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SEAT Apprentice School For More Than 60 Years

  • What began with courses of a puerly technical nature is now a Dual Training system with more than 5,000 theoretical and practical class hours per student
  • In its 62 years of existence, more than 2,800 students have received training at the …

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SEAT Accelerates The Training Of Its More Than 15,000

  • The courses are offered in collaboration with the Coursera platform and the Foxize academy, and SEAT is exploring further cooperation with additional partners
  • Participants who complete them will obtain their corresponding certification, which …

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Volkswagen Group Culture Sustainability

  • The courses also propose new approaches how to integrate art into educational activities with children and teenagers
  • With help of Volkswagen Group of America, the range of online courses has been significantly expanded since 2011 and complemented by a series of free courses.

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SEAT Opens The Doors Of Its New Electromobility Training

  • SEAT is gearing up for an electric future
  • In keeping with its firm commitment to training and employment, the company has set up the electromobility Learning Center (eLC), its own training facility in electromobility
  • The new 400 square metre building, located in the heart of the Martorell factory, offers a complete programme on the electric vehicle, which has been especially designed by SEAT.

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Successful Model Of Dual Training: Some 800 Young People

  • At Audi’s site in Neckarsulm, dual courses of study for a bachelor’s degree are available in cooperation with the Baden‑Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)
  • Audi will offer a permanent job to all of the young people who successfully complete their dual vocational training or …

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Volkswagen Starts “Faculty 73” Training Program For IT

  • The newly-established “Faculty 73” at Volkswagen has begun its training program for software developers
  • In the four weeks since the program got underway the 100 participants have already developed and programmed the first model vehicles and built …

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Education Award: Making The Volkswagen Workforce Fit For

  • “i-Learning Leads the Innovation of Employee Learning in SAIC VOLKSWAGEN” is the name of an innovative digital learning platform in China enabling learning communities as well as flexible booking dedicated online training, blended learning programs and live courses
  • The platform is a holistic system from booking learning formats through to

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Automobili Lamborghini Earns “Top Employer Italy 2021

The digital project “Fermarsi e Formarsi” - Stop and Train - has tips and advice on making the best use of time spent in quarantine, such as free training courses and ideas for personal wellbeing: this included webinars taken by panels of experts who were called on to support the psychological and physical wellbeing of employees, as well as

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Training And Professional Development

  • At Volkswagen, our capacity for innovation and competitiveness depends to a large extent on the commitment and knowledge of our staff
  • Training at Volkswagen is organized very systematically on the basis of the so-called vocational groups.A vocational group includes all employees whose tasks are based on similar technical skills and who require related expertise in order to perform their jobs.

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Refugee Aid Volkswagen Group Sustainability

  • After all, these are the keys to a refugee’s ability to attend occupational training courses and to becoming integrated into the workforce
  • As part of these activities, a number of Group locations have created programs to determine an individual's skill level, are providing language qualification courses and are offering opportunities to

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Volkswagenag   3 days ago  

‘360 Degrees German’ Language And Social Participation

  • With this hybrid model, you can flexibly and spontaneously switch between presence and online courses
  • Thus, digital learning and working is not only taught, but applied in practice
  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Volkswagen Group Refugee Aid are again supporting what is now the third running of the ‘360 Degrees German’ project.

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Volkswagenag   4 days ago  

Students From Seven Nations: Volkswagen Starts The Second

  • As level B2 in German is needed for participation in training, the Group refugee aid body will be providing language courses for the two students concerned
  • Mohammed Alashtal, who succeeded in the selection procedure and originally came from Jordan, says “Faculty 73 is a new chapter in my life and will hopefully be the start of a career with

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ŠKODA AUTO Trains Staff

  • The company’s own ŠKODA Academy alone had already trained 12,000 employees by the end of June 2019
  • Approximately 1,450 members of staff at supplier companies and around 700 students also completed training courses
  • ŠKODA AUTO’s Technical Training department developed the content of the courses for the various target groups.

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Into Pole Position With “Faculty 73”

  • More courses of study are currently being planned
  • In addition to their qualification, the participants will get a job in one of Volkswagen’s future-oriented areas
  • In this way, the company gains custom-taught, qualified software developers, which they have essentially “baked” themselves.

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Volkswagenag   2 days ago  

Audi Sport Racing Academy – Promoting Talent

  • The training courses will take place on the premises of Audi Neuburg
  • They can eventually put their learned knowledge into practice by racing in the Audi TT cup and the Audi R8 LMS
  • Marc Klöppel and Gerd Lambert’s TKL Motorsport team, which has previously prepared and used the Audi race experience GT3 cars, will now enter two Audi R8 LMS

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Powerful Battery Systems From Braunschweig: Volkswagen

  • The battery system product provides employment for more than 800 employees
  • The employees required for the expansion of the production capacities were largely retrained for the new tasks within the site and prepared for working with high voltages through tailored training courses and qualifications

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Investing In The Future Porsche Trains Technicians For

Information in accordance with directive 1999/94/EC as amended: further information on the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions of new cars can be found in the 'Guide on the fuel economy, CO2 emissions and power consumption of all new passenger car models' available free of charge at all points of sale in Germany and from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand …

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Volkswagenag   4 days ago  

Comprehensive Modernisation Of The ŠKODA Vocational School

  • Courses at the ŠKODA Vocational School are free of charge for students; and they are reimbursed for the work completed as part of their apprenticeship
  • ŠKODA guarantees its students employment once they have successfully completed the course
  • Since as early as 1927, the Czech manufacturer has had its own vocational school at its headquarters

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CC-Projects In India

  • The students are offered 3 different levels of computer courses (Basic, Basic Plus and Advanced) wherein they are trained on using the Internet, email, Impress, and Writer
  • The schools have access to Computer Shiksha helpline for any queries on training materials or hardware/operating system issues.

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Volkswagen Congratulates The Museum Of Modern Art On 80

A multi-year sponsor of MoMA and MoMA PS1 since 2011, Volkswagen became lead sponsor of MoMA Education in 2015, supporting efforts to significantly expand the museum's instructor-led Coursera online courses, interactive apps, and free downloadable resources to …

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Connected Cars: Software Development At Volkswagen

  • The car of the future is fully connected
  • Developing cars is the domain of engineers, but they are working more and more frequently and closely together with software developers – for example in Volkswagen’s Electrics/Electronics Development department
  • 1,400 employees are writing the operating system for the mobility of the future.

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CC-Projects In China

  • In 2020, “My Green University” has been upgraded with a more result-oriented assessment system, together with 8 sets of online courses on topics of environmental education and biodiversity
  • A total of 5,125 teachers have been trained online and passed the online exam in 2020, among which, 5,034 teachers have obtained the Teacher Ambassador

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In-house Training For IT Experts

  • In the next few years, the economy will need more IT experts and software developers than are currently available in the labor market
  • The Volkswagen Group has just launched its qualification program “Faculty 73,” which will make an effective contribution to closing this gap.

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1950–1960: Internationalisation And Mass Production In The

A department established in 1953 to promote domestic sales offers dealers a wide range of study courses and issues the weekly publication “Schnell-Information für VW-Verkäufer” (Quick Information for VW Salesmen) as well as the “Brief an VW-Verkaufsleiter” (Sales Manager Bulletin).

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Zwickau Plant To Become Center Of E-mobility

  • The training courses will start in January 2019 and run through 2021
  • They will be accompanied by a motivation and change concept
  • This will include driving events with the e-Golf (power consumption in kWh/100 km: 12.7 (combined); CO 2 emissions in g/km: 0 (combined); efficiency class: A+), MEB Team Talks (internal discussions) and the new

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Immigrants Train To Become Service Technicians

A few improvements are planned for the next round, one being that Swedish for immigrants (SFI) language courses will be included in the programme and the students will have a language teacher alongside their tutor of vehicle construction to …

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Training At MAN – Portrait Of A Refugee

  • The company and its employees help to support refugees in their day-to-day lives – for example, with language and school preparatory courses, comprehensive educational and leisure activities and by providing vehicles
  • Employees at the MAN sites in Germany also collect donations for aid organizations.

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Audi Starts Further-training Campaign For Big Data And

Courses on data science and machine learning specifically for Audi employees at Udacity online platform Read further Audi is making its employees fit for the digital future: Under the “” motto, the automobile manufacturer has started a further-training campaign focused on big data and artificial intelligence.

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1961–1972: Boom And Crisis In The One-Product Business

  • The partial privatisation of Volkswagen results in a new “people’s share” in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • By March 15 of this year, Volkswagen shares with a total nominal value of DM 360 Million are sold at a unit price of DM 350.

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Volkswagen Group

  • At the plant in Pune, India, a total of 39 Indian master craftsmen from three courses received their qualification, after 49 employees had participated in the training the year before
  • In addition, a total of 65 employees across five courses completed basic leadership qualification training in the reporting period.

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Zwickau Dossier: What Volkswagen Is Planning For The

  • Moreover, 3,000 employees are participating in courses at the e-mobility training center, which is aimed providing in-depth training for new production-related challenges
  • In addition, approximately 1,500 employees are getting what is referred to as a high-voltage driver’s license, to ensure they are prepared for working with high-voltage

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Refugee Aid: Hanno Shows Matran The Way To College

  • The Volkswagen Group is working in many ways to promote the integration of refugees into German life – from language courses to occupational training and meetings with employees
  • During the guide program run by the Group office “Refugee Assistance,” employees spend six months serving as the partners of refugees who want to attend college

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100 CSR Projects Throughout The World: Volkswagen Brand

  • One tool is the 3D game “Autopolis” in which the player drives virtually, learning about traffic safety and legislation and being penalized for offences
  • Another innovative tool is the format MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses, offering seminars to …

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Slavery And Human Trafficking Statement

  • be variously integrated in wider compliance training courses
  • A comprehensive, stand-alone intensive training course that intro-duces the topic is also planned Furthermore, communication on this topic has been increased with, for instance, a communication strategy having been developed

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“Diversity Is A Strong Competitive Advantage”

  • Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has led to delays, as such training courses work best when held in person
  • You have to look each other in the eyes and talk openly
  • We want to complete the training by 2022 at the latest
  • But that alone is not enough – there are clear rules
  • Our principles of conduct prohibit discriminatory behavior in any form.

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Audi Once Again “best Training Company” In 2017

  • The assessment criteria of the FOCUS MONEY study included training success and pay, as well as aspects such as the offer of special support programs or dual courses of study
  • Audi scored well also in those areas.

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Why Volkswagen Is An Ideal Employer For UX Designers

  • In the computer science courses, she notices that there are very few women in the department
  • For her master’s thesis, she wants to program software with which the fulfilment of design specifications can be tested
  • She looks for a supervisor – but a tutor harshly rejects her with the words: “You can’t do that!” Nadja Bogdanova says

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Volkswagen Promotes Art And Culture

  • One example of the many joint projects is the museum’s online courses, which are available for free to art lovers throughout the world
  • More than 300,000 people have already used the offering – and the course has even been translated into Mandarin Chinese thanks to Volkswagen.

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Apprentices Of 2017 Intake Form A Strong Team – 626

  • In my opinion, it is the right approach to bring all the apprentices and students on dual courses of study together for an active community experience at the beginning of their training,” says Works Council member Gerardo Scarpino, responsible for vocational and advanced training
  • “This way, our new apprentices get to know each other better.

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Volkswagen Financial Services Support NABU In The

  • Volkswagen Financial Services and the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) are expanding their successful cooperation in nature and climate protection over the next three years
  • As part of this partnership, the financial and mobility service provider of the Volkswagen Group is making EUR 450,000 available to Germany's largest nature conservation organization for the

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Professional Development

  • These include personal development programs, interdisciplinary seminars and courses, and specialized training options designed for the particular needs of individual vocational groups
  • In the reporting period, 86,316 participants received further training at the 10,060 seminars held by Volkswagen Group Academy lasting a total of 213,678

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Algeria's New Dream Factory

  • In order to prepare for the new task, he completed training courses at ŠKODA in the Ukraine, Seat in Spain, and Volkswagen in Wolfsburg
  • Read further "Wolfsburg was the most exciting thing for me
  • It was absolutely amazing to see how a finished car is produced from lots of components
  • After five weeks of training, I now know myself how to make

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Volkswagen Works On CO2-neutral Supply Chain

  • The Drive Sustainability working group is developing uniform monitoring instruments and sustainability training courses for suppliers
  • The targeted reduction of these raw materials within the battery cells is also important
  • Volkswagen's research and development department is currently working intensively on …

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“Audi Spaces” Enables Learning And Working In A Virtual Space

  • Audi spaces thus opens up new opportunities for training Audi employees: it enables not only meetings, but also conceptually and methodically planned training courses from the Audi Akademie
  • With the continually growing functional scope of the tool, learning and training scenarios, workshops, coaching sessions, and also consultations can be

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