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DEI Training: Gender Pronouns Vyond

  • An added benefit of using interactive courses is that it gives you a chance to see if people are actually learning the material
  • When paired with a learning management system (LMS), you can track everyone’s progress, see if people are passing the courses, where they’re getting hung up, and how long the material’s taking to complete.

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Vyond   1 days ago  

Developing An Effective Employee Training Program Vyond

  • The right learning management system (LMS) allows you to host courses online and track employee performance
  • Many LMS platforms even support gamification, which is a huge motivator for employees
  • In fact, 83% of people feel more motivated to complete training when it’s gamified.

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Vyond   9 days ago  

The Benefits Of Video For Food Safety Training Vyond

  • To host your training courses, learning management systems (LMSs) are available in a wide range of pricing models for your budget and use case
  • An LMS will serve as a host for your food safety training courses
  • Some learning management software also lets you assign courses to employees and organize them in a central, accessible location.

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Vyond   8 days ago  

Importance Of Video Animation In Remote Training Vyond

  • Additional Tips for Remote Training Courses
  • Remote training is different from traditional training and, as such, requires a different approach
  • The following tips will help ensure that your team is getting as much from remote training courses as possible
  • Many people may be working remotely for the first time too.

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Vyond   5 days ago  

Changing The Way I Teach Scenario-Based ELearning Design

  • “I am now halfway through the program and found that the courses have all fallen into one of two camps
  • The use of the video examples helps put this course in camp where the instructor actively interacts with the class!” – student “I am really looking forward to this project!

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Vyond   3 days ago  

Video Hero: How Matt Moran Uses Vyond To Create Engaging

  • The popularity of online courses has grown enormously over the last decade, and it’s no surprise
  • Armed with some simple content creation tools, a modern educator can use the web to reach learners all around the globe with interactive, engaging lessons.

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Interactive Videos: 69 Best Examples We’ve Ever Seen Vyond

  • Developed or students who take online courses, this instructional video by Michelle Lekkerkerk at California Community Colleges helps viewers learn how to manage their time, organize their assignments, develop a schedule, avoid procrastination, and stay motivated
  • After taking a quiz to learn their style of …

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Vyond   9 days ago  

Make Animated Training And ELearning Videos Vyond

  • Today’s learners need more than printouts and PowerPoint presentations
  • They need active, dynamic content that keeps them engaged
  • Make learning come alive with Vyond.

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Vyond   6 days ago  

What To Look For In An LMS ELearning Platform Vyond

  • Online courses, eLearnings, and LMS platforms are all avenues for learning
  • But the experiences that eLearning and online courses offer are vastly different from an LMS
  • An eLearning or online course is a self-contained experience — it’s a lesson limited by …

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Vyond   2 days ago  

A Guide To Creating Hospitality Training Videos Vyond

  • eLearning courses give you more control over your training
  • Because you can design and pre-set your courses, you can make sure every detail is covered in a way that reinforces your company brand
  • When every employee watches the same video, everyone gets the same training for every role across locations.

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Vyond   8 days ago  

The Benefits Of ELearning Courses In Healthcare Vyond

  • Using SAP Litmos Courses, Shore Health was able to create engaging training material that included courses, a reference library, and supplemental in-person training
  • With this new material, Shore cut the time required to train new and existing staff …

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Customer Support Training Video Strategies And Examples

  • A customer support training video strategy will help you teach your team how to manage various customer service scenarios
  • This post outlines five ideas for customer service training, provides training template videos, and teaches you how to get started.

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Vyond   2 days ago  

5 Awesome Authoring Tools Vyond

  • What’s more, they’re reusable, meaning they can be duplicated in other projects and tweaked as needed – a real time saver for anyone building multiple courses along similar lines
  • One of the most powerful features is the screen recording function and the option to augment the resulting video with captions, characters, and various effects.

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Vyond   8 days ago  

Video Hero: How Rued Teaches Business Owners To Improve

  • Rued: My next project is the third of three courses on video creation, which is on the scriptwriting process
  • It’s called “ Strong Scripts: How to Structure Videos that Work ”, and here I share everything I’ve learned from creating more than 200 videos from scratch
  • And one of the main lessons is that it very much comes down to the script.

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Vyond   5 days ago  

100+ Video Marketing Statistics For 2020 Vyond

  • Google searches for online courses grew by over 70% globally between the last week of March and the first week of April 2020, while global YouTube watch time for lectures on spoken languages have grown more than 6X year over year

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Vyond   2 days ago  

What Netflix Can Teach L&D Professionals Vyond

  • Intermediate: Courses include “click and reveal” interactions, and quizzes include drag-and-drop and matching activities
  • Advanced : Courses feature many interactive media elements—such as interactive infographics and videos—and quizzes include branched scenarios where learners follow a certain path based on their answers.

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Vyond   9 days ago  

12 Tips To Make ELearning Engaging With Video Vyond

  • Check whether the hosting platform for your courses offers a save function
  • If so, turn it on so users are able to step away from the session and resume it later
  • At the very least, be sure that your course video player allows students to hit pause
  • Interruptions happen, and learners need mental breaks, so an option to stop the course improves

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Vyond   8 days ago  

AICC Vs SCORM Vs XAPI: Choosing A Technical Standard Vyond

  • At that time, AICC courses were largely shared via CDs or floppy discs, and the internet boom and the increase in digital media had created a compliance gap
  • Like AICC, SCORM guidelines were meant to reduce the cost of eLearning courses by making them work with more learning management systems
  • Today, SCORM is the most commonly used technical

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Vyond   4 days ago  

What Is SCORM Compliance For ELearning Vyond

  • The courses available to companies and organizations were dependent on whatever LMS they used
  • SCORM compliance was born out of this need to make courses more accessible
  • Instead of only working on one LMS, courses can be accessed on a wide range of systems, so long as both the content and the LMS are SCORM compliant

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Vyond   1 days ago  

How To Make An Instructional Video: 25 Essential Tips

  • eLearning: Online courses; HR professionals: Employee training videos; Of course, there’s no guarantee that people will watch these videos beyond a few seconds
  • It’s not enough to share instructions for completing a task
  • Engaging instructional videos must be easy to follow, visually dynamic, and speak to a target audience’s needs, among

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Vyond   7 days ago  

Microlearning Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide Vyond

  • Ready to get started? The first step of any successful microlearning video (or video in general) is pre-production — a.k.a., planning
  • It may be tempting to skip this step in favor of going straight to the execution stage.

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Vyond   4 days ago  

Make Education More Effective With ELearning Animation Vyond

  • Whether you’re educating for a living or using eLearning to promote your products, animations can make your courses more effective and help your brand in the long run
  • The days of dull eLearning courses are behind us
  • With the many tools available, creating effective eLearning animation has never been easier
  • Put on your creative cap and let

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Vyond   4 days ago  

How To Add Animation To Your Articulate Storyline Courses

  • Adding animation to your Storyline courses is a simple process that can seriously upgrade your learning material
  • With its unique styles and use of movement, animation makes courses more engaging and informative
  • Use this guide to quickly create animations–characters, GIFs, videos–that make your Storyline courses both useful and captivating.

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Vyond   1 days ago  

Weekly Webinar Vyond

  • We’d like to invite you to a live “getting started” session we’re hosting to help you create your first video
  • In 45 minutes you’ll learn how to become a Vyond pro
  • Many of our customers find these helpful, so we encourage you to attend.

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Webinar: Articulate Storyline + Vyond Vyond

  • Mohammed is an Account Executive at Vyond, and a Vyond Studio expert
  • Mohammed spends his time assisting customers, attending conferences and trade shows, and giving in-person presentations to demonstrate how Vyond can change the way companies communicate.

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Spotlight: Anika Duvall On GoAnimate And ELearning Vyond

  • Bring a concept to life: using animated videos to illustrate an idea or concept makes our e-learning courses more impactful and sets up our learners for success
  • All of these uses have been popular, but my favorite use of GoAnimate videos has been to …

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Vyond   2 days ago  

Microlearning Series Create With Vyond Studio

  • Across industries, companies want workers to regularly build their knowledge
  • But traditional learning methods—textbooks, lectures, online courses—are often too time-consuming to fit in busy work schedules
  • As a quicker learning solution, we recommend training employees with microlearning videos.

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How Wrike Uses Vyond To Increase Adoption Of ELearning Courses

  • Upon using Vyond to create animated eLearning courses, Wrike saw an increase in course completion and even found themselves saving money on training—all without extensive experience using Vyond
  • We sat down with Wrike’s head of customer education, Chris Van Reusen, to learn more about the company’s journey with animation and eLearning

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Vyond   2 days ago  

Your Guide For How To Build Culture In A Remote Team With

When it comes to training topics, some company training course topics are matching what employees are seeking (courses on ethics, data security, and mental health), but some needs are quickly changing and going unmet (management in a remote environment, health safety, having difficult conversations with superiors).

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Vyond   2 days ago  

Driving ELearning Engagement In A Remote Work

  • Animate your courses and engage your audience
  • Remote work—voluntary or not—may have changed how we measure, track, and improve engagement, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing
  • TalentLMS makes it easy to store your courses and serve them to your audience in a fast, reliable way.

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Animation And Learning, An ELearning Profile Vyond

  • Rebecca Ogrady-Marshall of eLearn Hub s hares her insights on animated video in eLearning, and discusses her experiences using GoAnimate
  • Rebecca is the Founder of eLearn Hub, the foremost resource for online learning.At eLearn Hub, Rebecca focuses on making online learning simple by developing programs based on the most innovative and integrative learning procedures.

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Updating Your Company’s Sexual Harassment Training Vyond

  • The education most companies provide comes in the form of live seminars with an instructor, or courses employees can take online
  • Some HR departments even offer sample communication packets that senior leaders can distribute to employees.

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Vyond   2 days ago  

The Complete Guide To Microlearning Videos Vyond

  • But traditional learning methods—textbooks, lectures, online courses—are often too time-consuming to fit in busy work schedules
  • According to The Association for Talent Development (ATD), organizations must be prepared to facilitate a learning experience at a moment’s notice to capitalize on motivational windows before they close.

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Vyond   5 days ago  

Mosaico ELearning & Goanimate: Partners In Italy Vyond

  • Mosaico eLearning is an Italian elearning company which produces high-quality courses built around the passion and experience of a team of creative communicators and technology enthusiasts
  • An international reality, which distinguishes itself thanks to the constant pursuit of the quality and style typical of “Made in Italy” applied to

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Vyond   5 days ago  

Webinar: Advanced Vyond + Adobe Vyond

  • Do you feel like the videos you create in Vyond Studio are missing that extra spark to help capture your audience’s attention? In this webinar, Taylor Morgan will present common problems that people encounter when creating videos and offer solutions for how to fix them
  • He’ll teach you his tips and tricks for how to take your videos from good to great.

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Move   9 days ago  

Case Studies Vyond

  • How Wrike Uses Vyond to Increase Adoption of eLearning Courses In 2015, the work management platform Wrike began rapidly growing
  • With an expanding user base, the company needed a way to quickly create high-quality customer training resources.

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Vyond   5 days ago  

PDT Global Speeds Up Learning Production And Saves $20K

  • The consultancy also uses Vyond to create augmented reality learning courses where students in a classroom can scan posters to watch videos
  • “Participants download the learning app Zappar, they scan the posters in the classroom, and that pulls up Vyond videos we’ve created on the app,” said Nic
  • “Students love it–they can start learning right away, even if the class hasn’t started.”

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Vyond   9 days ago  

How To Evolve Your Corporate Trainings For 2020 Vyond

  • Matt Moran, a professional public speaking coach for over 20 years, uses Vyond to help build his online courses
  • Vyond’s ease of use and storytelling capabilities are only part of his reasons for using Vyond, in addition to combining it with live-action to break up the monotony of speaking to his audience.

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Vyond   3 days ago  

4 Ways To Use GIFs In Everyday Communication Vyond

  • Promote your courses with a GIF or animated marketing video that shows folks why they should attend rather than telling them
  • Make it fun, make ‘em laugh, and make it in minutes with Vyond Studio
  • If you have a Vyond account, you can import this example as a video template and add your own custom characters.

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Vyond   2 days ago  

Creating Accessible Video Content Following Web Content

  • For eLearning courses, enable keyboard shortcuts
  • This helps avoid scrolling or requiring a “click and drag” interaction
  • Color and font are an easy place to start
  • Simple changes can give you an immediate accessibility lift
  • For fonts, be sure to use ADA and WCAG-compliant font types for accessibility
  • This can benefit everyone when it

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Vyond   6 days ago  

Vyond Employee Highlight: Prakriti Rai, Video Producer

  • Growing up, I had a limited idea of the scope of visual media as a career primarily because the Nepali education system didn’t have courses on subjects like photography or video production
  • However, I was fascinated with cameras ever since I was a kid.

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Vyond   1 days ago  

Timesaving Tricks For E-Learning Developers Vyond

  • “ You know those e-Learning developers who are out there, churning out amazing looking courses? I bet you’re sitting there wondering how they can quickly produce such great content
  • Well, I’m here to tell you that they have a secret
  • The secret is that they’re not starting from scratch
  • That’s right, those tricksters are using

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Vyond   1 days ago  

Ask Me Anything With Karl Kapp Vyond

  • Too many eLearning courses are too easy and when a course is easy, people don’t think it’s valuable
  • You need to add some rigor to your eLearning courses
  • encase your instructional message in a story
  • Stories drive learning, increase retention and provide models for …

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