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YourGemologist: How Do You Become A Gemologist

They have a variety of courses available that are all outstanding. American Gem Society. I highly recommend Cos Altobelli's book on appraising, and his courses on Jewelry Insurance Appraisal. When I worked with USAA insurance, Cos' book was the handbook I used for communicating jewelry appraisal issues to staff underwriters and adjusters.

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How Do You Become A Jewelry Appraiser

A good appraiser is one who combines the efforts of retail jewelers to stay up on the latest market trends and prices in jewelry and gemstones, with the qualified gemologist who constantly studies the latest developments in the field of gemology. A good appraiser will constantly be in a study mode to learn all they can about the latest in

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Free Gem And Mineral Study For Teachers And Kids From

YourGemologist is a free access learning website We welcome your comments, suggestions or information contributions. Thank you for visiting us.

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Gemstone Crystal System Study From YourGemologist

In the United States it is taught that the trigonal system is a sub-system of the hexagonal. However, the GIA does not go into the study of crystal systems very far in their Graduate Gemologist courses.

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How To Identify Gemstones

How do you identify gemstones? Here we provide free information and reference material regarding how to identify gemstones. The Gemstones Section is sponsored by the International School of Gemology, and will be presented in three stages.

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YourGemologist San Antonio Jewelry Appraiser And Jewelry

The ISG is the education division of YourGemologist LLC, and our courses are taught to licensed insurance adjusters through the NAIIA membership. We are the only gemology school in the world that holds this professional designation. Location: in the Cheetahlish building in Helotes, Texas.

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Chelsea Filter And How To Use It

Chelsea filter and how to use it for gemology. The History of the Chelsea Filter. The Chelsea Filter is one of the most useful gemological tools you will findand one of the least taught in many gemological schools in the United States.

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How To Identify Minerals

The Study of Minerals. How do you identify minerals? What are some of the special properties of minerals? In this section we will look at some of the more special, more amazing minerals that …

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Gem Identification And Testing Equipment From

Polariscope. The polariscope is a critical piece of equipment for any gemologist's office. It can easily identify single and double refractive gemstones, and in many cases allow you to view the optic interference figure and give you the optic character of the gemstone.

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Aquamarine Gemstone Properties And Identification From

General Information. Aquamarine crystal of 5 inches in length on matrix Source: Brazil is the source of the finest aquamarines Chemical: Al2Be3(Si6O18) aluminum beryllium silicate Formation: Pegmatite Dikes Crystal System: Hexagonal Unusual Properties: None For the gemological information on this gemstone we invite you to join us in the

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Citrine Gemstone Properties And Identification From

Citrine gem properties and identification from YourGemologist. General Information Source: Brazil is the main source Chemical: SiO2 (silicon oxide) Formation: Most frequently in the pegmatite dikes of the Brazilian gemstone producing regions. Crystal System: Trigonal Unusual Properties: None. For the gemological information on this gemstone we invite you to join us in the

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YourGemologist / International School Of Gemology Study Of

Don't run for the door. This common variety of quartz has many, very tiny asbestos inclusions that have all lined up to produce the effect that is known as tiger eye. This type of quartz is quite common and the asbestos is locked up in the quartz crystal so that there is no harm in wearing this gemstone everyday.

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Amber Gemstone Properties And Identification From

Amber: Source: Baltic Sea Region and the Dominican Republic Chemical: Fossilized resin Formation: Sedimentary deposits of ancient coniferous trees. Amber is the fossilized resin of these tress and is often found to contain small plants and insects from the periods of Jurassic to Cretaceus.

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Spectroscope Study For Gem Identification

free study of the spectroscope. General Information. What is it?: This handy piece of equipment is perhaps the most important tool in gemology, although GIA students generally get a …

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Amethyst Gemstone Study And How To Identify From

General Information Source: The Jacobina Mine in Brazil is famous as the best source.But there are others in various parts of the world. However, as shown by the faceted 10.00ct amethyst ring and the huge amethyst cathedrals from Brazil shown above, you can see why Brazil is the finest source of …

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