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Intro To Trail Running: A Complete Beginner's Guide

On my road runs, I often run courses that pass city parks equipped with water fountains or such, making the need to carry water on me less crucial. With trail running, however, be sure to do your research ahead of time to determine whether you are running a water supported trail or not.

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Top 29 Best Marathons In The USA: 26 Miles Around The

This marathon courses through stunning Hawaiian coastlines, with accompanying jungle and volcanic peak views. There is a significant climb on this course, but the payoff is getting to run through the iconic “Tunnel of Trees”, as well as being treated to coastline views from above as you descend towards the finish line at one of the island

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21 Most Extreme Racing And Adventure Runs In The World

6633 Ultra – Canada. This extreme racing and adventure event is billed as one of the toughest in the world, and for good reason. Held in the frigid winter month of February, in the remote region of the Yukon, this self sufficient adventure running course is offered in two lengths, either 120 or 380 miles. Runners will actually cross the

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The 20 Best Half Marathons In Texas Where To Run In The

These courses included varied terrain typical of the area, including a mixture of rolling hills and desert. Camp in the state park during your “runcation”, and after the race enjoy miles of trails with views of Fisher Lake, prehistoric dinosaur tracks, …

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Intro To Tower Running: How To Conquer Your Own Stair

The concept of tower running is pretty straight forward, and the courses are pretty self explanatory. What varies are the locations, distances, and structures themselves. Tower running is a vertical race up a set flight of stairs, often held in some of the tallest structures that a particular location has to offer.

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25 Best US Half Marathons: 13 Miles Around The Country

From big cities, to rolling hills, to seaside scenery, to nocturnal runs and National Park courses, you are guaranteed to not go wrong with any of them! Disclosure: Below are some affiliate links-these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t make any recommendations on this page that I haven’t tested or personally used! Table of

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Road Cycling For Beginners: Pedal That Pavement

Then, as I gained confidence and started to take on new and longer courses, I realized I needed to up my confidence level to be able to drink mid ride, which necessitated an investment in a bottle holder. This is a relatively inexpensive piece of cycling equipment that is easy to install on your road bike, and it is crucial to your biking

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Running Uphill: How To Confidently Conquer Running Hills

The best destination races and extreme courses out there will likely include plenty of hill running. Before, what might have seemed out of your reach, will now be within your grasp! You take on the never ending hill of San Francisco, or the tumultuous ups and downs of a prized mountainside trail race, or even the mind-blowing uphill grades and

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Morning Of Half Marathon Race Day Prep And To Do's

Many courses do not have facilities en route. Bathroom ques can get quite long the morning of a half marathon, so give yourself plenty of time and do not wait until the very last second. And there you have it, all the components of your half marathon race day prep! You are now fully knowledgeable on how to prepare for a race day morning!

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Product Recommendations

I offer several courses for those out there who are looking for a different kind of vacation. This is the first stepping stone to learning how to successfully implement an active travel lifestyle, and it starts with creating a blueprint for success. 16 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners . 20 Best Half Marathons in Texas

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Things To Do In Greenland: 9 Unmissable Adventures In

This race offers both a marathon and half marathon distance, but the best thing is that both courses run the initial five kilometers directly on the Greenland ice cap! You will start this race early in the morning, likely with negative degree temperatures, bundled up in layers! The starting line is just before the ascent up the moraine ridge.

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16 Must Have Cycling Gear And Bike Accessories For Beginners

If you intend to participate in organized racing events, or take on some challenging terrain or courses, then invest in a bike that will match your goals. Your bike should be your largest monetary investment when getting started on your list of beginner cycling gear and bike accessories.

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Simply put, trail running is less “predictable” in its courses. Trail running is characterized by uneven terrain, natural elements such as tree roots, gravel, sand, rough rocks and even boulders. Trail running shoes are adapted to handle these challenges much more so than a standard road running shoe.

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