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In-Person Classes — Your Dog's Friend

Drop-In Agility Courses Single-session, one-hour specialty classes. Prerequisite: Agility Games or instructor permission. Learn More; Agility Special Single-session, one-hour specialty classes. Learn More; Nose Work 1 Your dog will get to use their natural instincts to sniff and chase while being physically and mentally challenged.

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Specialty Classes — Your Dog's Friend

Join us to create wonderful walks with attention games, patterned courses, free-walking, and sports foundations. Learn More. Agility Special This is a chance for puppies or non-reactive adult dogs to explore agility equipment! Have a fun time practicing several pieces of equipment together, or troubleshoot sticky spots! Learn More

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Drop-In Agility Courses — Your Dog's Friend

Drop-In Agility: Jumps & Tunnels. Learn the footwork and timing for a Front Cross and Blind Cross and learn which one best suits you and your furry teammate. Dogs should be 100% comfortable going through a long curved tunnel. If this course is offered multiple weeks in a row, there will be a different course setup each week.

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TRAINING CLASSES. We have manners, puppy, behavior, sports, play, and kids’ classes, taught by experienced professionals who understand dog behavior and use only force-free, positive training.

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Beyond Basic — Your Dog's Friend

Beyond Basic. Take your training to the next level with real-life applications. If your dog already knows the basics, this class will offer new challenges! Have fun with your dog while working on skills like polite leash walking, stay, coming when called, focus around distractions, and more! Put your obedience skills to the test when you work

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Agility Skills For All Levels — Your Dog's Friend

Fee: $200: Six Sessions, 60 minutes each; Upcoming Classes. Please check Schedule at a Glance for days off and the last date of class.. If the box is empty, there are no classes currently scheduled. Please join the notification list at the bottom of this page, so we can email you when we schedule the next class.. Registration. Class fees help support the free programs and services provided by

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Novice Rally — Your Dog's Friend

Rally is an interactive way of both training and playing with your pup at the same time! You’ll follow signs and practice important behaviors in a fun way with increasing distractions. We’ll be using AKC Novice signs, treats, and praise. This class will help build your connection with …

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Positive Trainers & Behaviorists — Your Dog's Friend

Online courses for trainers (professional and beginner) for service dog training. Lead With Fun Jennifer Pennington, CPDT-KA, CDBC Fairfax, VA [email protected] 571-969-7297 Group classes, puppy day camp, agility, private in-home dog training and behavior consultations. HOPE (Helping Owners of Pets through Education) Sabina

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Build The Bond Between Your Child And Dog In Tricks

Your child will love helping your dog run obstacle courses, go through tunnels and hoops, take small jumps, and show off tricks – while also learning how to train skills and understand dog language. Our facility has dividers and hooks on the walls for leashes, so your child can safely train your dog with minimal distraction.

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Agility Students Earn New Titles: Congrats Whisper

Agility 1: For graduates of Agility Games, this class continues to build up the bond between dog and handler while working on short courses. Agility 2: More advanced handling skills, teeter, obstacle discrimination, and longer courses. Agility 3: All of the above, plus crosses, distance handling, and more!

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Instructors & Staff — Your Dog's Friend

Al is knowledgeable about a variety of dog training methods, and training since 1996. She continually enhances her training skills and knowledge of canine behavior by attending seminars, training courses and conferences given by today’s top trainers. Owner of Come When Called Dog Training; Certifications:

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Love The Leash: Relationship Walking — Your Dog's Friend

Join us to create wonderful walks with attention games, patterned courses, free-walking, and sports foundations. Prerequisites: For more focus on the specifics of leash walking we recommend first taking “Love the Leash: End the Tug of War.” If you and your dog are already comfortable with the basics, then this course is a great place to start.

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Ydf-tunneldog — Your Dog's Friend

your dog's friend. a nonprofit in rockville, md with force-free, positive dog training, free webinars & advice

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Beyond Fun And Games For Kids And Canines — Your Dog's Friend

Take your tricks and games to the next level. Perform amazing feats with your dogs, from Living Room Agility to Family Room Freestyle. Buzz through agility courses created from things you already have, and dance with your dog to your favorite tunes. Prerequisite: Fun and Games for Kids and Dogs. Instructors: Sarah Stoycos (Laughing Dog Academy)

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Join us to create wonderful walks with attention games, patterned courses, free-walking, and sports foundations. Learn More; Cognition Games Cognition Games gives your dog a chance to show you just how brilliant they are! Recent advances in our understanding …


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