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Major League Baseball Reacts To COVID-19

  • Outside of sports, several colleges and universities, as well as many K-12 schools, are switching to online-only courses until at least after spring break — and some for the remainder of the spring semester
  • Congress closed the Capitol Building to the general public until April.

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Why I’m A Cardinals Fan

  • Our extra practice sessions suddenly turned into crash courses of catching drills
  • I sometimes caught my older brother during pitching lessons, who was often scouted until a couple surgeries derailed his career in Junior College
  • This was different though, attempting to learn the techniques for preventing steals, framing, calling pitches, and

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On Baseball Writing

Let’s get this out of the way upfront — this article isn’t going to be about the Cardinals, at least not really.I’m more of a peripheral writer here than anything else at this point, coasting on the efforts of people like Aaron, Tyler, Heather, Josey, and John, but even for me, this article is not going to be very Cardinals-heavy.

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2015 Draft Preview Cinco: Righthanders Of The High School

McKenzie has many of those same traits, including the intelligence; he's an extremely bright, mature kid who at 16 had already gone through several CPR courses as part of an ambition to become a paramedic, and he brings that intelligence to the mound.

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Lethal Pitch Sequencing With Trevor Rosenthal

  • Granted, a good portion of his recent success is likely the virtue of a healthier 2017
  • Inflammation in his throwing arm's rotator cuff shelved Rosenthal for nearly two months last year and a right lat strain sustained in Spring Training forced him onto the disabled list to open up this season.

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Taveras, Pierzynski, And The Science Of Motivation

It's 110 degrees outside during most of the day, and when it starts to cool off, all the outdoor stuff that's remotely fun for a sports fan (golf courses, driving ranges, batting cages) is closed, as if the entire state just hates money.

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It is a throw so perfect, it should be taught in graduate courses on outfield throws at Baseball University. It takes one perfect, Tom Emanski hop into Yadier Molina's mitt, and Ellis is absolutely dead at the plate. In terms of win probability, Beltran's double-play swung the odds a whopping 32% in the Cardinals direction.


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