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About Zoë François, Pastry Chef + Cookbook Author ZoëBakes

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7 hours ago He also knew that skill would come in handy for the marketing of our restaurant and my own brand, so he signed me up to teach classes. I never stopped and now have over 20 years of teaching experience. I most often teach online, through courses on BluePrint.com, but also in my own Instagram and YouTube videos.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/about/

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Recipe Archives ZoëBakes

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7 hours ago July 26, 2021. Zoë François 33 Comments. This chocolate peanut butter pie recipe is oh-so delicious. With a graham cracker crust, a smooth peanut butter filling made with cream cheese, a layer of chocolate ganache, and a whipped cream and candied peanut topping, this dessert is deluxe and irresistible. Be sure to chill your chocolate peanut

Website: https://zoebakes.com/category/recipe/

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Almond Cake With Buttercream Roses ZoëBakes

Until Zoebakes.com Related Courses

7 hours ago Instructions. To make the cake: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Butter and flour a 10-cup capacity Bundt Pan. Whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt. Beat the almond paste with the paddle attachment of a stand mixer until broken into tiny pieces. Add sugar and beat on medium low speed until it becomes sandy.

Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2019/02/24/almond-cake-with-buttercream-roses/

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Butterscotch Pot De Crème + A Pumpkin Version ZoëBakes

Yolks Zoebakes.com Related Courses

8 hours ago To make the custard: In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks. Slowly add some of the hot butterscotch-cream to the yolks as you whisk them. You are just adding enough of the warm cream to warm the yolks slightly. Once the yolks are warm to the touch, pour the yolks back into the …

Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2018/04/25/butterscotch-pot-de-creme/

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Tres Leches Cake Recipe ZoëBakes

Temperature Zoebakes.com Related Courses

4 hours ago Let sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes, then refrigerate, uncovered, for at least 3 hours, but overnight is best. When ready to serve, let the cake sit at room temperature for 30 minutes, then make the whipped cream. In a bowl whip the cream, creme …

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2018/05/05/tres-leches/

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Chocolate Cherry Cake With Marsala Cream ZoëBakes

Butter Zoebakes.com Related Courses

3 hours ago To make the cake: preheat oven to 350°F with rack in middle. Prepare 9×5-inch loaf pan or three 6-inch round cake pans with butter and line with parchment and butter the parchment. Dust with cocoa and shake out excess. In a small bowl let sit the cherries and Marsala wine while mixing the rest of the cake.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2015/11/03/chocolate-cherry-cake-with-marsala-cream-and-a-book-giveaway/

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Perfect Popovers Recipe ZoëBakes

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9 hours ago Mix all the ingredients in a blender . Brush butter in each popover cup. Put pan in oven until butter melts. Add popover batter – fill the cups about 3/4. Bake 15 minutes or until golden brown and puffed. Reduce heat to 350, continue baking 20 minutes until caramel brown and puffed.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2019/02/19/perfect-popovers/

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Lemon Pudding Cake Recipe ZoëBakes

Butter Zoebakes.com Related Courses

1 hours ago To prepare the lemon pudding-cake: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Prepare six to eight 6-Ounce Ramekin (or one 8 cup soufflé dish) by coating them well with the soft butter and then sugar. Set the ramekins in a roasting pan that has a kitchen towel laid out on the bottom.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2017/11/01/lemon-pudding-cake/

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Peanut Butter Cookies With Peanut Flour (GF ZoëBakes

Butter Zoebakes.com Related Courses

Just Now To make the cookies: Preheat the oven 375° with rack in the center of the oven. Cream together the butter and brown sugar in a mixing bowl with the paddle attachment about 2 minutes on medium speed. If you are not using a Beater Blade then scrape the sides of the bowl often. Add the peanut butter and mix well. Add the eggs one at a time

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2011/02/28/ultra-peanut-butter-cookies/

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How To Make Cheesecake ZoëBakes

About Zoebakes.com Related Courses

5 hours ago Lower oven to 325°F. In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mix the cream cheese on medium speed for about 1 minute. Scrape down the sides and mix for another 30 seconds. Add the sugar and mix for about 1 minute, scrape down the sides of the bowl. Mix in the creme fraiche and ricotta

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2021/01/29/how-to-make-cheesecake/

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Funfetti Birthday Cake With Chocolate Feathers ZoëBakes

Honestly Zoebakes.com Related Courses

9 hours ago And sprinkles, of course! Reply. Sara Clayton says: March 18, 2019 at 8:52 am. This cake is so beautiful! My go-to is a simple strawberries and cream sheet cake from Southern Living. But honestly it was the best cake, it was a nice dense yellow sponge cake with dulce de leche filling and italian meringue icing all over the cake! And for me

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2019/03/17/funfetti-birthday-cake-with-chocolate-feathers/

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Homemade Marshmallows Recipe ZoëBakes

Using Zoebakes.com Related Courses

4 hours ago To make the homemade marshmallows: Watch me make the marshmallows in my instagram video. Submerge the gelatin sheets in a large bowl of water. (If you are using the powder gelatin, dissolve the 3 packets in 1/2 cup of water in the bowl of your stand mixer.) Once …

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2018/10/30/homemade-marshmallows/

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Artisan Bread Book Archives ZoëBakes

Breads Zoebakes.com Related Courses

9 hours ago There are breads from all over the world, for just about every occasion. From Tahini Swirled Challah, to Christmas breads from all over Europe (and beyond), pitas for Ramadan and other celebrations, even monkey bread for after school, of course, there are several sticky buns and cinnamon rolls, plus this beautiful Holiday Star Bread Recipe. We

Website: https://zoebakes.com/category/artisan-bread-book/

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Pavlova Recipe (GlutenFree) ZoëBakes

Whites Zoebakes.com Related Courses

Just Now Instructions. Preheat oven to 275°F. Trace a 6-inch circle on a piece of parchment and set it in a baking sheet. Whip the egg whites, cream of tartar and salt together until medium-stiff peaks. Add the water slowly while whipping the whites on low speed. Drizzle in …

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2018/07/17/pavlova/

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Blueberry Muffins Recipe + Answers To Your FAQs ZoëBakes

Baking Zoebakes.com Related Courses

Just Now Whisk together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt in a bowl, set aside. Cream the butter, sugars and zest together on medium speed, in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes. Add vanilla. Add the egg and yolk, one at a time, mixing on low just until combined.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2019/03/01/blueberry-muffins/

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Cherry Archives ZoëBakes

Lastly Zoebakes.com Related Courses

7 hours ago Olive oil, of course. It is best known for savory dishes, but I think it is beautiful in desserts. I like a fruity oil, but you can use an extra virgin if you don’t want anything too over powering. Lastly, but not least, cherries. Apparently they abound in Ikaria and they pair beautifully …

Website: https://zoebakes.com/category/cherry/

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Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake ZoëBakes

Cheese Zoebakes.com Related Courses

9 hours ago Mix together in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment the soft cream cheese and brown sugar, until smooth. In a separate bowl combine the pumpkin puree, eggs, sour cream, vanilla and bourbon. Slowly add to the cream cheese mixture, scraping down the sides often. In another bowl whisk together the sugar, starch, spices and salt.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2008/11/10/bourbon-pumpkin-cheesecake/

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How To Make Rolled Fondant ZoëBakes

Fondant Zoebakes.com Related Courses

9 hours ago Hi Andrea, Because I knew that Claudia would peel the fondant off the cake I just used Wilton’s fondant rolled out about 1/8″ thick. If you think your sister-in-law will want to eat the fondant then I would buy or make a fondant that is tastier than Wilton’s brand.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2008/06/10/how-to-make-rolled-fondant/

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Bull's Eye Cheesecake Draped In Ganache ZoëBakes

Sugar Zoebakes.com Related Courses

7 hours ago Scrape the bowl often and make sure the mixture is smooth before continuing. Add the eggs, one at a time. Divide the batter into two bowls. Add the granulated sugar to one bowl, mix well until sugar is dissolved. Add the brown sugar, espresso and cocoa powder …

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2019/04/28/maida-heatter-bulls-eye-cheesecake/

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Frozen Dessert Archives ZoëBakes

Pastry Zoebakes.com Related Courses

5 hours ago This Blood Orange Creamsicle Semifreddo was inspired by one of my first pastry mentors, Claudia Flemming. Her book, The Last Course, was a collection of desserts she created for the venerable restaurant, Gramercy Tavern, in New York.It is an understatement to say her book was a steady guide to me when I was a pastry chef, fresh out of culinary school and trying to find my voice as a chef.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/category/frozen-dessert/

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Ice Cream Archives ZoëBakes

Cream Zoebakes.com Related Courses

Just Now The most important ingredient is the corn, of course. Pick the sweetest corn you can find, and if your friend delivers straight from the farm even better. The ice cream is perfect on a cone, covered in caramel sauce, sandwiched between cookies or scooped over apple crisp.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/category/ice-cream/

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Strawberry Rhubarb Fool Cheesecake ZoëBakes

Lightly Zoebakes.com Related Courses

7 hours ago Preheat oven to 350°F and lightly butter three ( 1/2-Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl ). Allow chilled dough to sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes before rolling or it may crack. Use a small amount of flour to roll the dough to 1/16-inch-thick circle. Gently press into a lightly buttered metal bowl.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2019/03/31/strawberry-rhubarb-fool-cheesecake/

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Delicious Aebleskivers Recipe ZoëBakes

Until Zoebakes.com Related Courses

5 hours ago heat the pan over medium-low heat. Drop a 1/2 teaspoon of neutral flavored oil in each of the wells. Fill each well about 3/4 of the way full with the batter. Let them cook until they start to bubble just a little, or until you see them turning golden on the edge.

Website: https://zoebakes.com/2008/12/12/aunt-elses-aebleskiver/

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