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Most Online CPR Videos Don't Follow Guidelines: Study

Let's face it, instructional videos are the best for self-training and most of us have tried it; but how do we really know which video has the right information? Well, one study shows us, instructional videos like humans make mistakes.

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Zliving   4 days ago  

Important Benefits Of Rock Climbing You Need To

  • Mastering different rock climbing courses gives the individual a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-esteem and confidence in the process
  • The feeling of successfully completing a challenge can make one feel very good about him or herself, and this feeling can carry over to their day-to-day life.

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Zliving   5 days ago  

25 Weeks Pregnant: Choosing A Birth Method

  • Bradley prenatal courses are therefore longer and more intense than other prenatal courses, lasting twelve weeks to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Your partner is also part of the course and becomes your labor coach
  • Proponents claim that 86% of people who do the preparation have unmedicated vaginal births.

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Zliving   7 days ago  

4 Steps To Family Wellness

  • The number-one role model for a child when it comes to living healthy is the parent
  • That’s why it’s important to prioritize wellness from the very beginning.

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Zliving   3 days ago  

Learn To Stay Safe, Fear No Stigma To Win Fight Against

  • Overcome apprehension, know how to use protective equipment, trust the security protocol and do not be afraid of social stigma
  • These are the basic rules taught to 30 volunteers who, after receiving Red Cross training, will travel Friday to West Africa to fight the Ebola epidemic.

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Zliving   9 days ago  

10 Wellness Retreats For Every Type Of Traveler

  • Founded by a Tibetan Buddhist, Holy Isle hosts meditation and yoga retreats and courses at its Centre for World Peace and Health
  • Total Spa: The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess’ Well & Being at Willow Stream Spa draws on Southwestern roots and time-tested Asian influences.

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Zliving   1 days ago  

Tech Check: Easy Tips For Seniors Going Digital

  • From computers to smartphones and tablets, technology is ubiquitous.And it can be quite overwhelming, especially for the seniors, many of who have been introduced to it only recently
  • They constantly have to learn new digital skills to keep up with the society, something that may not come to them very naturally
  • At the same time, it need not be an uphill task.

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Zliving   2 days ago  

Science Says: Multiple Antibiotic Courses May Interfere

  • Multiple courses of commonly used antibiotics may have a significant impact on children’s development, shows a study
  • The study found that female mice treated with two classes of widely-used childhood antibiotics gained more weight and developed larger bones than untreated mice.

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37 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect

  • A number of places might offer zero or low-cost courses, such as YMCAs, community center, local chapters of the American Red Cross or American Heart Association
  • Your local hospital might offer its own course, or it CPR might be part of your pre-natal classes
  • CPR, even on a baby, usually only takes a few hours to learn – an evening for a

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Zliving   2 days ago  

5 Real Ways To Adopt A Greener Lifestyle

With these tips, take a step towards living a lifestyle that is healthier for your mind, body, and the entire planet.

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Zliving   4 days ago  

America’s Best Restaurants For Eating Healthy

  • An elegant, European-style restaurant, the cuisine at Natural Selection is a flavorful mix of French, Italian and Spanish cooking
  • There are two options for each of the courses on the menu; diners can choose whatever they fancy and watch the creative, plant-based cuisine being made in …

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Diseases & Conditions Topics

A drug given to arthritis sufferers could be used to treat patients with blood cancer, say researchers from University of Sheffield in Britain.

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Zliving   9 days ago  

18 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby Is About The Size Of A Large

  • Attend prenatal courses: If you have not already signed up for some prenatal courses, now is a good time
  • Whether this is your first or later pregnancies, you might appreciate the support and information on preparing for labor and childbirth
  • Most hospitals and maternity centers offer structured courses in the form of weekly classes or as

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Zliving   9 days ago  

Tips To Organize And Unclutter Your Home

  • Unless you’re already living a minimalist life, the chances that you have clutter in your home are pretty high
  • In fact, the average American home has 300,000 items in it.With all that stuff lying around, 1 out of every 10 Americans waste money renting offsite storage.Even worse, some people just clutter their homes endlessly and accept a lifestyle of stepping over messes in a constant

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Zliving   5 days ago  

22 Weeks Pregnant: Rejuvenate Before The Final Trimester

If you’ve started pregnancy courses, why not go together or drive her? While these things might seem obvious or old school, a simple gesture can go a long way towards letting her know that you understand some of the challenges she is facing, and you want to support her in any way you can.

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Are Antibiotics Safe For Your Baby

  • Babies who receive five or more antibiotic courses in the first year of their lives have a 1.5 times higher chance of developing asthma by the age of seven than those who haven’t
  • Babies receiving antibiotics before they are six months old are more likely to …

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Zliving   8 days ago  

A Vegetarian Diet: What You Need To Know

  • Finally when I was served the same salad for two courses at a wedding, I started feeling like I had to incorporate animal food back into my diet just so I would have something to eat
  • Then I realized – what I really needed was to expand my knowledge about …

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Zliving   9 days ago  

Fast Five: Tips To Eat More Couscous

  • Versatile and incredibly fast to cook, couscous can be incorporated into appetizers, salads, soups and even main courses
  • Experiment with different vegetables, meat, poultry and fish pairings for interesting meal combinations
  • Use your imagination, since couscous works in both sweet and savory recipes
  • Feel free to make a chocolate cream

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Zliving   8 days ago  

22 Weeks Pregnant: Rejuvenate Before The Final

  • What’s It Like? Being 22 weeks pregnant is a time of consolidation
  • Your baby is developing senses like hearing and taste and your body is learning to adjust to the extra weight.

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Zliving   1 days ago  

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