
  5. Whistling Straits (Straits) Mosel, Wis. ...
  6. Bandon Dunes (Bandon Dunes) Bandon, Ore. ...
  7. Shadow Creek North Las Vegas, Nev. ...
  8. Kiawah Island Golf Resort (Ocean Course) Kiawah Island, S.C. ...

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How to choose your courses?

How to choose the right college course

  • Be open to all of your options. Whether you've known for a long time what you want to do in college, or you're completely unsure, try to be open when ...
  • Think about your interests. ...
  • Do your research. ...
  • Think about life after college. ...
  • Aim high. ...
  • Choose something broad. ...
  • Talk to someone about your options. ...
  • Consider alternatives. ...

What are some of the best Coursera courses?


Coursera Course Course Rating
Data Structures and Algorithms Rated 4.7 out of 5 of 4369 ratings
Algorithms Rated 4.8 out of 5 of 2521 ratings
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for ... Rated 4.4 out of 5 of 456 ratings
Computational Thinking for Problem Solvi ... Rated 4.8 out of 5 of 193 ratings
7 more rows ... Mar 3 2021

What courses are needed?

Colleges and universities require a basic level of education for all degrees and majors. The topics needed usually include English, mathematics, sciences, humanities, public speaking and foreign language. Some degree plans have required courses that apply to the general education courses.

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